Settling Into Summer

Even though the last day of school was weeks ago it took me a bit to settle into summer. School may have stopped, but life didn’t. I was finishing up a training program and Sky was in full on dance practice getting ready for a public performance and a recital.

Spray Park fun with friends!

And, it took me a week or two to get back into the full time stay at home mom gig. Even though I work outside the home (during the school year) I still feel like a SAHM, so I was surprised to find myself a little adrift at how to settle back into life with Sky, just the two of us all day, every day. I still feel a little afloat, but we are having fun and managing to get everything done that needs doing.

Fairy Fest…Sky with some of the fairy’s from Charisma School of Dance.

When it’s sunny we are taking our workouts and summer school work outside, hitting the park and spray parks as often as we can, scheduling play dates, and getting in a ton of cuddle time. She still thrives on cuddle time with lot’s of silly conversation and tickles mixed in.

One thing I had no trouble getting back into….long slow lazy starts to the morning. It does take us a very long time to get up and going and out the door. We just enjoy taking our time in the morning, and I’m ok with that. Soon enough it will be back to work/school and back to rushing out the door, so for now we are slowing things down and enjoying the sun, and doing what we want.

Friend time…making sure she gets lot’s of that this summer!

It’s almost time for 4th of July and we have a busy week of vineyard work, visiting with family, and a family reunion that has been in the works since December last year! So excited for all the festivities and family time this week!

Happy Summer, and Happy 4th!


Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful to live where we live. We have mild weather, very few (if any) bugs/snakes that will kill you (in our part of the state anyway), it’s green year round (my fave color), there is a ton of outdoor life & activity to enjoy, and we are within an hour’ish of a mountain and the coast….best of both worlds.

Very low tide on the beach = great seashell hunting and tide pools to pear into.

I’m also thankful we had the opportunity to staycation over Memorial Day weekend. Typically we are camping that weekend, but we waited too long to make reservations, and instead of trying to force a camping trip that was going to be difficult to pull off we opted to stay home and enjoy a few day trips instead.

We make a lot of trips over the mountains to the East side of the state, but rarely do we stop at parks/attractions along the way. Our goal is always getting to family at the other end of the drive. So, we took our staycation as an opportunity to explore the North Bend area, which we drive through a lot, but never stop. We wanted to mountain bike part of the Iron Horse Trail, which ended up being a bit advanced for Sky, but we managed 4 miles before she was over it. I mean Over. It. Since our ride was cut short we explored the area and a few parks and pretty areas. I kinda fell in love with the area, and can’t wait to do some camping and more exploring. (No pics of this outing, was too busy enjoying the family time).

They found so many little crabs, fish, shells and other random stuff.

Day two we headed to Bainbridge Island, which is only about 1 1/2 hours away, but you would think it’s much further given it’s only the 2nd time I’ve been there. We got lucky with the weather, sunny and warm, but not too hot, and the island was just perfect. We hit the beach, and the forest, and a few of the little spots in town, and of course a winery. I don’t know, there is just something about being on an island that feels so relaxed, like time slows down.

Sky is a beach girl. It’s her #1 requested destination for fun and exploring. She would live on the beach if she had her way!

It was extra fun having our friends join us in our adventure. Sky loved having Grace and Kiera to hang with all day, always nice to have other kiddos around for her!

Grand Forest is a great spot to hike, and was very family friendly. Would like to go back and explore more!

Here’s to staycations and exploring the amazingly beautiful area we call home. Thankful I have such great friends and family to explore with!

What are you thankful for today?



Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for walks at the park. Sky loves going for walks especially when there is no agenda. She loves getting to lead the way and pick every turn and every path. Little stinker though tends to pick the hardest hills she can find, which is super fun when I’ve run the day before or have done a leg workout…but I roll with it.

Walking with my girls.

I have found that we have some of the funniest conversations, and some of the most serious conversations. I think it’s easier sometimes to talk about hard things when we are walking and there isn’t direct eye contact. Less pressure that way.

Mommy let me climb the stump and you take a picture of me…and this is what I get?!

We are so lucky to live close to a park that has so much space that even when there are events going on we still find empty trails to wander. Bonus…with Ruthie she has someone to chase birds and butterfly’s with…which means I tire them both out and they don’t even realize what’s happening! 🙂

…and this…”My mouth needs to breath”.

So thankful I get to wander the park, and life with this little girl, and her dog! 🙂

Thankful Thursday

I think one of the hardest things about being a parent is how fast things change and how fast our kiddos grow. Each stage has been so enjoyable, yet so fleeting, and the stages I love best seem to be the shortest of all.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go backwards. Sky’s going to be 7 in a few days, and I’m all about having a 7 year old. But, man I miss baby Sky sometimes. Once in a great while I get a quick glimpse of my baby girl. Usually when she’s asleep, and her face is relaxed, I see that little baby face that I miss.

