Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful that I get to stay home with Sky for snow days. I won’t lie, I was a bit irritated when school went from 2 hours late to cancelled today (I don’t want to make up snow days!), but if there has to be a snow day I’m so thankful to spend it home with Sky and enjoy it!

Shadow family in the snow!

Even better…Mark was able to work from home and take a snow play break for lunch! Sometimes rather than fight the winter and wish it were Summer you just have to embrace it and have fun!


Happy Snow Day!

What are you thankful for today?

Surviving Winter

Winter…sometimes it feels like it will never end. It will never be sunny again. I’ll never be warm again. So, what can be done to survive the cold, gray, rainy days?

Sun break = park time!

Make the most of the sun when it’s out, even if it’s cold!


A few other tips:

-Make little things special…it’s snowing again, pop some champagne! Rain…bundle up, put on the rain boots and go jump in some puddles.

-Schedule regular “me” time. 20 min with a book, 30 min workout, long shower that uses all the hot water. Find something to look forward to each day.

-Put on your favorite tunes in the car and sing at the top of your lungs, pretend the windows are down and the sun is blazing.

Chambers Bay is my go to destination to walk when the sun’s out. I love the views, and it’s a wicked hard walk…I can work up a good sweat!

-When the sun is out cancel your indoor activities/to do list/whatever and get outside! Go for a walk, hit the park. An hour of sun can get me through days and days of rain and gray!

Never gets old! 

-Freezing temps…pull out your favorite scarf and gloves (or go get special new ones) and enjoy being bundled up.

-Book your summer vacation/weekends trips. Doesn’t hurt to look forward to sunny warm times. Also, it doesn’t hurt to look back either…pull out the vaca pics from last summer!

-When it’s too cold, rainy, wet to be outside don’t feel bad about getting cozy on the couch and binge watching your favorite show!

-Make time to hang out with friends for no reason. It may not be BBQ season, but game nights and wine tasting can still happen!

Mostly remember we can’t have Spring without first having Winter, and we can’t have Summer without Spring. Each season is only a few months, and will pass.

P.S. I know…it’s been forever since my last post…life…it’s busy. What can I say. I have lot’s to share though and am working on being more regular!


Thankful Thursday

Leading into the Holiday Season I was pretty sick, and it lasted for months. So long in fact that I missed runs with friends and a race. But, thankfully was able to run again and made it to my New Years Day Trail 5K! (I hadn’t run since Oct 15th…crazy to do a race with zero training)!

The whole crazy group (minus one kiddo who was running late)! Thank’s for the selfie skills Elya! 

Even better Elya registered for the race the day before and I got to run it with her! And, even better our hubbies and kiddos joined in on the 1 mile fun run! Thank you to Ryan and Mark for taking on kiddo duty while Elya and I ran into the new year together!

My babe and baby, but not my dog. Got lot’s of questions about that. Team Yeatman is finally feeling dog ready again, but just not sure what dog/situation will be right for us. While we wait to decide we are thankful to have friends that let their dog come over for a dog sleep over so we all get our dog fix. Miss Molly is a great dog, so easy to have around, and Sky LOVED playing with her & having her sleep in bed with her.

I love when spontaneity leads to running with some of my favorite people, and then leads to post race yummy food and mimosas!

So thankful I got to end my year with my two favorite people, and then begin my year with some of our favorite people (and I only had one coughing fit during the race…I’m getting better)!

Lot’s of things to be thankful for…but especially thankful that 2018 started the way it did!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and the break from work and/or school. I know we sure did! Tomorrow it’s back to “real” life for Sky and I. School here we come…only 6 months to go! 🙂

Who’s ready to make 2018 amazing? I know I am. And, even though I’m not much for New Year Resolutions I have set up my year to be full of attainable goals…things I’m taking on each month to help 2018 be healthy, organized, fun, and focused on what’s important to me.

I stumbled across Commit30 planners somewhere online and knew I had to have one. I’m not much of an electronic calendar person, and had been wanting a planner I could carry with me, and this seemed to fit the bill. Plus it’s set up perfectly to help me focus on goals, dreams, to do’s…life in general.

Here’s a little peak at what I have in store for 2018…Some of it is for real/serious and some of it is just fun or things I want but don’t truly need:

My vision 2018…Love how this is a quick at a glance to keep me on track. 


 A few specific goals to focus on this year.
My favorite pages…at the beginning of every month you set your intention or goal, plan how to make it work, track if you are sticking to it, pick a reward to stay motivated and then reflect on how you did. I’m loving this so much! 
This is a snapshot of the goal I set for each month of the year. I enjoyed going through and picking a goal for every month, but I can see how some would like to do it month by month as the year goes. If I need to adjust/change a goal I will as needed. But I wanted the year planned out so I can just do and be and not think about each month.
Month at a glance, and fun stickers to make each page fun to look at!


After the month at a glance page it’s broken down into each week with plenty of space to list out what each day will hold. So far I’m loving this planner…yes I know it’s only day two. 🙂

Happy New Year to you all and if you are a resolution setter or not I wish us all the best in 2018….now let’s go crush some goals!


Fresh Curls

Sky has been in the process of growing her hair out for a long time. Her goal is Rapunzel hair…with all the curl she has going on it’s going to be a challenge, but it’s her goal, so we are working with it.


Thankfully Eleanor is not only one of my dearest friends, but an amazing stylist who is so very good at working with Sky and her curly hair. Especially since it had been over 6 months since Sky had a hair cut…oops…not great for curly hair.


With Nutcracker recital coming up, and a bun being required, we let her hair grow, and get pretty unruly in the process. But, it was long enough to go into a perfect bun! Sorry Eleanor, won’t let that happen again!

Oh my the curl and color…love her hair!

Anyway, we visited Eleanor at Embellish Tacoma a few days ago for a much needed Sky hair cut.

I love how Sky has Eleanor’s undivided attention, and is made to feel like she is part of the decision making and hair cut process. Plus, mad skills cutting hair on a moving target!

The look on her face tells you all you need to know about how much she loves her new cut and style!

Thank you Eleanor!

Oh and a few Nutcracker pics….

Eleanor had to teach me how to do a bun, and get all the little hairs neat and orderly. I was able to do it myself a few days later for her picture with Santa. Feeling like a legit dance mom now! 😉


After hair it was a stop for make up…wanted help picking out the right shade of red lipstick for her. Sky LOVES make up! 
Ready to hit the stage and get her dance on! 
With her friend Molly…those two are the best of buds, and the worst at times. But, mostly they adore each other. Glad Sky has a dance friend to enjoy it with. 

Merry Christmas

I love how much Sky looks forward to seeing Santa.

The planning starts weeks out with the search for the perfect dress. This year she shopped for it herself, and used her own money to get it. Then there are shoes, and the hair, and just a tad bit of eye shadow and lip gloss.


It’s a big deal to her, and very special. She takes her conversation with Santa very seriously! She chooses to believe in him. When she asks if he is real we tell her he’s real if she chooses to believe in him. Same thing we tell her when she asks if Disney Magic is real…only if you choose to believe in it.

Isn’t that more magical, choosing to believe in the magic and wonder of “it” all?!

We wish you magic this Christmas and into the new year!

Thankful Thursday

Super thankful we were able to get a small group of good friends together for our Christmas Tree Lighting.

Thank you Michelle for a pic of our tree! 

It’s hard to find time during the most wonderful time of year, but sometimes last minute group texts do the trick, and you get an evening of festive fun with friends.

I was so busy having fun I didn’t get pics of the party, but there was lots of cookies, festive drinks, and tons of game playing!

Merry Christmas!