Summer Tradition

Last weekend we headed to the hot side of the state for Boat Race Weekend in the Tri-Cities. One of my favorite summer traditions! I love hanging at the river all day watching the boats & air show with people I love!

Beginning of the air show.

We go on Friday and skip the actual races Sat and Sun. Friday is free (on the Pasco side anyway), way less people (I don’t care to do the overcrowded drunk people thing), you still see a few races, qualifications, practice air show, and you can bring all your own food and drinks! We actually eat dinner after everything is done for the day, around 5 pm, because we’ve been in the sun all day, drinking on and off, and don’t want to worry about dinner after getting home from a long, hot day in the sun. It seems like less work (and more fun) to eat there before loading up and heading home.

F22…so cool!

This year the patrol boat was very lax. The fact that there was only one is odd, but also odd that they didn’t say a word to us about floating in the river while the boats were running. Usually they don’t even want us standing in the water. We tied our inner-tubes down with rocks and a 5 gallon bucket full of water pretty close to the bank, just deep enough that our butts didn’t hit the bottom, so maybe that’s why they didn’t care that we were out there. Seriously it was so nice though…being able to float in the river all day in the blazing sun…so refreshing. The only down side….when I went to bed that night the bed was floating…took forever for it to stop so I could fall asleep.

My view…you would think I would manage to get a pic with one of the boats going past.


Art and craft time with Daddy. I packed plenty of fun stuff for Sky to do since she needs sun breaks here and there.

The rest of the weekend was full of yummy food, lot’s of wine, and great family/friend time! I always feel pretty lazy the next day. Even though floating on the river all day sounds easy, being in the sun all day takes it out of me. I just want to lounge in the shade with cold wine and water!

So much good food…Korean Short Ribs FTW!
Sky eating all of Aunt Candy and Uncle Paul’s blackberries.

My take away from the weekend…so many mosquito bites! We sat out until late Saturday night talking and watching shooting stars. Maybe it was the wine, but I had no idea I was being eaten alive. Yikes!! Three days later and my legs are still itching pretty bad and I take my bug bite stick with me everywhere I go. Lesson learned…bug spray next time!

Very small example of the bites I have all up and down both legs and on my feet. It’s pretty bad. 

I recommend having a summer “thing” that you do every summer. We know we will be in E WA the last full week in July for boat races. It sort of anchors our summer and actually makes it easier to plan other summer fun around that weekend. The only down side…It’s now Aug and time to get the back to school stuff going. Boo!



Hydrotastic Weekend

We had so much fun at Water Follies in E WA, and got a summer sun fix…talking triple digit temps! That’s something we just don’t get in W WA…shoot we are barley getting summer sun at all right now. (It’s cool and rain on and off right now). Boo.

Red solo cup photo bomb.

We camp out on the river Friday, which is practice runs, heat qualifications etc, and the practice air show. We get to see the air show, watch the boats, eat and drink all day long….without the crowds, and without paying to get in! Pretty sweet, and it frees up the rest of the weekend to have fun with friends, let kiddos run around, eat yummy food, and wine taste…I mean what else would we do in E WA wine country?


Go, go Hydro Boat…staying cool in the river on a HOT day! 


Playing Dress Up with Aunt Michelle’s summer stuff! So stylish! 

14 Hands Winery…one of our faves!
Yummy eats and sips! 


Always a fun weekend full of friends and family! Now to enjoy August in the PNW and get ready for school to start!

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for a view from the road.

20160113_165430 (2)
I so wish I had caught this sunset when the purples, pinks, and oranges were still vibrant, but by the time I found a safe spot to pull over this is what was left. Still pretty.

Sometimes life’s road has unexpected twists, turns, pot holes, flat tires, detours, and is chaotic. But, then you round a bend and you see a beautiful sunset over a snow dusted valley, and it offers a few moments of beauty.

That beauty turns the chaos into a much needed moment of peaceful calm.

I’m thankful for the reminder that no matter what is happening on the road of life, there are moments of beauty and peace to stop and enjoy, even if only for a moment.

I hope you find your moment of beauty today.