Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for fun in the snow! Old Man Winter decided to visit us and give us more snow than we’ve seen in ages! I stopped measuring at 10 inches, I don’t think we got much more than that at our house, but that’s more than enough!

Sled Races!

I know snow is a pain for most people, and I don’t love that we now have extra days to make up in the summer, but I have to say I enjoyed it as much as a person can. It was so nice to be cozy at home watching it through the windows, and only venturing out when we really wanted to.


Dashing through the snow in a Subaru…love my car. No snow is going to stop us!

There was an ambush Team Yeatman snowball fight (I lost since Mark and Sky were a team and I was only in pj’s!), lot’s of sledding, snow furniture making (Sky created a recliner to lay back and relax in…sounds too cold to me) and fun with the dog. Who knew that our little Texas rescue dog, who doesn’t like the cold rain at all, would love the snow. She’s a snow dog, and wanted to be outside playing in it as much as possible. Sky spent a lot of time throwing snowballs for her to catch.

It was fun while it lasted, now it’s back to real life, and I’m thankful for that as well.

So hard to get a photo of how big the flakes were, but they were epic!

What are you thankful for today?





Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful that I get to stay home with Sky for snow days. I won’t lie, I was a bit irritated when school went from 2 hours late to cancelled today (I don’t want to make up snow days!), but if there has to be a snow day I’m so thankful to spend it home with Sky and enjoy it!

Shadow family in the snow!

Even better…Mark was able to work from home and take a snow play break for lunch! Sometimes rather than fight the winter and wish it were Summer you just have to embrace it and have fun!


Happy Snow Day!

What are you thankful for today?

Surviving Winter

Winter…sometimes it feels like it will never end. It will never be sunny again. I’ll never be warm again. So, what can be done to survive the cold, gray, rainy days?

Sun break = park time!

Make the most of the sun when it’s out, even if it’s cold!


A few other tips:

-Make little things special…it’s snowing again, pop some champagne! Rain…bundle up, put on the rain boots and go jump in some puddles.

-Schedule regular “me” time. 20 min with a book, 30 min workout, long shower that uses all the hot water. Find something to look forward to each day.

-Put on your favorite tunes in the car and sing at the top of your lungs, pretend the windows are down and the sun is blazing.

Chambers Bay is my go to destination to walk when the sun’s out. I love the views, and it’s a wicked hard walk…I can work up a good sweat!

-When the sun is out cancel your indoor activities/to do list/whatever and get outside! Go for a walk, hit the park. An hour of sun can get me through days and days of rain and gray!

Never gets old! 

-Freezing temps…pull out your favorite scarf and gloves (or go get special new ones) and enjoy being bundled up.

-Book your summer vacation/weekends trips. Doesn’t hurt to look forward to sunny warm times. Also, it doesn’t hurt to look back either…pull out the vaca pics from last summer!

-When it’s too cold, rainy, wet to be outside don’t feel bad about getting cozy on the couch and binge watching your favorite show!

-Make time to hang out with friends for no reason. It may not be BBQ season, but game nights and wine tasting can still happen!

Mostly remember we can’t have Spring without first having Winter, and we can’t have Summer without Spring. Each season is only a few months, and will pass.

P.S. I know…it’s been forever since my last post…life…it’s busy. What can I say. I have lot’s to share though and am working on being more regular!


Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for the SUN. Finally a for real break from the rain, and it landed on a half day of school, so Sky and I soaked it up! Headed back out once hubby is home to get a nice walk in before dinner!

Mommy keep pushing…I need to relax.


I was starting to feel a little desperate with all the rain…this was much needed sunshine!


Snow Day

It doesn’t happen often around here, but we had a legit, for real snow day! Enough snow to play in, build snowmen, and sled!

Unexpected day off from school and snow to play in = play date time, and tons of fun!

These two were a great team. Harrison made snowballs and Sky threw them…he cracked up because Sky nailed me several times! 


Her I’m going to get you face!


Sledding fun!


Push me mommy, make it go fast!

I’m putting my order in now for some legit snow next winter! I can totally handle at least one good snow per winter!

Today it’s back to rain, with a little snow mixed in, so pretty mush slush, it’s all just yucky slush now. 😦