Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for all the moments that don’t have a picture to go with them.

Sometimes it’s ok to just be, in the moment, enjoying things, and not have a picture to prove it.

The quick hug and I love you as Sky walks past, Sky reading on the couch, resting her feet on Mark’s arms as he’s working on his laptop and I’m sitting on the other couch doing sudoku…a “nothing exciting” family moment. Except it is exciting to be there in that moment with the two people I love most in the world.

I’m thankful for the thousands of little moments that I get to live with my babe and baby…the moments that go undocumented, but when added up over time…there kinda what it’s all about.

What are you thankful for today?


Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for teachers who have faith in what our kiddos can accomplish when we as parents might not.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Sky can do whatever she wants. Olympic Swimmer…yes! Win Chopped Jr…heck yeah! Be on Naked and Afraid…but of  course. However, when she came home from school on a Thursday saying she was going to sew a dress for her doll so it could be in the 2nd grade art show on Tuesday I had big doubts.


She informed me her teacher got her fabric, needle and thread and now she needed me to teach her how to use said needle and thread to sew a dress…umm I don’t sew. I mean basic needle and thread skills to sew on a button sure, but make a dress…not so much. To be clear Sky does not know how to sew either, or cut a pattern, or any of it really. Who decides to sew a dress when they don’t know how to sew and have it ready in four days…my kid that’s who! Lesson learned, it’s ok not to play it safe all the time.

Her latest kick is to be a fashion designer and I’m fine with that, but I was a little panicked thinking this dress wasn’t going to happen and if it did it would be a hot mess. Inside my head I was trying to think of a supportive way to redirect the project like do a mock-up or idea board with fabric and embellishment samples etc. But, Sky wasn’t having it, she wanted to sew a dress. So I teach her how to do a basic stitch and off she goes to school.

Turns out her classroom and art teacher had a plan, because her doll ended up fully clothed in a dress complete with sparkly glitter. Granted it’s held together with a lot of hot glue and fabric ties, but they heard her dream and found a way to make it happen.

I’d like to think I can give her all the support and encouragement she’ll ever need, but  that’s not reality. I’m always going to land on the side of practicality, and being realistic, I try to tamp it down and support her dreams, but sometimes I need help with that.

Sky loves her teacher this year and she has been so supportive of all Sky’s goals and ideas. We have been lucky to have the same art teacher for three years now and Sky truly has a heart for art. I’m so thankful she has these two amazing ladies in her life this year to support her and find ways to make things happen when I’m stuck in the reality of it all.

Thankful for awesome teacher and lessons learned from my kiddo.

What are you thankful for?





Love Your Stylist!

If you don’t love your stylist I have a good one for you! Sky loves her too! Once again Eleanor at Embellish Salon worked her magic on Sky’s hair.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m good about hair upkeep. I get the cuts and the colors regularly, and I keep heat styling to a minimum.

Oh you can tell she’s feeling it! 

You would think I would be better at maintaining Sky’s hair, but I kind fall down on the job with her. She has enough hair on her head for 3 people at least, and while it has beautiful brown curls, it does sometimes border on wild frizz. She’s just not there yet when it comes to taking care of it like it needs, and frankly I’m struggling to get out of the house for work on time, so she is left to her own devices when it comes to weekday hair.


Guys, it kinda got out of control, and I didn’t even realize how out of control it was until Sky asked Eleanor to cut it off. I feel bad now looking back, but am so thankful that Sky wanted to get it cut short. It looks so healthy and is an adorable style on Sky. Bonus, so much easier to get the tangles out which means way less mother/daughter heartache!

Thank you Eleanor for giving Sky’s hair new life, we adore you!


Spring – Where Are You?!

Spring, I’m here for you! I’m ready for longer days, more blue sky, and sun. Winter came on late and fierce and I’m kinda over it. But, I’m trying to have a good attitude and appreciate each season, that’s part of the beauty of living in the PNW…four distinct seasons.