She’s such a good sleeper that once she goes to bed she’s out for 10’ish hours…and you know what they say…”don’t wake a sleeping baby”, that might be even more true for an almost 7 year old! Once her bedroom door shuts, we don’t see her again until morning, so I very rarely see her when she’s sleeping.

Seriously can’t believe she’s almost 7…love the sleeping Baby Sky face. 

We had friends over a few nights ago, and were up late chatting, and Sky feel asleep watching a movie in our room. It made my heart happy to walk in our room at midnight and catch a glimpse of baby Sky face sleeping in our bed.

I’m thankful for the late night with friends (really that was so much fun!), and for Sky falling asleep in our room, and for getting a quick flash-back to baby Sky. It does my heart good to remember how much I enjoyed the baby stage. I’m guessing that in the next year or so, even when she’s sleeping that baby face will be gone. So thankful I got a little peak, and picture, to hold onto.

What are you thankful for?



Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful to have a new running buddy! I’ve been waiting for her to be old enough to start running with me, and finally it’s time. While we still have some training to do with each other…she needs to figure out that crossing in front of me while short leashed is a really bad idea, and I need to figure out how to avoid punting her like a football without tripping and hurting myself (because that totally did happen on our first run), but other than that she’s a million times easier to run with than any other dog we’ve ever owned.


Like people, dogs need training not only to get used to running on a leash, but to learn what is expected, and stamina! By the time we hit the 2nd hill, smaller hills mind you…I purposely avoided the big hills at the park, she was dragging, like all the way at the end of the leash behind me and pulling me backwards. Our first run ended up being more of a run for 60 to 90 seconds walk for 30 seconds type of deal, but still it’s fun having a little buddy to run with.

Lovely running view! 

Just when I was reaching a point in my running life that I was kinda of done with running, here comes Ruthie. Mostly I’m just enjoying pilates, and yoga, and walking so much because they don’t flair anything up in my body (specifically my bad knee) like running can do, and I’m kinda over running in cold, wet, dark weather. But, Ruthie girl has a ton of energy, and she’s kinda making me want to keep at least a toe dipped into running. That, and Sky was very upset when I told her I may be done running races, “but mommy, I want to run with you”. That’s really hard to say no to. So I’ll run enough to keep my two girls happy. Hmm…I’m sure running with Ruthie and Sky at the same time would be very entertaining!

So much green…I LOVE it!

Very thankful that when I do run I have amazing human and dog friends to hit the trails with!


Happy Friday! Really the only reason I look forward to Friday’s so much, and in turn the weekends, is to spend time with my loves. I just want more time, because time goes way too fast. I LOVE my job, so it’s never really about wanting to get the heck out of work for a few days.

Ruthie’s tongue!

I’m so lucky that I’m off at 1:45, Sky’s out of school at 2:15 and that leaves us a few hours every afternoon to hang out, like the good old days when her and I were home together all the time. We miss daddy though, lets be clear about that.

Wind Blown! 

It has been pretty sunny and temps are rising, so Sky, Ruthie and I headed out to the beach one day after school, and while Sky was super excited about a picnic on the beach (girl is all about picnics all the time!) she was also pretty vocal about how unfair it was that we were having fun without Daddy, who was still stuck at work. “I miss Daddy, I wish Daddy were here”…on repeat. Daddies girl!

We must always scream when a train goes past!

No worries Sky, the sun is sticking around for a few more days, and it’s going to get even hotter, so we can hit that beach with Daddy over the weekend! We were pretty lazy lounging on a blanket, reading magazines and snacking. There’s more to explore though, so we totally need to go back!

So many yummy recipes, not enough time to cool them all, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Love, love, love everything about hanging with my girls in the sun! Looking forward to enjoying a sunny, warm weekend!

It’s almost summer time! Can’t wait to fill my days hanging with my girls!

Happy Friday!

Thankful Thursday

So thankful for the sun! A whole week of sun just when I was starting to feel a bit desperate about all the Spring Rain.

Park looking lovely in the sun!

I’ve lived in W WA my whole life, and normally I embrace all that entails, even the rain. But, this year man it has taken it’s toll. I’m ready for sun, and summer!!!!

This doesn’t seem fair mom. Her doing homework while I enjoy a glass of wine…seems fair to me!

Thankfully we’ve had a stretch of sun, and warmth, and time outside to play, and plant flowers, and work in the garden.

Having flowers planted make the house/patio feel alive! I love it!

Just the fix to get us through whatever Spring brings our way…hurry up Summer!