Let’s Go For A Drive

This post is a day late. I had a big old thank you for Thankful Thursday, but things happened, we ran late and by the time we got home from something pretty big, it was 8:30 and we still hadn’t eaten dinner.

Well Sky ate, but it consisted of a half eaten kids meal hamburger, french fries, chocolate milk, and hot chocolate. It’s an understatement to say she lost it by the end of the evening.

What kept us busy so late, and justified a horrid food option for the tot? Buying a new car!

2015 Subaru Forester…look how excited Sky is!

We said we would drive the Lexus until it wouldn’t go…mission accomplished! It’s been smoking and burning oil like crazy for weeks, and we have been test driving and negotiating for weeks. Wednesday I put the 3rd quart of oil in 4 days in the Lex, and that’s when we decided it had to go. On my way to meet Mark at the dealership it was blowing smoke so bad I was getting honked at, flipped off, and yelled at, and it started sputtering. I’d step on the gas and it would lurch and not go. I was on the verge of tears as people were honking and my car wasn’t going. All I wanted was to get to the dealership and be done with it. Thankfully I managed to get it there and rolled in smoking away, turned off the engine and gladly handed the keys over. 
They didn’t have what we wanted on the lot so we had to wait until 5pm the next day (last night) to get the car. I’m not going to lie, I cried last night when I looked out and saw that car in our driveway. 
The very first new car I purchased for myself, senior year in HS, was a Subaru Justy. That car was a champ, and lasted much longer than it should have. Ummm…10 years on original spark plugs! I loved that car and loved Subaru, and really wanted my next car to be a Subaru. But, life happens and I had to buy something I didn’t love, but could afford when the Justy gave up finally. To be back in a Subaru and have the opportunity to pick options, and make it what I want feels like coming home to my first car love, and it feels a little spoiled and a lot grown up. 
 Jumping for joy!

Now, all I want to do is drive! So thankful we were able to make this work, and that Jamberry is helping pay for this. Who knew selling pretty nails would help pay for a new car?! It feels really good to have a business that allows me to help contribute towards the car.

I have to say a huge thank you to Mark for keeping us on track while making the single income/stay home thing work. It’s been challenging at times, but we have been careful and saving as much as we could because we knew 5 years is a long time to go without a big expense of some sort. Be it car, house, heath related. And, a big thank you to the parents for giving us the Lexus which got us another year without care payments so we could save, and to my dad for helping keep the Lexus running when we first got it.

It really does take a village!

P.S. We finally did eat dinner after Sky was in bed. We celebrated the new car with Sushi and Champagne!


It’s a sunny Friday and that makes me happy! No school or lessons today, Friday is sort of our free day to play or just do whatever. It’s nice to have one day a week open to whatever pops up, it’s even better that’s it’s beautiful in the PNW right now. And, even better that two of my favorite people sent texts asking for fun time today!

TGIF indeed…it’s always nice to kick off the weekend with some wine!

It’s hard to believe that I’ll be drinking wine in SB in about 2 months! Until then I got this yummy bottle of Riesling at Trader Joe’s for $4.99! That’s a great deal for a nice Riesling. We are not huge white wine fans, but this one is good without being too sweet, so it get’s my stamp of approval!

Oh, and I’ll be running a 1/2 in SB as well, I guess it’s not all about the wine even though it’s a wine half marathon.

Traveling to run a half = running away I think. This training cycle is starting out rough so I’m super thankful I have an awesome trip to SB, with my BF, I’ll get to visit my sis in law and her boys, and I get to run what is going to be a mostly flat/downhill race through beautiful vineyards. Seriously thinking about how awesome the reward will be is the only thing keeping me going. If this were a local race I would probably scrap the whole darn thing.

I don’t even know how to convey how hard this silly little 5 miles at that pace felt. It’s hard to not let it get to me mentally. Those numbers are so far from where I was after the last half I ran. I keep telling myself that I have to let that go. There’s been injury and illness since that last race and this is a comeback. To be running at all is an accomplishment. I’m trying really hard to trust the training, stick the plan (only .5 miles off from the total miles for the week, so I’m catching up quicker than I thought after being sick), and believe that I will be ready for race distance and pace when the gun goes off.

