Thankful Thursday

Things I’m Thankful For Today:

-This lovely Fall, I mean it couldn’t be more perfect!

Chambers Bay, sunny, clear, and just warm enough.
Chambers Bay, sunny, clear, and just warm enough.

-10 days left of Whole30. Really looking forward to tortilla’s and wine again.

-Being home with Sky, even when she is exceedingly cranky due to a cold. I just love spending time with her, and taking the time each day to have a little adventure.

-My Steelers coffee cup sleeve, I was drinking tea though.


-Speaking of tea Starbucks Oprah Chai Tea is easily the best tea I’ve ever had. So much flavor without adding anything to it. It’s been giving me the variety in approved beverages that I need right now.

-That every single Steelers game has been on network TV thus far. 4 games in a row…I don’t thing that’s ever happened before. I’m watching every second of every game because after this who knows when I’ll get to see them play again. (Probably when the play the Hawks Thanksgiving weekend).

-When she asks me to take a picture of her. I love finding out what’s important to her.

“I’m so happy here I need a picture mommy”.

-Steak night, I just really love rare, red meat so much! (Bonus it’s Thursday Night Football…double bonus it’s Steelers football!).

-The opportunity to attend Jamberry training this weekend. I love that they offer it, and that I get to learn and grow in my personal business!

What are you thankful for today?

Oh Canada

Last week found us on adventures in Whistler BC for our family vacation. We were lucky enough to have the Beckham family with us, so there were extra good times to be had!

11225361_1608722639402774_2032249752705895946_n (1)
The gang on our hike to the train wreck!

I look forward to our week in Whistler every year, and while the locations we trade to some years have all been awesome, my heart is always wanting to get back to Whistler.

Graffiti from the train wreck.
More graffiti…it’s treated like art there, and the artists themselves are pretty respectful of where and how they do it.

One of my favorite things is that there are things like train wrecks, abandon mines, ruins from old towns all to be stumbled upon and explored. No keep out signs, no warning of danger. It’s all explore at your own risk. I don’t know if that’s a general Canada thing or a specific BC thing (there is a difference)…whatever it is I like it.

I also love all the amazing food (I have a post all about our amazing dinner out!), drinks, and chocolate. Oh the chocolate…I don’t even like chocolate, but Canadian chocolate is so much better than U.S. chocolate.

My two favorite!

It’s an interesting place because no one is from Whistler. Everyone, even “locals” are from somewhere else, mostly overseas, so it’s a true melting pot of cultures. And, so easy going and happy. Just a mountain village enjoying all the adventures the outdoors can bring…totally our kind of place!

One of the coolest parts of the week there…I don’t have a picture of it (it really happened I promise!) we saw a bear! It walked right past the balcony to the condo, up the hill and crossed the road to forage in the ditch on the other side…so cool!

A few more pictures of our adventures up north……

Best road tripper ever, even if she did color on my car. 😦
Ready to hit the links.
When in Whistler…stop at the Amsterdam Cafe…it’s worth it. Just don’t break the rules! 😉
The only golf we can afford in Whistler! Look at that form…that’s why she needs lessons!
For real Canada is a magical place of amazing Caesars, I mean that’s a meal right there!
Sky loved this so much she did it twice and flipped as much as she could!
Hot tub time with a view of the mountains in the background…not bad.
Perfect ending to a great trip!
She was looking up the mountain for bears.

wpid-wp-1441733697214.jpeg wpid-wp-1441733439721.jpeg

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Whistler…DO IT! You won’t regret it!

T Time

You guys, I played a round of golf, for the first time ever! I had so much fun! Sure it was frustrating at times, I missed a lot, ended up in the rough a lot, but for a first outing I’m happy with how I did.

Meadow Park Golf Course.
Meadow Park Golf Course.

I know my form and swing need help, but I did my best and had a blast. I’m just proud of myself for getting out there. Golf is intimidating to me, and having an audience always waiting for you to finish up was a little stressful. I’m not a fast golfer…it’s just all so new and unfamiliar. But, shoot running was that way for me for a long time as well, so there is hope.

I have to hit it that far?! Those are not my divots! 

I had great company and help from my MIL Jan, and the most adorable caddy ever! Sky was helpful when she could be, and was patient with us and the two+ hours it took to play 9 holes. She had so much fun that I’m researching kiddo lessons for her!


But first a lesson, and clubs (looking into used ones) for me. 🙂

Every caddy needs a little rest.