Life These Days

It is really hard to post when the days feel the same, and we aren’t out doing much. I’m also having a hard time journaling because is feels like I could write the same thing every day and it would be accurate.

But, we are managing to get out and about and have some socially distanced, masked fun here and there. Family walks have been a life saver! And, I have learned the value of letting Sky lead the walk at her speed and whatever direction she wants to go. We end up walking further than expected, and we are having some great conversations about school, life and the world. It’s very eye opening getting a 9 year old view on things! I find that if I take the time to listen she is telling me exactly what she needs to thrive during life with COVID.

Thankfully we live in the beautiful PNW and have some lovely outdoor spaces to enjoy close to our house!

Thankful Thursday

After 5 days of learning from home I am so thankful that we seem to have the kinks worked out.

The first few days it was something every day! From the system crashing, Sky logging into the wrong class at the wrong time, me loosing track of time and Sky being late to class, to the power going out…every single day something has gone wrong.

Yesterday things went smooth though! It helps that I have learned the power of setting daily alarms…three a day to be exact all to keep Sky fed (yes I have to remind myself about lunch) and to get to class on time with all the things she “needs” for class. Important things like the right bracelet, water bottle, the good paper (?!), the sweater/jacket/hat of the day, and styling her hair. Alarms are my friend, 9 year old whims are not.

I’m also thankful that today is the first day of NFL Football! I LOVE football season so much! And, even though I’m a bit conflicted if it’s the best idea to being playing football at all, and fear it will be short lived if players get sick… I am thankful that the season is starting. Doing my happy dance! GO STEELERS!

What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for the laughter in my life. These two people crack me up daily. I’m so thankful I get to laugh my way through life with them!

photo 2
She was going for painting tape super hero and he was going for let’s interrupt this photo shoot.

For real I don’t even try to keep a strait face any more. Sky thought I was laughing in delight at her poses…it wasn’t until I showed her the pics that she realized what was really going on. She doesn’t always find him as funny as I do.

Photo 1
Only two of about 20 pics she insist I take of her posing all kinds of different ways.

What are you thankful for today?

The Simple Things

Sky and I were picking blackberries at the park and all of a sudden I hear “Mommy get over here right now!”

With an 8 year old you really never know what your going to get as you round the corner to the other side of the blackberry bush, had she fallen in and scratched from head to toe, was there a snake, was Ruthie hurt…I was instantly thinking of all the bad things it could be.

Turns out it was none of those things…”I made a new friend, and I think it wants to come home with me, look!”


There truly is nothing like a simple, every day adventure, with your kiddo to help you find joy in something like a lady bug.

P.S. I don’t recommend picking blackberries with polarized sunglasses on…they all looked very ripe, and some were, but most of what we brought home was very tart and could have used another week or so on the vine. Lesson learned I guess…also, I guess that’s what a sprinkle of sugar is for.

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for the volunteers that make VBS at Sky’s old preschool happen. She is having so much fun, and comes home with interesting, and sometimes intense questions…which I love. Also, I’m loving the art projects!

Hair 1
Crazy Hair day at VBS today. She picked the style that made her laugh the most. 🙂 

I always thought I’d be the super involved, volunteer for as much as possible mom, and turns out I’m not. I do what I can here and there, but frankly I’m an introvert who craves alone time, and I take it where and when I can get it. Which, tends to be when Sky’s at camp/participating in activities that other parents have volunteered to make happen. 

Hair 2

I’m super thankful there at those that are able to make things like VBS (and various school activities during the year) happen. I support the events when I can, and in the way that I’m able. In the meantime Sky, and the other kiddos, are having so much fun, and for that I’m grateful!

One of the art projects she did at VBS. It’s a Safari theme this year, she was going for a Savannah sunset look.

What are you thankful for today?

P.S. Yes I know it’s been like 500 years since I last posted. Life – it’s busy, and I try really hard not to use my phone when I’m with Sky, so that means less picture taking, which means less posting since picture-less posts are boring. But, I’m working on it, I miss blogging. I have a lot to say and share.