6 Going on 16

And, now we have a 6 year old. Sky feels like such an amazing gift to me that I still look at Mark sometimes and tell him how I can hardly believe we have this amazing little girl in our life. It’s just so cool to have this bundle of love and energy running though the house.


After 6 years you think it would sink in a bit more and not seem like such a cool, new thing. I mean she is a pretty cool little girl, and I love every second I get to spend with her, so I guess she won’t ever get old to me.

The last 6 years have been so full of all the good things, and I have learned so much. My heart is just full of joy and love for this little girl of ours, and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings her way!

laying low

Her birthday party was Saturday and she was so excited to celebrate with her kiddo friends that she invited. She was especially excited to enjoy the jumpy castle we got for the party.

bouncy house
She really tried to jump and have fun, but she just wasn’t feeling it.

Sadly party day came and so did an upset tummy. She tried her best to rally and have fun, but she just couldn’t do it. She had finished a course of antibiotics a few days before, and her tummy had started bothering her a few days before the party, so I wasn’t surprised. I felt bad for her, but she didn’t get upset about missing out on the fun. She just curled up on the couch and watched her friends have fun.

Sometimes you need to just crash on the couch and let the party happen around you.

After sleeping 13+ hours she was right at rain the next day, like nothing was wrong. Just had to giver her little body time to get the last of the meds out of her system I guess. Bummer timing though.

boots and jacket
Feeling better the day after the party. Daddy found the Rainbow Dash zip-up and pink Doc Martins for her, and she hasn’t taken either one off since Saturday. 

Little Cowgirl

Sky – I’m 5 now mommy, I’m so grown up. I want my own house, a purple one, right next to you and daddy so we can be close.

I had the cutest cupcakes planned with pringle chips turned into cowboy hats, but it was so important to her to be able to pick out her birthday cake herself. Sky -I’m going to be 5, I know what I want.      So rainbow, chocolate, ice cream cake it was.

Me – I think you may have to wait until you’re 6 to have your own house, right next to us.

Sky – But I’m 5!

More like 5 going on 25. She thinks 5 is it. Maybe it is. Sort of the sweet spot of being old enough for big girl things, and a little more trust to be independent and make choices, but young enough that “real” school hasn’t started…the last few months before the grind of the kiddo version of “real life” starts.

Team Yeatman! Photo: Jodi…thank you for thinking to get a pic of the 3 of us!

One of the grown up things I’m loving is how much she wants to work around the house to earn quarters. She will fold laundry, dust, do the dishes, pull weeds, water plants, cook…and I’m making it a point to take the time to slow life down so that those things getting done at her speed are ok. It may take twice as long, but the grin on her face on payday (every Friday) is so worth it!

Sky – I’m 5 now mommy, what jobs can I do now, I need quarters. Maybe they will be behind my ear.

I wonder how long we can convince her that only quarters show up behind ears and not dollar bills?

I sort of fell in love with these pool noodle pony’s…so cute, and they were perfect for the horse race around the house!

Months ago (long enough ago that she forgot this is what she wanted for a party and it caused a little drama) she asked for a cowgirl party, and for it to be kids only. A few Pinterest ideas and a trip to Hobby Lobby & the Dollar Store later and we had a fun little cowgirl party, complete with a real pony.

“Rainbow Dash” 

She’s asked me to show her the pictures every day…she loves seeing all her friends with their pool noodle pony’s (the group pic is adorable, but I didn’t want to post on the blog since I didn’t ask permission from all the parents) and seeing herself on the real Rainbow Dash pony.

Sky – Do you remember that Rainbow Dash came to my house mommy. I love Rainbow Dash!

It won’t be pony’s every year, but she is 5 now, and that is special after all.




Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for wide open space, spending time with my sister-in-law, and peace and quiet on the farm.

Looking out on the pasture land of the farm.

When Mark asked what I wanted for my birthday this year I told him I wanted a long weekend on Amy’s farm. I love the farm…being totally disconnected with no internet or cell service…complete and utter darkness to view the stars in the night sky…the sound of crickets and frogs…the smell of farm animals.

This cracked me up…an open range on the open range! 

It’s full circle for me…I grew up in the woods, with a garden, and various farm animals, peace and quiet, dark, star-filled sky’s, and the sound of nature. As a teenager graduating from HS all I wanted to do was get away from the farm/country life. I was ready for something different, something more crowded and noisy I guess. It’s funny that now in my early 40’s I find myself longing to get back to a less crowded, noisy way of life.

Pig tails!

I want that connection with the land and my food, dirty and sometimes smelly work, no sirens, no street lights shinning through my bedroom window, quiet, solitude, enjoying a mason jar of wine…in the dark…listening to the frogs and crickets.

Not a bad place to nap!


My heart feels complete peace and utter calm out there on the farm. It’s like coming home.

Open space, jar of wine and a good book = happy birthday girl!
camp chair
Farm friends!
These two cutie pies! 

So thankful Mark and Sky were excited to visit the farm as well, and that Amy was willing to host us!

Barron…the newest addition to the farm security force! 

A few of the views from the road to and from the farm…so thankful Sky is a road trip pro!

Our fixer upper! 😉 I think it was a school house at one time.
bridge view
Columbia River…we stopped at an overlook, and while Mark and Sky hiked up the hill in the below picture I got a pilates workout in with this view!
Iron horse sculptures…that hill was no joke! I didn’t hike it because I had flip flops on. Turns out they ran into a rattle snake in the middle of the path…yikes!
sky in the car
Coloring and singing…that’s how she gets through 8 hours of travel.


TGIF – Thankful Friday

I missed my Thankful Thursday post yesterday…it’s been sort of crazy time around here. Down to one car, driving Mark to and from work, or just being without my car…running parts out to the mechanic and getting stuck in hours worth of traffic…it all took a lot of time and made life crazy! But, thankfully we have the truck back and life will be back to normal! Plus we have a disconnected weekend ahead of us and I’m so looking forward to it! I love being internet and cell free!

Drinks at the Tiki Bar

Today I’m thankful for friends and family that helped make my birthday weekend special! From dinner with friends, to dinner with my Dad and his fiance, to a lazy day in the garden with my babe and baby. It was a perfect weekend!


A most unexpected gift…Strawberry plants!
My Pink Flamingo named Mango. 
Seriously one of the coolest birthday gifts ever from my munchkin! She used her own money to get me this window at an estate sale, and she is so proud of picking it out and paying for it! 

I am so thankful that friends & family took time out of their busy lives to spend time celebrating my birthday! Can’t wait to see what this year brings my way, and can’t wait to create more memories with those I love!