Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for timing. Thankful that I have a job that let’s me off in time to pick Sky up from school. Which means I get to spend my afternoons hanging out with my favorite little person in the whole wide world.


So thankful to have all this time with her, some day she’ll be grown up and out in the world on her own, and I’ll have all this time to look back on and memories to warm my heart.


I know I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again. I’m just so darn thankful that things have worked out they way they have…starting clear back to the beginning of the whole adoption process. Everything that did or didn’t happen along the way led me to this stage in life, and I’m loving it!

How we spend some of our afternoons. 

S’mores With Friends

We usually save s’mores for camping only. But, our last camping trip of the season I was sick, and we cut it short, and it was still dry so there was a burn ban…no s’mores without flame!


I’m not going to lie I felt so let down after that trip. From being sick, to not having a camp fire it just felt like a little bummer. And, we had a ton of s’mores fixings just sitting around begging to be eaten.

Solution = invite friends over at the last minute for a s’mores roast around the fire pit on the patio. Seriously this was the easiest thing ever. Sometimes I want to host friends, but I don’t feel like doing the whole full blown dinner thing. S’mores roasting is the perfect solution! I chose to keep it simple with traditional fixing’s, but you could get a bit fancy with flavored chocolate, homemade marshmallows, and cookies instead of graham crackers if you wanted to make it a little special.


I’m hoping we can find an evening for hot chocolate and Christmas tree lighting next month. Keep it simple and enjoy time with people we care about.

Gifford Vineyard Harvest 2017

I’m only a month late sharing this, but better late than never right. The first weekend in Oct Mark and I headed over to E WA to help my Aunt and Uncle with their grape harvest.


We were so thankful that good friends offered to let Sky spend the weekend with them back home which freed Mark and I up to be able to work in the vineyard without trying to keep an eye on Sky. Bonus…we could sneak in a little date night dinner on the way over. I love our kiddo, but it was kind of fun making the trip over just the two of us.

Highly recommend Zesta Cucina if you find yourself hungry in Yakima…really good food!

Anyway, we were so excited to be able to help with the first official harvest at Gifford Vineyard. We’ve seen the transformation from family home to vineyard, we helped plant the very grapes we were going to harvest, and have spent several weekends over the last few years helping out around the vineyard. It finally felt like all the hard work was paying off…literally they had a check in hand at the end of the day!

Harvesting is a lot more fun than planting. It’s still work, and it’s still a long, full day, but a lot easier on the body than planting, or cutting grow tubes off! We were so lucky to have a beautiful day with sunny, cooler weather and it just felt like a celebration all day long.


I have a whole new appreciation for all the work that goes into a bottle of wine, and I’m only talking about the growing part…I’m sure there is a ton of work on the wine making side of things as well. Thank goodness there are those out there willing to put in the hard work so that us winos can enjoy a good bottle of vino! 🙂


There was a little oops loading the truck, one of the containers dumped off the tractor while lifting it and we ended up with a pile of grapes in the driveway…we had fun stomping around in them after!
Wine makes, wine growers, and signed, paid for contract! Over 3 tons of grapes picked, and loaded!


Very satisfying work indeed. And, since Sky wasn’t there with us we brought some grapes back with us so she could stomp them, so fun!

Cheers to a successful harvest!



Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for have a Thankful Thursday practice. Even though I miss a Thankful Thursday post here and there, it’s the one blog habit I’m pretty good about.

Thinking about the things I’m thankful for during the week is exactly what I need to keep on keeping on. I have my ups and downs during the day and the week, just like most people. But, stopping the pity party, or frustration train is a lot easier when I think about the many things I have to be thankful for.

Seriously this pic has nothing to do with my post, other than I’m Thankful every time I get to run with Elya, and especially thankful when we see cool things!

I know it may sound silly but I’m thankful that I practice thankfulness every day. I did a challenge a few years ago 100 days of happy (I think that’s what it was called). Post something in your life that makes you happy every day for 100 days (or maybe it was 30…I don’t remember…it actually may have been 7 days…oh whatever…there was a challenge…that’s the main thing). That really stuck with me, and I turned it into finding something to be thankful for every day (on bad days I find something every hour, or every few minutes), and doing a thankful post on Thursdays each week.

A snake we saw on that same run.

I’m not really patting myself on the back…I got the idea from someone else, so it wasn’t my brilliant idea, and it took a little training to make thankfulness a habit in my daily life. It’s easy to get caught up in being busy and living life, and forget to stop and be thankful, and I have days I’m better at it than others. But, I’m thankful that this practice helps me feel calm, content, satisfied, happy, and like the weight of whatever negative emotions have popped up that day are easier to overcome. So, I’m thankful for being thankful, for putting in the work to live a thankful life. And, thankful for the challenge, no matter how many days it was, that started the thankful trend!

Thankful Thursday

Better late than never right?! Wow guys….I took a perm job with the school district and am 11 days into FT (for schools) work. It’s kicking my a$$!

I’m so tired, mentally worn out from all the learning going on, and tired from early morning’s. I get up early to get myself ready before Sky wakes up, but I leave the house at 6:40 am, so that means an early morning, which means early to bed the night before.

Which in turn means I don’t have a handle on when to fit in blog time, or personal fitness time. I’m working on it, but it’ll take a bit for me to settle into a routine that works for me, and the family. I know it will all fall into place, I just have to be patient and make clear priorities.

Early Morning view of the school.

I know that sounds like a lot of woe is me, but I don’t view it that way at all.

I’m so thankful to have a job that works with Sky’s schedule. Mark takes her to school, and I’m off in time to pick her up at the end of the day.  Plus, I’ll have the same days off as her, so it’s pretty perfect all the way around. I just want to be home when she is, and I have that with this job, and I’m so very thankful!

Bonus I love the school I’m at so far. I’m on day 9 (working days) and while there are challenges, and a learning curve, I’m loving it! The principal of the school is great, and the co-workers I have met are all so supportive and friendly. Plus, I have the freedom to make the Health Room my own, which I love!

The Health Room…with my personal office the first door to the left, and the H.R. Bathroom second door to the left. I’m slowly making the space my own. Which mostly means getting rid of Seahawks stuff and putting up Steelers stuff! 

Extra special…I’m working at Rainier Elementary…it has an amazing view of Mt. Rainier driving into work every day, and it totally takes me back to when I lived at home and worked at Mt. St. Helens. I loved the drive to work so much, the view of the mountain filled my windshield and was so peaceful. When the sky is clear, and I can see Mt. Rainier driving into work it feels like I’m going home. I’m just so thankful things have worked out so well…even if I need a little time to adjust. 🙂