Thankful Thursday

I am really far behind on posts…I’m throwing this Thankful Thursday back to Spring Break, the first week of April.

Over a year later and COVID was still messing with our plans. Originally we were going to fly to AZ and spend a week in Sedona, which we were all very excited for. Mark and I got married in Sedona and have not been back since then, so it has been a long time, and Sky was so looking forward to flying, and seeing wear Mommy and Daddy got married. However, the numbers in AZ were pretty bad back then, so we decided it was safer to cancel that plan and scramble to see if we could book a camp spot at our favorite Spring Break destination!

The beach at sunset is beautiful, and the tidepools are so fun to explore. It’s a really special spot!
Every kid on a beach no matter the temp!

Lucky us, Sunset Bay campground in Coos Bay Or had an opening for us! We love heading down there for Spring Break because we tend to get a few days of nice weather since it’s so far south, and we truly love the hiking, beaches, sand dunes, and seafood in the area. We had a few rainy days this time around and took advantage of that to take a drive south further down the OR coast. I had no idea we were so close to CA actually, and we almost made it to the state line, but decided to turn around so we’d have time to stop at a fish market and get dinner on the way back to camp.

The big thing we wanted to do this year was quad on the dunes since Sky was old enough to have her own quad. I was not able to participate, but Mark and Sky had a blast!

This was probably one of the most relaxing camping trips I’ve ever had. Due to some health stuff I spent most of my time in camp resting and reading books, 3 in one week! Mark and Sky had a lot of adventure time together as I was just not able to spend time on the dunes or hiking. I’m not complaining though, it was a really lovely trip and we found some truly beautiful spots further down the coast that we had no idea existed. I can’t wait to get back down there and explore again!

They did a one-way hike that took several hours. I was able to pack a lunch and pick them up at the end of their hike.
The area between Bandon, OR and Gold Beach, OR (we turned around in Gold Beach) is so beautiful! We found a few easy little walks that I was able to do and we outdrove the rain, so it was really lovely.

I’m super thankful we were able to switch plans at the last minute and still have a wonderful time. It was so nice to get out of the house and out of town for a week! And, it was really nice to visit one of our favorite spots again! We missed visiting in 2020 since the parks were closed and it really is such a beautiful area, with really great adventures to be had!

One of the more exciting things we experienced was the Coast Guard training on the cliffs at one of the viewpoints, it was kind of cool to watch them repel and rescue.

What are you thankful for today?

Overnight Escape

For the most part Team Yeatman enjoys being home and being safe together. But, all 3 of us hit a wall a few weeks ago and decided we had to get away. Sky had a long weekend from school, so Mark took an day off from work and we made a quick, overnight trip to Leavenworth to play in the snow. The best part was the Bavarian Ritz Hotel ( allows dogs, so we were able to take Ruthie with us! We don’t get to hotel travel with her very often, so it was extra fun, and a nice change for all 4 of us!

I can’t tell you how much we needed this little trip, and how good it felt to do “normal” things. like eat at a restaurant, they have only ever done outdoor dinning so they had a great system in place and we felt safe, wander through shops, and we even found a winery to do a tasting at. It helps that we were there Sunday afternoon-Monday, so there were way less people which was helpful. While we were eating lunch I realized that’s the first dinning out experience we have had in over a year. Yes, we have done takeout, but this time we actually sat and ate at an outdoor restaurant and it felt so good! Everyone has to make their own choice about what they feel is safe, and I can’t say we will dine out again any time soon, but we sure did enjoy it!

We also found a great hill just outside of town for some sledding, snowball fighting, and snowman toppling as Sky and Ruthie proved to be better at knocking them down than building them. The highlight of the trip was walking through town after sunset….all the Christmas lights were still up and it was so beautiful! We had never made the trip to Leavenworth during the Holidays so it was an unexpected bonus to see the town dressed up for Christmas still.

Now we are just hanging on until camping season! Camping season brings with it a lot more opportunities to get out of the house and have a change of scenery and pace, and we all need that right about now!

P.S. We picked Leavenworth because we wanted to play in the snow and it wasn’t looking like we would get any at home any time soon…little did we know we’d have over a foot of snow at home just a few weekends later!

Food coloring and sprinkles make for a festive snowman!

Rotten Fruit

This is my absolute favorite time of year at Fort Steilacoom Park. There are a few leaves starting to change color, it’s sunny, but cooling off in the early evenings, and the smell of rotten fruit is in the air.



It may sound gross, rotten anything is kinda gross….but, I really love it. There are tons of blackberries all through the park, and everywhere you run, walk, or bike you can smell the sweet scent of overripe blackberries in the air.


On one of our last bike rides we rode past the wild/abandoned orchard and Sky really wanted to stop and pick apples…she’s been asking all summer to pick apples, so we promised her a fruit picking trip to the park. A few days ago we grabbed some gloves (very helpful to keep hands stain free while picking blackberries), bags, and some grabby things that reach high, or low, for things and off we went to get some fruit.


We had so much fun picking fruit and climbing trees! I filled a large yogurt container with blackberries and they have been so good in my morning smoothie! Mark and Sky wondered down to the orchard and picked bags and bags of apples, and Mark found a plumb tree! The orchard is untended and very wild, but the fruit is good, and it’s free!


