Thankful Thursday



Today I’m Thankful for:

-Finishing 95 candy lei necklaces for kindergarten graduation…that was more work than I anticipated.

-Tomorrow is kindergarten graduation which means only 2 1/2 days left of school!

-I’ll get to spend my days having fun with my favorite little person in the world…can’t wait for summer!

-Making progress on finishing the flooring in the house.

-For some rain…I don’t have to water my garden/flowers, and if feels kinda good.

-Finally making an important decision that has been on my mind for a while….I’ll share more when it’s appropriate (it’s a good thing).

-Good wine.

-French Cooking station on Pandora.

-Surviving my first year as a Para Sub, and looking forward to doing it again next year!

-Upcoming vacation…the more I investigate the more excited I am about visiting Sun Valley!

-Life…even on the not great days I’m so thankful for the life I live with the people I live it with!


Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for the sun! Oh my goodness after a very cold and very wet winter the sun is such a relief. I’m not going to lie this winter was bleak. I’ve lived in W WA my entire life, and the gray days and rain have never bothered me, but this winter had me feeling rather desperate.

Flowers, chilled wine, and a good book…my favorite way to enjoy the sun!

Looks like we have 80+ weather for the long weekend, and into next week! Happy sun dance all around! Sky and I have been laying out in the sun for about 10 minutes a day, just to get some natural vitamin D, and it was warn enough to bust out the sprinkler and play in the water! If this keeps up we’ll be setting up the kiddo pool any day now!

Snow boots in the sun…some things are not worth fighting. 

Summer is right around the corner…I feel it…Sky turning in her last homework assignment of the year today helps with that feeling as well!

Convertible…every time the sun shines! Never really understood why people own convertibles around here, but to each there own.

Bring on the sun and all the fun that goes with it. We are ready for summer up in here!

What are you thankful for?

6 Going on 16

And, now we have a 6 year old. Sky feels like such an amazing gift to me that I still look at Mark sometimes and tell him how I can hardly believe we have this amazing little girl in our life. It’s just so cool to have this bundle of love and energy running though the house.


After 6 years you think it would sink in a bit more and not seem like such a cool, new thing. I mean she is a pretty cool little girl, and I love every second I get to spend with her, so I guess she won’t ever get old to me.

The last 6 years have been so full of all the good things, and I have learned so much. My heart is just full of joy and love for this little girl of ours, and I can’t wait to see what this next year brings her way!

laying low

Her birthday party was Saturday and she was so excited to celebrate with her kiddo friends that she invited. She was especially excited to enjoy the jumpy castle we got for the party.

bouncy house
She really tried to jump and have fun, but she just wasn’t feeling it.

Sadly party day came and so did an upset tummy. She tried her best to rally and have fun, but she just couldn’t do it. She had finished a course of antibiotics a few days before, and her tummy had started bothering her a few days before the party, so I wasn’t surprised. I felt bad for her, but she didn’t get upset about missing out on the fun. She just curled up on the couch and watched her friends have fun.

Sometimes you need to just crash on the couch and let the party happen around you.

After sleeping 13+ hours she was right at rain the next day, like nothing was wrong. Just had to giver her little body time to get the last of the meds out of her system I guess. Bummer timing though.

boots and jacket
Feeling better the day after the party. Daddy found the Rainbow Dash zip-up and pink Doc Martins for her, and she hasn’t taken either one off since Saturday. 

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for hours of quiet and for trying a new recipe full of gluten and dairy. Let’s be clear, Sky and I miss Mark like crazy when he’s traveling. But, we do our best to make the best of it.

Sky makes the best of it but taking over his side of the bed, and his night stand. She likes laying her things out on his table and pretending it’s hers. The only down side is Sky sleeps sideways and kicks me in the ribs, but when she isn’t doing that it is pretty sweet to snuggle with my kiddo!

I’m dealing by enjoying silence. Not that Mark is noisy, or that I don’t love having him home, (my first choice it always to be home with him), but I’m hardly ever home alone for any length of time. As an introvert I thrive on down time. In all honesty I could go days and not say a single word to anyone and feel so content with that. So, when Mark is away, after Sky goes to bed, I take advantage of not talking, interacting, asking/answering questions, or discussing life. Now, I love talking to Mark and interacting with him, and Sky to, but this is a rare opportunity to really recharge my battery and just be totally alone and silent several days in a row. It’s not like I’m doing any deep or meaningful thinking, I’m just being, and not giving or taking anything from anyone, and that’s nice sometimes. I managed to start and finish a puzzle, finish a book, and get caught up on shows that he doesn’t watch with me. Totally ready for him to be home though!