Snow, snow, go away and please don’t come back another day!

In the meantime I’m doing a few things so we can hit the Spring ground running and enjoy it!

  1. Spring Cleaning is going to happen right now! Even if it’s cold and dreary outside, feeling Spring clean on the inside makes it easier to get through the last bit of winter.
  2. Garden planning. It’t too early to plant, but I’m putting together my plan and doing things a little different this year. It’s fun to look forward to fresh produce grown in my own yard!
  3. We cleared out some outgrown yard toys and I now have a lot more room for flowers! Again, a bit too early to plant but I’m expanding my usual flower game and branching out to plants and flowers that I haven’t done before!
  4. Trip planning! Spring Break is coming (and we don’t have a plan yet…yikes!) and right after that it’s Summer Break! Planning warmer weather trips during winter give me something to look forward to!
  5. Daily activity has been a lifesaver. Last winter hit me kind of hard, and that has never happened before. This time around I have been intentional about getting my daily activity in. It could be a HIIT workout, a long walk, or 10 minutes of stretching (I have 6 different physical activities I rotate through during the week) whatever it is it gives me at least 10 minutes, often more, of me time. And I feel so much more focused and calm. And, I’ve been feeling great this winter (so far…it’s not over yet).
  6. Embracing home. We don’t travel nearly as much to visit family, camp or vacation during the winter months. I LOVE being home, love, love, love it. While I love our adventures as well, spring and summer find us gone a lot. I’ve really made it a point to enjoy being cozy at home, soak up all the home time, so when the adventures kick back into high I’ll be ready to get away!
  7. Rain Boots – Spring in the PNW means rain and I’m on the lookout now for a wild, fun pair of rain boots to stomp through puddles in!
  8. Rose all day. Ok, well not all day, and not even every day. But there is something about drinking a “summer” wine that makes winter easier to deal with. I close my eyes and picture myself lakeside on a hot day in the sun! Which is more Summer than Spring, but Spring is the gateway to Summer!

I think we probably all have our coping tricks to get through seasons in life and Mother Nature. I really try not to wish time away, so I’m making the most of the current season while excitedly waiting for the next one!

Happy almost Spring!

Live for these blue sky winter days. It’s cold, but the sun feels so good! 


Getting outside for a little fun, even when it’s chilly, feels so refreshing, and makes me look forward to longer days and better weather so we can do this every day!

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for fun in the snow! Old Man Winter decided to visit us and give us more snow than we’ve seen in ages! I stopped measuring at 10 inches, I don’t think we got much more than that at our house, but that’s more than enough!

Sled Races!

I know snow is a pain for most people, and I don’t love that we now have extra days to make up in the summer, but I have to say I enjoyed it as much as a person can. It was so nice to be cozy at home watching it through the windows, and only venturing out when we really wanted to.


Dashing through the snow in a Subaru…love my car. No snow is going to stop us!

There was an ambush Team Yeatman snowball fight (I lost since Mark and Sky were a team and I was only in pj’s!), lot’s of sledding, snow furniture making (Sky created a recliner to lay back and relax in…sounds too cold to me) and fun with the dog. Who knew that our little Texas rescue dog, who doesn’t like the cold rain at all, would love the snow. She’s a snow dog, and wanted to be outside playing in it as much as possible. Sky spent a lot of time throwing snowballs for her to catch.

It was fun while it lasted, now it’s back to real life, and I’m thankful for that as well.

So hard to get a photo of how big the flakes were, but they were epic!

What are you thankful for today?





Thankful Thursday

Tomorrow will be day four of Sky being home sick. I mean miserable, cranky sick.

No pictures please!

Mark gets all the parenting points this week as he’s been working from home to take care of her.

I am beyond thankful he is able to work from home, that he didn’t have meetings he had to be at the office for, and that I didn’t have to worry about finding a sub at my work.

Very thankful we have the jobs we do and they allow us to be flexible in different ways for our family!