Just The Three Of Us

It’s been such a busy summer, with less camping than we hoped for. So, when we found ourselves with a free weekend I called around until I found a camping cancellation we could take advantage of. The best part is it was at one of favorite places to camp!

Bug catcher!


For real, is there anything better than fishing, a good book, and really amazing wine?!

Even better…it was the hottest weekend all summer, and we were camping at a lake, with boat rentals!  I mean seriously the best way to beat the heat is in the water! Sadly I forgot my motion sickness medicine, so have had vertigo since Saturday. Just under 2 hours on the water and I’m dizzy and nauseous for days…boo! Motion sickness aside we had a blast.

Captain of her own life…at least she wasn’t the one to run the boat into the rocks.

Sometimes the three of us need to get away, by ourselves, and just be Team Yeatman. It’s always refreshing to reconfirm that we are the three of us together, we love each other, and that our little family of three is pretty awesome!

Mark & Sky spent a lot of time drawing up plans for her tree house! 

I didn’t even realize how much I needed that time to just be with my babe and baby. A little us time towards the end of a busy summer, and before school starts and life gets crazy with that.

Camp food = awesome! 
Breakfast = left over steak and french fry hash with fried eggs on top…everything taste better when camping!

If you are in W WA, Lake Mayfield is a pretty great place to camp!