Catching Up On Life

I had no idea 4 runs a week would be so much harder to work into the schedule than 3 would be. With 3 if one had to shift it was no big deal, but with 4 if one shifts it shifts all the others, especially with the way this training program is set up. The runs are in a specific order for a reason and it doesn’t work well to jumble it all up. 

Add in that I’m trying really hard to only bust out the laptop in the morning before Sky’s up, and leave after her bedtime laptop free, as much as possible, so Mark and I have our evenings together. Something had to give last week and it was the blog. 
Sticking to the training plan is paying off though. Michelle and I ran Tacoma’s St. P Day race Saturday morning (5K) and it was our best time on that course. A course neither one of us cares for, but we managed to stay at or below goal race pace (for SB Half) and finished fast enough to earn a coveted finishers pint glass. I actually dislike this course so much that I only run this race every other year. It takes that long to get over how much I despise the course. We had fun though, and it felt good mentally to run a race again, push the pace, push up the hills, even if it didn’t feel super great physically. My legs just don’t have it back yet, but they are getting there. 
Non running stuff we’ve been up to since the last post…..
Bruno Mars turns a sleepover into a dance party!

 My fave Hefe!

 It’s a picture of her school picture…I think it’s just lovely! 

 The things Silas puts up with. 
 Seriously missing the string of sunny days we had. She wants to run and ride, and given her progress at swimming she may just be a triathlete in the making! 

 Crashed out after something we were doing, which I can’t remember now. Mostly I love that she picks this hat to wear!

 I love any drink that has ginger in it…I love that pop of flavor. This was kale, ginger, pear, and pineapple and was really yummy!

 This girl has more wheels than anyone I know! Her newest bike accessory…she loves it! 

 That face again…it’s her determined face!

Now, back to rainy PNW weather, and real life. Sky is fascinated with work. What daddy does, what my work is (I tell her it’s taking care of her, the house, daddy, and cooking), and what her work is. Today it’s swimming and we spend our drive time talking about what work she will do in the pool. Same goes for school mornings, school is her work for the day and we talk about what she will do at work. 
Trying to get her to make the connection between daddy working, and making money, and her being able to get the new dress and pants we found for her yesterday. She’s all about paying and money…pretty big concepts for an almost 4 year old. But, the earlier she learns the more apt she will be to be responsible with her own money some day. 
Who’s ready for March Madness?! I am…have my bracket filled out and a fun friends group set up for others to join. Since being a SAHM I have filled out a bracket, but missed being part of a group, so this year I changed it up a bit. Nothing but bragging rights at stake, but that’s enough for me! 

Hello Monday

Monday – it is what you make it, so if you think it’s going to be a “typical” Monday, then it probably will be.

I like Monday’s, like to think of them as a new start, a way to get back on the game plan for food, exercise, goals, whatever really.

Here’s to a new week, make it a good one!

Today is the first day of The Balanced Life Sisterhood activity. I have my workout calendar for the month printed and am going to do my Pilates workout for the day as soon as I’m done posting! Santa Barbara training also starts this month, so I integrated the two schedules into something that will work for me. I won’t be doing every workout on the specified day, but I will do all the workouts for the month.

After my Sunday morning run I had a little back and knee pain, so came home and did the Stretching and Stress Relief workout that was a bonus when I signed up for the membership. I have to say I felt 100% after I did that. I may have found the balance of running and non-running activity to keep me as pain free as possible.

Now to add a few more runs per week…have to be up to 4 a week in two weeks which means adding miles a bit quicker than is recommended.

I kept things pretty low key this weekend. Still feeling a bit sad missing Bishop, so wanted to give myself time to be calm and not have many social pressures to live up to. Sky had a bowling birthday party Saturday afternoon and she LOVED it! She also loved the shoes and really, really wanted to keep them. I have always thought bowling shoes were sort of cool, so I get it.

I did a lot of this over the weekend…finished the HP series, read some of my cooking magazines and found a ton of new recipes to try, started a new book, and drank some good wine.