Have to keep the big picture in mind!

Something funny on my run yesterday…

There was a plunger in the outhouse. I don’t even understand how that would work, or why it would be needed. I don’t think I want to understand actually. I’m predicting that is the least used plunger in the state. I mean, why, just why would you need a plunger in an outhouse?!

I’m going to try to photograph and odd or funny thing every run…maybe that will help keep my mind off of how hard it feels right now.


Cute Sky Pic….

She loves that yellow Steelers dress and picks it out for school at least once a week. Her teachers get a kick out of it. She also loves tromping around the house in Mark’s work boots. So silly.
Anyone have fun Friday or weekend plans?

Who’s running this weekend?
6 mile training run Sat am and a 2.5 easy shake out Sunday for me.

TGIF – Thankful Friday

Since I missed Thankful Thursday I’ll be thankful today instead!

-It’s Friday! I’m thankful for that because we have dinner and a movie planned with friends tonight. I get to cook, drink wine, and Sky gets to spend time with two of her fave people! Looking forward to it.

-While frustrated by the insurance situation in regards to my accident thankful that my injury is minor and our out of pocket expense if for relatively minor medical care. Totally understand why people “go postal” though.

I really need to find a way to put a full length mirror in my closet/room. The bunk bed in the background is irritating me.

-Thankful that Old Navy has really decent plaid shirts that fit, are a good price, and good quality considering! (FYI – Athleta, Gap, Old Navy, Piperline, and Banana Republic are all the same parent company, so you can sometimes find great styling and quality at Old Navy similar to what you would at Athleta and Gap. I noticed that Old Navy’s sweat track pant is almost identical to Athleta’s and a much lower price point).

-Also, that I was able to recreate my up-do in about 3 min flat. My new fave hair style means I will probably wash my hair even less! 🙂

Sky taking a picture of the sky.

-Grace gave Sky her old kid styled digital camera and Sky has turned into a shutter bug! Mind you the batteries lasted all of 2 days she took so many pictures, and most didn’t turn out at all, but she’s having so much fun with it!

-That she is a brave and daring girl. It scares me sometimes, but I’d rather she want to try everything than us have to talk her into trying anything. She’s extra brave when Daddy is there to offer support!

-Our new washing machine is being delivered today! I’m so excited! PSA – do your homework before ever getting a front loader…Dateline did an expose on them for a reason! Let’s just say I have been unable to do laundry for a bit now and can’t wait to use a good old fashioned top loading washer again!

-I just registered for the St. P Day race in March. Doing the 5K…it will be part of a training run and a fun way to get 3 miles of a long run in!

-That we actually ended up with very few plans this weekend. It’s nice to just be, and be able to do what strikes our fancy.


What are your fun weekend plans?

Happy Sunny Friday – Totally Random Post!

It has felt like a long week, maybe because it’s Mark first full week back to work in a long time. Plus, I’m back to Jamberry work with parties etc, so have less down time. I’m fine with that, just need to get back into the swing of it.

Getting back into the swing of running too! Still taking it slow and easy, but getting it done and my body is not hating me too much for it.

Photo Credit: Matt P.

First Tuesday Night group run of the year! Such a great group of runners, and nice people. I had new routes for the group to enjoy. It’s sort of nice route planning and not thinking about if it’s stroller friendly or not. Opens up the options a lot!

I mapped out the training plan for Santa Barbara Half and I’m a little scared. It’s a different plan than we’ve done before and includes track time, speed work, and adding an extra run every week. It’s just a lot to look at all 12 weeks at one time. Once we start the middle of next month I’ll take it one run at a time and not think about all the miles I need to find time for.

I’m excited to have a race to focus on though, and help me work through the pain issues rather than talk myself into not running as easily as I have been.