Sky and I made applesauce this afternoon and while a bit runny it’s really good! What a fun way to start winding down summer! I plan on squeezing in more park time to enjoy the scent and maybe eat a few more blackberries before they are gone!

Oregon Coast Adventure

We finally did it…we broke in (literally in some instances) our new camp trailer! The trailer has been sitting in our driveway since purchasing it back in Dec, and it’s been driving us crazy not hitting a campground with it for 5 months!

My fave pic of the trip…so excited I got it!

Our first morning in camp was Easter Sunday…of course the Easter Bunny visited camp!

Spring Break 2018 was the perfect opportunity to get a nice long road trip/camping trip in the trailer. We did our research (thank you NW Magazine for the destination idea) and booked a 6 night stay at Sunset Bay State Park near Coos Bay Or.





First off let me say we had an amazing trip! The beaches were wonderful, some of the best tide pool exploring ever, sea lions and seals galore, beach combing treasures found, sweet little towns to explore, sand dune adventures, and really good sea food. The weather was pretty great given it’s early spring on the coast. The temps were very comfortable, even on the drizzly or rainy days, it still felt pretty good out. Perhaps the best part was having very limited cell phone service. I loved having uninterrupted time with my two loves. And, I got so much reading done! So much so that the battery on my (borrowed) e-reader died every day (for my birthday Mark and Sky got me a brand new Paperwhite Kindle as my old one died on me. I had been borrowing Marks Kindle, but really did love it that much as it had a lot more bells and whistles, was heavier and the battery didn’t last more than a day…paperwhite charges last weeks!).

Exploring South Slough


Board Walk through the Slough

Anyway, all in all we had a truly lovely Spring Break, and none of us really wanted to head back to “real” life. But, remember when I said we broke in the trailer…the trip did have it’s share of “what the what is going on”!


The morning we were supposed to hit the road it appeared the refrigerator (full of camping meals) was not working. Great way to start the trip, not. So we delay leaving until the dealership opened and headed there to see if there was anything they could do. Turns out the refrigerator was working…the display panel wasn’t displaying because the trailer batteries were dead (they charge while driving). We were plugged into power at home, so I still don’t understand this issue at all, but the actual refrigerator was working the whole time. Just a nice little 2 hour delay on what was already going to be a long day of travel. And, yes we could have just used coolers, and were prepared to do so if needed, but we wanted to use the refrigerator in our brand new trailer for a 7 day trip.

Hard to see, but there were several seals playing in the water right next to the jetty we were waling on.

So much fun on the dunes! 

Next on the hit list, after a day of eating out for lunch and dinner, and lots of treats in between, Sky threw up all over the dinning benches. Just too much good stuff in too short a time, but man did it stink up the place. We had to pull the covers off all the cushions in the dinette and find a dry cleaner the next morning. No way did we want to risk that smell settling into the covers. Thankfully there was a dry cleaner that could clean the covers and have them done for us the morning we left to come home.



After that the dog decided to chew on a corner of the slide out and messed up the upholstery on one corner (she also chewed part of the wood framing around the seats back when we ate dinner in the trailer a few months ago). I guess Ruthie is just making it her own.

Face Rock Creamery…ice cream, wine and cheese…heaven for all of us! 

By day 3 I wanted to take a shower, only to discover there is no hot water in the shower. There was scalding hot water in the bathroom sink, and warm water in the kitchen, but cold, cold, cold in the shower. I was already ready to jump in the shower, and didn’t have quarters, so opted to take a cold shower rather than use the campground showers. Turns out Or. State Parks don’t require quarters…would have been nice to know that before I tried shaving my legs in stone cold water. Whatever, it woke me up! We later found out from a fellow camper who owns the same trailer brand that there is an anti-scald setting for the shower that needs to be bypassed. He had the instructions how to do it, so we can totally fix that thankfully.

Perhaps the most frustrating, and expensive, thing that happened was the DVD player broke. I’m not going to get into the how or why so as to protect the innocent who may read through this blog when they are older, but it’s an all in one unit that controls the sound for the entire trailer, and will now have to be replaced. There are a few other “little” things that need to be fixed after our trip some due to the trip (6 yr olds and dogs are hard on trailers!) and others due to things that were not working from the start and will be fixed by the dealership.


Like I said though, we had a blast exploring that area of the OR Coast, we love our new trailer, Ruthie is an excellent camping/exploring dog, and we can’t wait for more camping adventures for Team Yeatman!

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful that we live close to a park that offers us miles and miles of bike riding. I love any activity that the three of us can do together like running (not so much now, but I loved our family runs when Sky was younger), yoga, hiking, biking.


Living down the street from the park makes it pretty easy to head down there right after work and get some good bike time in.

I try to get pictures and videos of our rides…Sky loves watching herself ride her bike in the videos. It’s like she’s amazed she’s able to do it. It’s not easy though. I’m not the most confident one-handed rider, and I for sure don’t want to drop my phone, it cost more than my bike! But, I want those memories documented. One of us needs a Go Pro for the handlebars or something!

Anyway, I’m thankful to have this time with my two favorite people, and see Sky practice and practice at something and get so excited when she takes off on her own, or doesn’t fall over when she stops. She’s setting mileage goals for our rides and is up to 6.5 miles now! Go go girl!