Final Note & Some Firsts

The final day of 2015 was cold, but so sunny and beautiful. Days like this are what make living in the PNW worth enduring the gray, rainy days we have. Sky and I had to get outside and enjoy it while we could. The prefect way to close out the year!

Chambers Bay…can’t beat the view!

wp-1451701911340.jpgEnded our park time with hot chocolate at Starbucks…exactly how Sky and I spent the last day of 2014 as well…park and Starbucks, on a sunny, cold day. PNW is consistent I guess. 

Three days later…the first snow of the year! It was sort of perfect… snowing all day, with just enough sticking that the kiddos could play in it, but was totally melted by lunch time Monday. Not too bad January, not too bad at all.


Sky had her first official, non family, big-girl sleep over with a friend. And, guess what…she didn’t want to come home, like at all. She’s still talking about Selah non-stop, and asking when she can sleep over with her again.

Selah and Sky…Ryan and Elya’s hood is awesome…everyone came out to play in the snow, so much fun!

We had our first date night of the year, and we actually left the house, for a real date. Sushi and Star Wars, followed by champagne. None of that was Whole30 approved, but you know what I don’t care. We have maybe 3 nights out, Sky-free, a year, so when it’s totally unexpected and spur of the moment you enjoy it! Star Wars…go see it! That’s all I’ll say about it.

So far I’m liking what 2016 is offering!


Christmas/Pittsburgh Fun

Christmas felt really long to me this year, mostly because my Dad and I started out the week in Pittsburgh at the Steelers game. Truly the trip of a lifetime!



We had so much fun, and I still can hardly believe I was sitting in one of those yellow seats, waving my terrible towel, and watching my team play on their home field. I have an even harder time believing we got to walk down on the field, stand in the players tunnel, and hug the goalpost.

Talking to “the” security girl from the goal post incident with Brown! She was so nice and funny!


Being at the game was amazing, but maybe the coolest part of the whole experience was being in Pittsburgh, being a home-team fan for a change. Being part of the black n gold crowd that was all over the place. The feeling of game day in Pittsburgh…I’ve never experienced anything like it. The fans are so calm yet excited about their team. It was a football tailgate party from about 9am to well after 11pm, and yet people were not crazy or over the top. There is a calm confidence that the Steelers will win, and if they don’t it’s ok. It’s not the end of the world, they are still the Steelers, and still the “thing” that makes Pittsburgh the city tick. It’s all Steelers, everywhere you look, and several times fans mentioned “out of respect to the Roonies we don’t do this or that”…it was all about being amazing fans, but showing and behaving with respect and dignity as well.

Felt like coming home!

Different than other football experiences I have had to say the least. I was already a proud Steelers fan, but now I’m proud of the team, the owners, and the city itself.

Tailgaters outside our hotel…11 pm…and yet they were not loud or drunk at all. Just enjoying a hard win!

After a whirlwind trip to Pittsburgh and back it was time for Christmas with the family. We had such a lovely time, so nice to be in E WA and have a white Christmas, well the day after anyway. Sky loved it and was pretty ticked at having to leave the snow, and loved ones, behind.

She walks around with that thing non-stop…wee need her to take lessons now.


I can hardly believe it’s time to get ready for 2016!

Snow in the vineyard!
Chasing me on the tractor…little punk!