Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for revisiting my childhood! Growing up my family spent a lot of time on the OR coast…I may live in WA, but OR beaches are where it’s at! For real!


Every few months, year round, we’d visit the coast and camp, or during the winter stay in a hotel. I remember several trips to Lincoln City, over Christmas Break, and we’d be the only, or close to it, family in the hotel. My sister and I loved having the indoor pool to ourselves!



I think my most favorite memories though are camping at Ft. Stevens. There are miles of paved walking/biking trails that take you all over the park and various nearby attractions. My sister and I would get up in the morning, hop on our matching BMX bikes and we’d be gone for hours exploring to our hearts content. So many great adventures were had! Plus the ranger presentations were always fun and we learned a lot.

My sister and I had some epic kite wars on this beach! 

This summer I was really wanting to find some time to camp on the OR Coast and was so excited when a week opened up in August. I figured what better time to go to the coast than August! You stand a pretty good chance of having sunny warm weather (it didn’t totally turn out that way, but it was nice enough for sure).

It’s so interesting to revisit things from childhood. It’s never exactly as you remember it. The bike trails that in my mind took us hours to ride only took me about 20 minutes as an adult, and while the campground is big, it didn’t seem as huge as it did when I was a kid. But, that didn’t take away from the magic of Ft. Stevens at all. I loved it just as much as an adult as I did back in the day. I particularly loved being there with my own kiddo (and her friend).

I ran into (almost literally) Elk on the bike path past this area…talk about wild life viewing area! 

My heart was happy watching Sky and Faith enjoy the things I enjoyed when I was a kid. I think exploring the batteries is almost more fun as an adult than as a kid…we’re old enough to have fun with it and toss a few scares in there as well!

Some serious hide-n-seek went down at Battery Russel! Sky and I scared some kids while we were hiding and Mark’s creepy whistle scared all of us, me included. So much fun!


I’m very thankful I got to revisit such awesome memories from my childhood, I was close to tears of joy and memory a few times during our trip, and just so excited to share such a special thing from my childhood with Sky, and thankful she enjoyed it!

Best little campers…and those mosquito bracelets worked! Us three girls wore them the whole time and not a single bite…Mark on the other hand got several bites. 😦



The girls wanted to ride in the back of the truck so bad, so we found a safe area to let them do that. Like how I covered up the plate? Was the best option I had available while editing. 

Also, super thankful for our new camp trailer, we’ve camped a lot this summer, and it’s a joy to have such a lovely camping home!

What are you thankful for today?



Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for camping trips with friends. We spent last week in Winthrop WA at Silver Line Resort with the Beckham family, and had so much fun!

Not a bad mountain biking view of the lake…campground is behind the trees in the upper left of the picture. 

This is seriously the summer of camping for us. We didn’t plan any other summer vacation other than camping, and we are having so much fun!

Don’t you eat ice cream while sitting on a saddle?

Thankfully Silver Line is on a lake because it was hot! Really hot, so we pretty much hung out in the lake every day. We even sprung for a jet boat rental one day, and had so much fun. The kiddos in particular liked being pulled behind. I gave it a go a few times, but let me tell you that is a rough ride! Easy to stay on, but pretty bone jarring….I was more into finding a quiet spot on the lake to cut the engine and take swimming breaks.

Sky taking her turn on the tube…she loved it! 



We had so much fun we booked an even longer stay at Silver Line next summer! I love that we already have a fun camping trip booked for Summer 2019!

What are you thankful for today?


Just The Three Of Us

It’s been such a busy summer, with less camping than we hoped for. So, when we found ourselves with a free weekend I called around until I found a camping cancellation we could take advantage of. The best part is it was at one of favorite places to camp!

Bug catcher!


For real, is there anything better than fishing, a good book, and really amazing wine?!

Even better…it was the hottest weekend all summer, and we were camping at a lake, with boat rentals!  I mean seriously the best way to beat the heat is in the water! Sadly I forgot my motion sickness medicine, so have had vertigo since Saturday. Just under 2 hours on the water and I’m dizzy and nauseous for days…boo! Motion sickness aside we had a blast.

Captain of her own life…at least she wasn’t the one to run the boat into the rocks.

Sometimes the three of us need to get away, by ourselves, and just be Team Yeatman. It’s always refreshing to reconfirm that we are the three of us together, we love each other, and that our little family of three is pretty awesome!

Mark & Sky spent a lot of time drawing up plans for her tree house! 

I didn’t even realize how much I needed that time to just be with my babe and baby. A little us time towards the end of a busy summer, and before school starts and life gets crazy with that.

Camp food = awesome! 
Breakfast = left over steak and french fry hash with fried eggs on top…everything taste better when camping!

If you are in W WA, Lake Mayfield is a pretty great place to camp!

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for camping!

We were able to get away Memorial Day Weekend to Mayfield Lake with our friends, and enjoy a lovely weekend of camping, and celebrating Sky’s birthday with them, since they were out of town her birthday weekend.

Last year Bob and Sky baked a cake in camp for her birthday, so of course it’s now a tradition! She wanted a pink cake with purple frosting!

I’m a lot sad that this is the only camping trip we have all summer. While we have plenty of fun things/trips planned, camping isn’t in the cards, at this point. It’s crazy how quickly a summer fills up, but I’m holding out hope we find time to sneak away, even if only over night. Or, maybe fit in some Fall camping.

camp cuties! 

Anyway, we fell in love with the area around Lake Mayfield and will be returning as soon as we can make it happen! Lots of lake time, lots of hiking, wildlife, and exploring…it’s worth driving around a bit and visiting the smaller towns, you never know what you’ll find!

So much fun fishing. The pond had just been stocked and all three girls caught two fish each!

Lake Mayfield Resort & Marina  reminded us of Dirty Dancing, on a smaller scale, and with more fishermen around. 🙂 The general store had all the basics covered, including wine when we ran out (I know right?!) and hosted a dance every evening in the open air dinning/event space.

All 3 girls got whittling knife’s and a safety lesson. They all opted to make magic wands as their first project.

Our spots were perfectly located next to the sport court, field, and playground, which let us lounge in camp while watching the kiddos play and have fun, and have a quick game of T Ball.

So much fun, and I’m super thankful we were able to get at least one camping trip in!

Sleep over in the Beckham camper…we wore them out!
Bald Eagle!