Sky and I watched the SB together and danced and sang our way through the half time show. Thank you KP for keeping it kiddo friendly! Mark and Silas were gone as he opted to not watch the SB this year. He did get to spend hours of uninterrupted time at Bass Pro Shop and Cabelas. Between not being fans of either team, and then just not caring after dealing with Bishop neither one of us was all that jazzed about the big game.

I watched though because I love football even when I don’t love the team(s) playing. It was a great game, close which the SB should be, and Sky loved cheering! I won’t say which team she was cheering for, but man she got into it and gave it her all! The more she can scream, jump, clap, and yell the more she enjoys football so I do my best to join her and make it as fun as possible. I really just want her to love the game like I do regardless of which team she decides is her team.

What was your favorite SB food that you ate?
Guacamole…I could live on that stuff!

Run Tracking – Maybe I Shouldn’t While Injured

Happy Monday!  It’s another beautiful sunny day in the PNW, and Sky and I are loving it!  The morning’s and evening are a bit chilly since Fall is in the air, so I’m spending the morning getting caught up on emails and business until it warms up enough to play outside with Sky.  

Part of that business was updating my running spreadsheet.  And…now I’m totally bummed out.  I feel like I’ve done a good job letting my body rest and recover, but seeing 3 to 5 miles a week for two months straight does not make me happy, not even a little bit.  
I feel like I’m stuck right now.  I’m feeling better, a lot better, but not 100% back to normal.  My current care plan is keeping me from sliding backwards, but I also feel like it’s gotten me as far as it’s going to.  I don’t know if more time off will help, or if going ahead and slowly adding miles/days running will set me back.  
I’m really not color blind!  I felt the need to be bright for last weeks stroller group run.  Really I just wanted my compression tights to help the hip/TFL situation I have going on.  The extra support makes a big difference.
I just don’t know!  I think I’m going to start adding in one or two, slow, flat 3 milers a week and see what happens.  I really miss running, and I’m really missing running in the amazing sunny Fall weather we are having.  Slow easy miles are the perfect opportunity to focus on form, breathing, foot landing etc, and getting all of that nailed down will help my body! 
With all the down time from running I sure have been enjoying spending that time playing with Sky, drinking wine, and finding little adventures on the weekends!  
This last weekend was the Apple Squeeze in Steilacoom.  The last several years we have been camping and missed it, but this year we were home and could enjoy it!  
There was tons of fun kiddo stuff for Sky, and while you can indeed squeeze your own apple cider we opted to skip that long line (we would not use a gallon of apple cider anyway) and Sky and I enjoyed apple fritters and cold cider instead.  

She’s telling me she wants to throw the ball.

After that it was time to kick back and enjoy some football!  While Sky likes it in small dosses she gets a bit bored with it, and ends up asking if she can watch movies on her Nabi.  She has a pretty nice little set up!  
Backing up to Saturday we were north of Seattle all day and ended up on a funny little back road on the way home.  We didn’t mean to take the “long” way home, but it was such a pretty drive we didn’t mind…and we saw hot air balloons in the field right next to the road!  
Not something you see every day!  I am fascinated by them yet terrified of them at the same time!  I mean how do they steer them in the right direction?! 
We closed out the drive home with views of a truly amazing sunset.  It’s hard to get good phone pics of sunsets, let alone when shooting through the windshield…just imagine how much more vibrant and beautiful it was in person! 
Anyone been in a hot air balloon?  Scary or cool?  

Finally Feel Ready To Run!!!

While the last week or so, since the race, have not been fun with all the back pain, the one really great thing to come out of it is forced rest.

I’m not great at giving my body the down time it needs, especially when I have back to back races.  I must have really needed the break though because I had my first DNS (Did Not Start) this past weekend, and I didn’t even care.

Thank’s to my new chiropractor though I’m feeling so much better.  Still have some things to work out, but I finally feel like I want to run, even if only for a mile.  Still forcing myself to wait until the Stroller Group on Wednesday though…just want to give myself as much time as possible, so that when I do start up again I’m don’t reactivate anything.

