Thankful Thursday

After 5 days of learning from home I am so thankful that we seem to have the kinks worked out.

The first few days it was something every day! From the system crashing, Sky logging into the wrong class at the wrong time, me loosing track of time and Sky being late to class, to the power going out…every single day something has gone wrong.

Yesterday things went smooth though! It helps that I have learned the power of setting daily alarms…three a day to be exact all to keep Sky fed (yes I have to remind myself about lunch) and to get to class on time with all the things she “needs” for class. Important things like the right bracelet, water bottle, the good paper (?!), the sweater/jacket/hat of the day, and styling her hair. Alarms are my friend, 9 year old whims are not.

I’m also thankful that today is the first day of NFL Football! I LOVE football season so much! And, even though I’m a bit conflicted if it’s the best idea to being playing football at all, and fear it will be short lived if players get sick… I am thankful that the season is starting. Doing my happy dance! GO STEELERS!

What are you thankful for today?

Cuddle Bug

Sky – Mommy I just need a day to cuddle.

I love that’s she’s a cuddle bug! 

That’s what I heard when I woke her up for school this morning. And, you know what…I need a cuddle day too!

This first month of school is rough, for everyone. I’m not totally back into the school thing for her, or me (working in a school). It doesn’t help that the weather is changing, and while it’s been an easy weather switch so far, still the rainy/grey days we have had don’t help.

It’s getting darker and darker on my way into work in the mornings to, something I’m not happy about. I do love the temp this time of year though, something about sweatshirts with my summer capri pants and shorts just works for me.

But all in all…I think we could all use a cuddle day. Thank goodness for Football Sunday’s! I have no problem cuddling on the couch all day Sunday!

Happy cuddling!

Stop and Enjoy the View

Oh man…I’m a blog looser. Guys, life is just busy, and I’m adjusting as fast as I can, but find myself needing more and more down time the crazier things get.

Crazy in a good way. It’s just a lot of change, all at once, and some things have to slide for now.

First off, I LOVE my job. I had no idea really what I was getting into when I decided to be a para sub with the school. I knew it would match Sky’s schedule and that was pretty much good enough for me, for now. Turns out I love what I’m doing, and so does the school because it’s turned into a permanent (for now) para gig. The school is wonderful and I love all my co-workers. The job itself is challenging, heartbreaking at times, frustrating at times, and rewarding beyond measure.


I sort of like that I don’t have cell service or internet access during the day, not going to lie I like being disconnected for 6 hours a day. I do get service here and there by certain windows, but given some of the challenging situations I can’t afford to be distracted by my phone, so I leave it locked away.

When I get home there’s Sky time/homework and all the  challenges fun of having a 5 year old. By the time bedtime rolls around all I really want is wine and football, or a movie. And, if I have to choose between getting a workout/run in or getting on the computer with the odd 45 minutes I find here and there the workouts are going to win every time.

It’s getting better though. I’m working on nailing down the mission critical stuff like homework, workouts, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, laundry, house cleaning every now and then. Things are coming together, and I know I’ll work in the blog time again soon. For now I’m adding one thing back to my To Do List at a time (or shifting it to Mark’s list a now and then). It’s progress that I found 15 min to do this post, so I’m getting there! Shhhh….it could also be that I’ve moved my office from the dinning room table back into the walk-in closet so no-one knows I’m in here getting things done! 😉

In the meantime I’m taking advantage of every minute of quiet time I find during the day. The 45 minutes between dropping Sky off at school and me going to work is heavenly and I’m spending it reading, or drinking coffee, ok really I’m doing both. The 10 minutes before she gets out of school…I walk very slowly to her class and take lots of cleansing deep breaths. When I have time I stop and enjoy the changing leaves, the pretty flowers, or the beautiful clouds in the sky.

It’s only been a month and I’m giving myself some grace to settle in and get back to life running smoothly.

Pumpkin Patch

It took some time, but she found the perfect pumpkin with “the right stem mommy”!

I think I was looking forward to the pumpkin patch field trip even more than Sky was. We had so much fun last year, and it’s sort of the thing that kicks off all the Holiday festivities for the rest of the year.

Sky’s friend Jonah…we carpool to school with Jonah a few times a week, and I LOVE hearing the conversations those two have to and from school. So entertaining! 

I’m so thankful that Sky goes to such a wonderful pre-school, one that arranges fun things like this, and that I’m lucky enough to be able to go on field trips with her. Bonus, the weather was amazing…I mean this Fall sun is spoiling us for sure!

In addition to the pumpkin patch there is a playground, hay maze, petty farm, and tractor rides…all lot’s of fun!

The funny thing is it’s not like Sky needed another pumpkin…we have 5! Every time we are anywhere with pumpkins she is picking out a different one. We have a Cinderella one…she’s patiently waiting for it to turn into a coach, and a ghost white one, along with a few “normal” looking ones.

Tractor ride!

I guess we had better pick one to carve soon!

Some day she won’t want me tagging along, for now I’m going to enjoy it!