We also like to eat all the gluten and dairy we can while he’s gone. There are just some recipes that can’t be altered without ruining them. So it’s nachos with lot’s of yummy cheese, pizza (yes we have some great GF/DF options for him, but it’s not the same without cheese), and a new recipe I tried from Food and Wine: Smoked Gouda Carbonara

Photo from Food & Wine website, the recipe is listed on the site as well!

I highly recommend it! Fair warning, it is very rich. I would go with a small serving of Carbonara and a large side salad to help balance it all out, but it’s so worth making it.

While I’m thankful we have made the best of the week without Mark we are both so thankful he comes home tomorrow! Safe travels babe!

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m Thankful for timing that allowed me to go on a field trip with Sky.

Jumping in the hay pile on the farm!

I feel so fortunate that I ended up in a long-term sub assignment, and feel equally fortunate that it ended when it did. While I was really sad to see that job end, it’s hard not to get attached to co-workers and students, it ended at the perfect time!

There is so much going on at Sky’s school these last 5 1/2 weeks of school, and while I can choose what days I work as a sub, I committed to a long-term, FT assignment and would not have taken the time off to “have fun” at Sky’s school had the assignment not ended.

Learning how veggies were chopped back in the olden days at Pioneer Farm.

Sometimes we may not always love the timing of life or how things work out (I was feeling a fair amount of sadness and denial that my assignment was actually ending), but often times we find that things work out for the best in the end.

Straight razor (it was totally dull no one was going to cut themselves. 

So thankful to have full control of my work life these last weeks of school. There are field trips, field days, K graduation, and a ton of volunteer opportunities to help make all those things happen. While I’m picking up sub jobs here and there as they come up (so excited to have several days scheduled back at the school I was at for most of the year…can’t wait to see some of the students and staff again!), I’m really looking forward to being as Sky’s school as a volunteer, and hopefully a sub!

When we got home yesterday Sky told me the best part of the field trip was having me there with her….so thankful I could be there with her!

She was more excited to ride the bus (first time on the school bus) than she was to visit Pioneer Farm.


Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for honest conversations with Sky. Man I wish this “talk to Mommy and/or Daddy about anything” stage would last forever, but I know it won’t. I’m loving hearing the thoughts from her heart while it lasts though.

Last night after dinner I felt compelled to ask Sky if she was happy with how Mommy and Daddy treat her. Sometimes I know I’m hard on her, and she gets corrected a lot (she’s an only, so there are not other kiddos pulling shenanigans to take our attention off her, she really doesn’t get a break). I just really want to have a kiddo that others like being around, and want her to grow up to be the kind, loving, amazing person I know she can be. But, along the way I know it’s not always fun for her.

3 of us
Team Yeatman

So, I asked her, are you happy with Mommy and Daddy? Do you wish we treated you differently, or said no less? Her response, was a thumbs up, and “You and Daddy are the best in the world. I love you”. I am trying to remember that even though that feels like a pass, it’s ok to cut her some slack now and then. Let her be a kiddo, and find opportunities for her to do things that don’t require me saying no.

We are in the middle of new flooring, and wrote messages on the old sub-flooring for someone to find long after we have moved on. It’s true, every word of it.

Our family life isn’t always perfect, but man I’m thankful for it. Thankful that I’m in this family with Sky and Mark. Those two make my world go round, and I just want to be the best I can be, and am thankful they still love me when I fall short.

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for not knowing what to wish for.


Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday in a very low-key camping kind of way. We did have cupcakes though, and candles to blow out…thankfully not 42 of them…only 5 or 6, because it took me forever to blow those things out.

Lovely way to spend a birthday! Had a few hours to  myself while everyone else fished.

The thing is I couldn’t think of a single thing to wish for. I have an amazing husband, a kiddo I adore, a job I love, a home, food in the pantry, enough money to afford extra things like vacations etc (if we save for them), wonderful friends, awesome family far and near, and the list goes on. Not only could I not think of anything to wish for, it felt greedy to ask for even more.


I eventually thought of a wish that seemed appropriate and blew out the candles before they dripped wax on everything. And I sat there eating my cupcake being thankful for the many blessings in my life. While we work hard for our life, it doesn’t seem like hard work, and we are so lucky that our work pays off. Some try just as hard and can’t catch a break. I’m just so thankful for the family and friends in my life, and all the things we have that make life enjoyable. So thankful!

Lovely hike on my birthday!