Summer Time….

…and the living’s easy…especially now that school is over! I think it’s taken me a few weeks to get over how the year ended and how strange it all felt….how strange the world still feels.

Our dinning room turned classroom…this came down the afternoon of the last day of school. We were both ready to be done. 

I was so impressed with Sky and how she handled all of a sudden not going to school, following along with my lesson plan and schedule, then transitioning to a combo of distance learning with her teacher(s) and my supplementing with materials I put together on my own. Some days were better than others for sure and I think we learned that homeschooling would not be our first choice*. However, Sky was pretty great to hang out with day after day, and I got to see first-hand the things she knows, and how she processes information and learning, and I am so proud of her. I’m kinda proud of me too for not missing a beat and pulling together a home based classroom and learning materials.

Distance learning…Sky took to it so well!

So thankful that Sky’s teacher was only a text or email away and it really felt like she held our hand through the whole process! The school district did a great job providing learning packets, virtual field trips and encouraging messages every week. The support was pretty great all the way around!

Some days she did just turn her back on me and was done, done, done.

Now, we take a breath while still doing our 3rd to 4th grade bridge workbook which I figure is going to be more important than ever considering school may look very different in the Fall than what we are used to. We spend 30 to 45 minutes a day on it and it’s just enough to keep her mind working. We did it last summer and Sky’s test scores at the beginning of 3rd grade showed she didn’t lose any progress over the summer. Workbooks are available at most book stores, Amazon, and Costco and I can’t recommend it enough!

We are set to enjoy a socially distant summer, with lots of time camping, self contained style, in our trailer away from others. We are playing it safe this summer for our own health and for the health of those we love.

Happy Summer!

*On the homeschooling note, Sky is so social and really misses her friends and classmates, plus she listens better when it is not coming from me. Also, I myself am not a math/science person and my brain has a hard time in those fields…I will very quickly reach my limits of being able to help/teach her anything in those areas. Having said that we are open to whatever the “best” option is come Fall. It will all depend on what the plan looks like from the district and what the COVID situation is and if it feels safe to send Sky to school (if that’s even an option), and of course as of right now I have a job to go back to as well, so there is that to factor in. As parents we will do whatever looks best for Sky and our family given all the factors involved. I now we are not the only ones wondering what Fall will bring and I just want to say hang in there, I know it’s not easy right now…just hang in there!




Thankful Thursday

Some days are better than others. Most days I’m totally fine, just living life as we know it with COVID-19, but other times I”m sad, frustrated, scared, unsure of what the future will bring.

Wish war!

Through is all I’m thankful we laugh a lot as a family, and we are able to turn mundane things like a family walk into an adventure and something entertaining.


I’m thankful for these two people I get to live life with.

Shadow Family. 

Something To Do

Here in WA we are counting down to June 1st, when we may get the green light to venture back out into the world.

Until then here is a list of things you can do at home because if they go wrong no will know! 😉

-Self Tanner – this is the perfect time to try out self tanners until you find the one that give you the tan look you are going for, and doesn’t make you look like an Oompa Loompa. If you do end up looking orange though…does it really matter? The only people who will know are those that live with you. LOL. Most self tanners wash off with days and if you put some extra soap and scrubbing into it you can pretty much get it all off. Not that I know from first hand experience or anything.

Oompa Loompa

-Natural Deodorant – if you have ever wondered about natural deodorant and if you will like it, now is the time to try it! No worries about BO in the office. There is a lot of info online about detoxing your armpits before starting a natural deodorant option, and how smelly that can be. I have no advice one way or another about the process of switching to a natural option, but I can tell you some work better than others for sure, for me anyway. So if you want to switch and the people you live with can stand some smelly days here and there, now is the time to go for it!

-Fashion Hair Color – Think neon, pink, blue, green, purple! I am a big fan of getting “real” hair color at the salon, but since salons are shut down now is a great time to try out a fun color that may not be appropriate at the office. Most of them wash out in a matter of days, and they are easy to find online, and if you have an Ulta or Sephora doing curb-side pick up they have some great options! Just make sure you have some bleach on hand for any stains in the bathtub if you use color depositing shampoo!

color shampoo
This brand is what we have used to keep Sky’s hair pink. Next up she’s switching to purple!

-Workout – Specifically the workout you have always wanted to try at the gym, but have been worried about looking like an uncoordinated giraffe. There are so many workout options on YouTube, and lot’s of gyms/programs are offering free online classes right now that you can try it out at home before giving it a go in public. Just do a YouTube or Google search and you will find something! Dance cardio and Zumba are very popular in our house right now!

-Make Up – Always wanted to know how to do a perfect smokey eye or master liquid eyeliner, or figure out how to contour? Now is the time, if you end up looking like a clown, go scare your kids, or you know just wash it off and try again.

What are you doing to stay busy during this time at home? Have you tried anything new?

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for a relaxing outdoor space.


Being home so much makes visiting what we call the “wine patio” a mini vacation.

All it takes is Fanta in a wine glass and she is happy!

I have a feeling we will spending a lot of our summer out here, now I just have to find room for a pool of some sort!

I think this is the summer to make the most of your space! Stay safe and stay healthy!

What are you thankful for?

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful that the parks are re-opened on a limited basis. Basically the trails and the off-leash dog park are open.

I’m not going to lie, I was getting down right pissed off seeing other peoples nature walks and pictures. All I wanted was to take a walk in the park near our house, and get off the sidewalks with cars driving past all the time. But, I am a total rule follower so I was not about to walk through the park even though others were doing so every time I drove past. Sky was getting pretty cranky as well, why are others enjoying the park/outdoors when we can’t? That’s a hard one to explain to an 8 year old.

If she rolls I can walk as fast as I want, it’s a win win!

So, when the Lakewood Parks opened back up you bet Sky and I headed to the one closest to us for a nice like walk/roll through the park.

Guys I felt so much better after that. I needed some time in a natural green space. My heart was happier and I felt much more calm. I will never take a walk through the park for granted again. Having park access will hold me over until we can go camping again…I hope. 🙂

What are you thankful for?