Sky must be ready to run as well because she keeps asking, “Mommy we go run, run”.  I love her little runner heart!

In the meantime I’m enjoying lots of time with the family, hanging out with friends, plotting and planning races for next year, having a potty trained tot, and hitting up a lot of awesome garage sales over the weekend.

Steilacoom, the little town next to us, has a city wide garage sale day every year, and every year we end up finding exactly what we need/want!  First year it was a new vacuum, last year it was high quality pots and pans, and this year there was only one thing I wanted, an electric griddle, and we found one!

I cam home that night and used it to get the tortillas ready for dinner, and used it again the next day for lunch. I can tell I’m going to get my moneys worth out of it, especially since it was a great price and brand new!

Sky scored big time as well…

It worked out perfectly because the first sale we stopped at she found the wings and tutu, so after that she thought every single house was going to have more of the same.  She was all about walking to the next one and pawing through stuff looking for more tutu’s and princes dresses, which she found!

Hours of garage sales in the sun, play time at the park, and 2 tutu’s, 1 set of wings, two princess dresses, 1 pair of jeans, and 1 summer dress later she was worn out!  But, not too tired to maintain a death grip on her treasures!


How do you stay active when taking a break from running? 

Weekend in Pics

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was busy with friends/family, projects around the house, and best of all taking Sky to her first movie in the theater!  Rio 2 for the win!  Super cute movie and I totally want the soundtrack! 

I started today with what was supposed to be a 6 mile run, but that didn’t happen.  I got 4 fast miles in before things derailed and I walked/slow jogged the last 2 miles home.  No injury, so no worries there.  I had a bloody nose the entire run, and I ate either the wrong thing before running, or there was too much time between eating and running…got really dizzy and light headed/vision turning black on the edges, so I walked/slow jogged the last two miles. 

Not much to prove on a training run for a relay leg that is a distance I don’t really need to train for.  Figured it was better to play it safe and get home in one piece.  I’ll totally be ready to take on my 6 mile leg of the relay next Sunday!  Looking forward to it actually.  Bring on the hills 5 Mile Drive, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again!

A look at the rest of our weekend (the only thing I don’t have pics of is dinner with Elya, Ryan and the kiddos, dinner with Gentry (Mark’s Dad), and the work Mark and I did outside the house)…

 Ending my weekend with Ginger Beer! 

 I was way overdue for a haircut…feels so light and free after Eleanor works her magic!

 I think this wall/entry way into Embellish Salon is the coolest in T Town!

 Mark installed some wire rack’s (up by the inset for the fan…lot’s of unused space up there!) for extra storage of spices and seasonings that I don’t use as often.  Sky was oh so helpful.

 Reading her plane book…getting her ready/excited to fly to Houston in a week! 

 The weather today was stupid..rain, sun, storm clouds, bright sun, hot, cold…just all over the place.  So, Mark decided it was time for Sky’s first trip to the movie theater.  She did pretty great.  Got a bit restless, but Rio 2 is the follow up to the first movie she fell in love with, so she was totally into it!

 Girl loves motorcycles.  She hears them go past the house and even when she can’t see the road will say “It’s a motorcycle!”  She begs to ride the one that Costco has in the front of the store.  Please, please don’t let her first vehicle be a two wheeled one!

 We spent a good hour laying in bed snuggling and hiding (from what I have no idea) under the covers.
    I can see once again!  Had an eye appointment Saturday morning and I needed it!  Things had gotten a tad blurry the last few months.  Basically I’m getting old, but it’s ok age is just a number and as long as I can run I don’t care what that number is!
What is your go too beer?
This orange ginger beer may be my new go to beer! 
What’s the weather like where you live?  
All I know is today was crazy.  It felt like weather whiplash.  Even more crazy 80 by Thursday?!  I just hope it cools off again for the Tacoma City Marathon Sunday! 
Anyone else love the Rio soundtracks?
I loved the first one, but Rio 2 has it beat big time!