Sea lion under a restaurant in Astoria. 

Just sharing some of the random pics I have from summer activities.

Sky Unicorn!


Driving Ms. Sky

Our October has been so nice it sort of feels like summer is just now ending. Today starts a stretch of rainy weather. There’s been a chill in the air in the mornings and evenings as well.

Human Foosball at Chambers Bay Kite Festival.


Winter is coming! I’m ready though…I wasn’t that into it last year, the weather/holidays/snow, but this year I’m feeling it and ready to embrace the Winter months and all they bring.

Sky was invited to cheer with Clover Park Cheer team during a football game…so much fun! She taught her friends the cheer and they learned it so well that they all got to participate. Nicest group of girls and they made Sky feel so welcome and part of the team!
Home project helpers…not so much, but they are cute. 🙂


Boom, Boom

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th! I always feel like summer officially starts after the 4th. W WA weather can be so unpredictable, and it doesn’t really get summer nice and stay summer nice until after the 4th. Although today it’s low 70’s and overcast, so clearly I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Chalk art – Mark Yeatman

Our 4th was spent at my Aunt and Uncle’s vineyard in E WA, and it was very summer hot over there. They were hosting a family reunion the Sat after the 4th, which means they were going to miss out on time to work in the vineyard. We opted to help out by staying the week, work in the vineyard in the mornings, and spend the afternoon’s staying cool and prepping for the reunion.


Ready to sparkle and shine!

I love helping out in the vineyard. Growing grapes is no joke, it takes a lot of work! I’ve planted and harvested and done a lot of the tasks between planting and harvesting. I learn something new every time, and it just makes me appreciate every bottle of wine I open that much more. It also makes me appreciate crop workers. It’s hard work, and it’s not work I’d want to do regularly. I’m thankful there are those that are willing to do it.


Most of the pics from the week are not of people. I really only snapped a few random pics here and there. The rest of the time my phone was the DJ for the festivities, and I was way more focused on spending time with people I love, and don’t get to see often, than on taking all the pics/having my phone in my hand.

Took a break from the vineyard to see Grandpa and swim the afternoon away. His horse Peaches is such a sweet girl!


The family reunion was the thing I was looking forward too the most this summer. It made my heart happy to see Sky having fun with her cousins and experience sleeping in a tent for the first time. She loved it, and I’m thankful her older cousins included her in the fun (so thankful some were willing to drive 12 hours to be there!). Now I feel like any fun I have the rest of summer is a bonus. And, we have plenty of fun left to have!

The first grape vine long before there was a vineyard. Not wine grapes, but I like to take credit since it was a gift from us. 🙂 


Settling Into Summer

Even though the last day of school was weeks ago it took me a bit to settle into summer. School may have stopped, but life didn’t. I was finishing up a training program and Sky was in full on dance practice getting ready for a public performance and a recital.

Spray Park fun with friends!

And, it took me a week or two to get back into the full time stay at home mom gig. Even though I work outside the home (during the school year) I still feel like a SAHM, so I was surprised to find myself a little adrift at how to settle back into life with Sky, just the two of us all day, every day. I still feel a little afloat, but we are having fun and managing to get everything done that needs doing.

Fairy Fest…Sky with some of the fairy’s from Charisma School of Dance.

When it’s sunny we are taking our workouts and summer school work outside, hitting the park and spray parks as often as we can, scheduling play dates, and getting in a ton of cuddle time. She still thrives on cuddle time with lot’s of silly conversation and tickles mixed in.

One thing I had no trouble getting back into….long slow lazy starts to the morning. It does take us a very long time to get up and going and out the door. We just enjoy taking our time in the morning, and I’m ok with that. Soon enough it will be back to work/school and back to rushing out the door, so for now we are slowing things down and enjoying the sun, and doing what we want.

Friend time…making sure she gets lot’s of that this summer!

It’s almost time for 4th of July and we have a busy week of vineyard work, visiting with family, and a family reunion that has been in the works since December last year! So excited for all the festivities and family time this week!

Happy Summer, and Happy 4th!


Soaking Up The Last of Summer

Sky and I took advantage of being off school and took off for a few days on the sunny side of the state. We timed it perfectly, because it was a cooler week at home, so heading to the low to mid 80’s side of the state was really nice.


Seriously spent so much time in the pool(s). So much time in the sun, soaking it all up!


There was a new horse and hay pile at Grandpa’s. Brought back so many childhood memories of getting hay for our horses. There is something so fun about a hay pile to climb.


Grandma painted a bunch, like a bunch, of really amazing rocks for Sky to hide. We found a lovely trail along the river and had so much fun finding the perfect spot to hide each rock. A few days later Grandma went back and walked the trail again and the rocks were gone. Sky was so excited wondering what kiddo’s found the rocks.



After that it was a trip back in time to one of my favorite cookbooks ever! As a kid it was tradition to make monster oatmeal cookies from this book for our camping trips. I was so excited to be gifted a copy of the book…I remember those cookies and think about them every time we go camping. Sky and I made a batch to share with Grandma and oh my goodness. They were so good! Better than I remember. I can’t wait to make the chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Last week was our last full week to ourselves before things have to start happening for us to be ready for school. There are supplies to pick up, teachers to meet, and I have new badges, and base passes to get so I can work again. It’s back to real life, but it was sure nice to sneak away for a few days and just enjoy summer.

I LOVE waking up with her in the mornings. She is all about cuddling and waking up slow, and I love that! 

Teddy Bear Picnic

Way back in July we went to a little thing called Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Curran Apple Orchard in University Place. Total last minute decision to go check it out, but we figured it was a lovely sunny day, and a free event, and Sky was so excited to take one of her bears on a picnic, so we grabbed our picnic supplies and headed out.

We got lucky and ran into the Beckham ladies and enjoyed our picnic with them! It was a really fun event with tons of activities to keep the girls busy for hours, a teddy bear parade, live music, and princesses wandering around. Had I packed more wine we could have lounged for hours! 😉

I’ve been paying attention to the numerous free summer events in the area, there are a lot! We haven’t been able to enjoy most of them because we’ve been gone so much, but I’m already planning ahead for next summer and hopeful we will have a quieter summer (not complaining, we are having tons of fun, just feels like it’s been busy).

I love that she picked Pooh Bear to take to the picnic. That is the very first thing we purchased for her when we started the adoption process. Oh, and a funny side note…I LOVE the pants I have on, but Sky says they are embarrassing because they look like pj’s. I don’t care, I still love them!