Pre-Race Friday

I’m not used to long races on Saturday and keep thinking I have until Sunday.  I almost had a drink tonight! 

I’m feeling pretty good about the race.  Mostly because the weather has cooled off a lot.  It’s supposed to be cloudy in the morning and only hit a high of 76 tomorrow, so overall I’m feeling good about that.

Going with compression to help my shins out, but have some serious blister care to do in the morning.  Going to have to wrap some of them since they are open raw skin.  Just not enough time to recover from the last 1/2.  Usually I can take time off from running between races, but with only a few weeks this time around the training cycle didn’t have a break built in.  I’m used to blister pain though, I already know I can handle that. 

It felt good to drop my backup shoes/socks and blister emergency kit off to Ely, so she will have provisions at mile 8 should I need them.  And, to get Dad situated with viewing points and the plan for tomorrow morning.  Looking forward to all the support along the way! 

Had a mix of carbs and protein for dinner at this place…

 …with a glass of Nuun spiked water.  Now I’m just tired, 8:40 pm and already want to go to bed.  5am wake up call before I know it!

Took it pretty easy today hung out at home for the most part and played with Sky.  She had her super girl outfit on…

…love Gwen Stefani for Target, even better I got this outfit on clearance!!!  Tough and cute at the same time…so Sky! 
So ready to line up at the start tomorrow and get my run on.  Focusing on having fun and running calm.  Couldn’t care less about pace or finish time, I just want to enjoy it and erase the negative vibe hangover from See Jane! 
Shout out to everyone else who is running Tacoma Narrows 1/2, or any other race or training run tomorrow!  Let’s lace up and have some fun!!!