Thank goodness we are both feeling so much better and it was sunny out today, because Sky was going stir crazy! We decided to spend some time playing at the park to burn off some of that energy.

Always climbing, and once she’s up at the top she’s all over the place. She can’t/wont just sit up there nice and safe, but is hanging over the edge saying she’s going to jump so I can catch her. I sort of hate that fake rock, but she loves it.


I’m stuck in an outfit rut! I seriously have worn this exact outfit almost every day this week. If no one I know sees me in it, then I can just keep wearing it right?!

I do love that the hat/scarf/finger-less gloves pared with long sleeves and boots means I’m warm enough without a jacket for our mild winter temps. Makes being on the go easier when I’m not dealing with a puffy jacket!

I need to switch it up though…thankfully I stopped myself and put something different on today.


Sky’s new favorite thing is cuddling on the floor with Bishop. She just wants to be under the blankets next to him all the time. I love how much she loves him, and how tolerant he is of her.

First dog, first kiddo…they have a strong bond.


Anyone have watch advice for me? My Garmin Forerunner 10 losses my run data after every single run. I power off and back on, and do factory resets every time I run, and it’s still doing it. Works just fine during the run, but as soon as I hit save it’s gone. I’m ready to consider a different watch option. I’ll have to save for a bit, so have time to do my homework. I’m a little unsure about getting another Garmin though. The old New Balance GPS watch I had never had a single issue, I only sold it because I won this Garmin in a drawing and trusted the name a bit too much apparently. It’s only 3 years old, which doesn’t seem old, but it never has worked great and has lost data periodically, but never like it is now. 
Customer Service has not been great. It always ends with them telling me “well that’s not normal and it shouldn’t do that, just keep trying to get it to work”. Because that’s helpful. I don’t care to go back to using my phone/runkeeper. I just don’t like running with my phone…it’s too big. 
I’ve been looking at the Forerunner 220 wondering if an upgraded version of the very basic forerunner that I have would be worth it. I like the coaching and training plan options with the 220, but don’t want to spend the $$ if it’s going to have the same issues. Anyone out there have the 220? Or other suggestions?

TGIF…Race Weekend

Oh my goodness I feel like a blog slacker.  I just have not had the time, which is funny because I really thought with Sky starting school I would have all this extra time.  Not so.  It doesn’t help that as soon as we registered her for pre school I put off a ton of projects/tasks until school started, so now it’s time to get stuff done!

It also doesn’t help that I have multiple, lengthy chiro and massage appointments a week.  Just trying to get my back where it needs to be so I can run again!  It’s better, and progress is being made, but I’m not where I was pre Tacoma Narrows.  It’s hard not to get frustrated, but I’m doing my best to stay positive and stay active, but still be kind to my body.

Sunday is You Go Girl Half, and for the first time ever I’m dropping down to a shorter distance.   Given the fact I’ve run 4 times in a month and my longest run was 4.2 miles I don’t think a half is in the cards.  I’ll run the 10K and I’ll run it at a very easy pace.  My goal is to start the race, beyond that I’m not thinking about it.  I’ll start, I’ll have fun, and whatever happens happens.  I kind of don’t even care.

I was toying with the idea of not running the rest of the year actually.  Focusing on yoga, pilates, stretching, diet and getting back to running after the Holiday’s.  But, my heart is happy when I run, and I really feel like I need to be running, even if it’s short and easy.  So, I’ll still probably do a whole bunch more of the other stuff, but keep a little running in my life.  


A few camera pics from Whistler…thank goodness Mark has a nice camera and skills!

 Cheers at my favorite brewery in Whistler! 

 That is the face of a very satisfied chips and salsa fan! 

 Ready for adventure! 

 She was in love!  Her animal in the classroom that marks her bin and her coat hanger is a sheep sticker so we were exited to find real live sheep for her! 

 Man I love that little girl! 

Who’s racing this weekend? 

Anyone had a Pumpkin Spiced Latte yet?
Not me…I’m an iced mocha drinker year round and iced pumpkin is nasty!