House of Germs

That’s what our house feels like. Sky has been sick for weeks, and I woke up miserable at 1am on Valentines Day. My teeth and eye’s hurt so bad I thought I was going to lose my mind. Romantic no?

I mean with a bathroom counter that looks like this…

…it’s bound to be a super romantic V-Day right?! I tell you Mark had his hands full between Sky and I. I ended up “sleeping” in the recliner because it hurt too much to lay down, and honestly I had not the patients to take very good care of Sky. So Mark took Sky out and about Saturday and Sunday for day long adventures so that I could basically lay around being miserable. I couldn’t sleep really, couldn’t lay down, couldn’t focus on a single thing.

Thankfully Sky and Daddy have similar interests! She is over the moon excited when she gets time just the two of them. He’s able to do fun stuff, and practical stuff and she’s just as happy either way.

I kept asking him to go to the store to get this or that to try and alleviate some of the symptoms until the antibiotics kicked in, and he was so awesome about it. He finally got the good stuff that you have to register for (pretty sure the drug task force is keeping an eye on us as suspected meth cookers now) and it helped more than anything else. I still don’t feel good, and still have a ton of sinus pressure, but at least the crazy pain in my eyes and teeth has gotten better.

Sky was much worse today so finally took her to the Dr. and now she’s on the same antibiotic I am. She was so sad this morning crying and crying, not eating running a high temp, and asking for medicine to make her better.

Silas is taking good care of her, and we are just laying low, taking it easy. Only worrying about the things that absolutely have to be done and giving ourselves time to feel better.

The biggest perk…she wants even more cuddles when she’s sick. Something about hugs and cuddles from her makes it all a little bit better.

A big thank you to Mark, who is now himself not feeling very well, yet I text him a list of things we need him to pick up on the way home. He’s the best!

How To Survive When Mommy and Munchkin are Sick

Whatever this cold is it sure is dragging on and on. Sky has been sick for two weeks, and I’ve been sick for about a week now. The worst part is the cough. It’s killing my back, seriously have a rib out because of it. 

The really messed up thing about kiddo’s being sick is they don’t know how to be sick very well. Sky still needs an energy burn, and to get out of the house. Normally it’s fine and I’m happy to take her to the park and explore trails to keep her away from the masses, but when I’m sick and don’t feel like doing much other than staying in pj’s and laying on the couch it’s not fun for anyone. Why can’t she just lay around with me all day?! 
So, I suck it up, put on real clothes and get the girl out and about for a few hours. 
She knew I wasn’t feeling great and decided cake pops would make it all better. She specifically asked if we could go in and sit down. Getting out of the car and going in is a real treat for her. I probably shouldn’t have shared our germs with Starbucks, but I did find a table away from everyone and we didn’t stay long. 
Super thankful to have awesome new clothes to slip into when I need a quick “real” outfit to leave the house in. My style is mostly athletic as daily wear, but I’m stepping it up and adding boots, or ballet flats (not running shoes), and adding accessories to make it more of a real outfit. I have to say Athleta, and my Dad, are making it super easy to pull a put together, yet casual and comfy look. I have added some nicer tops and jeans as well to the wardrobe, but when I’m sick that’s just too much to deal with! 
We stayed home sick for NYE just the three of us. I’m ok with that though. It makes it a little more special for Mark and I to spend the anniversary of the day we met together! Jan 1, 2010…15 years later and still happy and having fun on this amazing adventure!
 How I partied NYE…was in bed before midnight and didn’t have any champagne. 😦
 Thank Goodness friends gave us some fun games for Christmas so we had family game night and movies instead of partying in the new year. Sky was over the top excited about the Doc McStuffins Operation game!

She doesn’t exactly get the point…she likes making is buzz.

I made missing champagne at midnight by making sparkling poinsettia’s for breakfast New Years Day, and cooking breakfast for us.

I knew New Years Day was going to be spent watching college football all day long…always has been my favorite day of the year!….so Sky and I bundled up and went to the park to burn some energy before the football fest started. Don’t let the sun fool you…it was cold, really cold!
 This view never gets old!

I’m taking advantage of her small burst of energy, and my small windows of feeling like being active enough to get out of the house, to make sure we don’t go stir crazy. It’s tough though because the melt down factor is sky hi when Sky’s had enough. So, it’s quick, close to home excursions and then back home to rest and recover.
Thank goodness for movies, football, hide and seek with all the lights off, operation, her new bed that still offers hours of play time, and Mark’s zombie dice game. Oh, and wine…mostly for Mark dealing with two sick ladies in the house. We are getting through this, and I’m so ready for school and swimming to start back up next week. Ready for a regular schedule again! 
I hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start!

You Go Girl Recap

What is there to say really.  I went, I ran, I finished.  10K 58:53 only 2’ish min slower than my 10K pr pace, which I guess is a good thing given the lack of training, injury recovery, and the fact I went into it with one goal…to start the race.

I wanted to start, have fun running, not get caught up in numbers, not set myself back at all, and just run according to feel.  Mission accomplished!  The only time I looked at the watch was to see what the pace was compared to how I was feeling.  I have a pretty good idea now of what pace I can run before pain sets in, (the not good kind of pain, not the “normal” running related pain), and now feel like I can still run a bit and not do damage.  

It felt really good to get out there and just run, enjoy my music, not think about goal pace etc.  And, while 13.1 is my jam, and I would choose that distance over any other every time, I can’t tell you how nice it was to turn off at the 6.2 mark and not have to think about the out and back the 1/2 marathoners were doing!

You know what’s nice about a 10K though…it doesn’t rule your day.  For me 1/2’s still require recovery and kindness to my body the rest of the day, but with a 10K, it’s life as normal whatever that may be.

It just so happened that this Sunday it meant a sick kiddo, and husband when I got home.  Blah.  I have it now too…so nice of them to share their germs with me!  First things first though…

Before I took care of them I took care of myself first!  Peach Fusion champagne is a pretty great recover drink!  If you have not tried this, do so asap!  If you can find it!  The local liqueur store ordered it because I requested it (awesome!), but it was back ordered for over a week…so good luck getting your hands on it!

Sky was sick for days which = lot’s of cuddles, laundry, and mopping of floors.  Sadly Mark gets every bug that Sky does, so it’s been lot’s of fun around here.  Actually, to be honest, they both just want extra cuddles and love…them being sick isn’t the worst thing in the world…for me anyway.

This was after vomiting all morning.  She was really miserable. 

So after vomiting all morning, and sleeping for 4.5 hours she asked to go to the park and play.  We get there and she decided she needed to rest because she was tired.  All that sleep and rest must have paid off because she was back to normal today and able to go to school!  Thank goodness because that’s all she talks about.  She LOVES school!

 Watching a movie while we watched Monday Night Football. 

Sneak peak of a home project I will be sharing in the blog soon…Sky loves being outside with Daddy “helping” him with projects.  I would venture to say most of her help is not all that helpful, but this time she actually helped haul and shovel a lot of sand…while sick!  She really wanted to be out there with Daddy.

Not so sure helping place all those pavers was brilliant for my back, but our project is looking amazing!  🙂

Anyone else race last weekend?

Snuggles, Sniffles, and Not Much Sleep

This is what last night looked like.  She is so plugged up and “Mommy, nose hurts” that she couldn’t sleep.  I would hold her until she fell asleep, but every time I put her back in her bed she would wake up crying.
Thankfully I was able to sleep on and off while she slept, so I’m tired today, but not overtired.

I finally realized that in addition to not being able to breath while laying down, she is scared of the humidifier, so I turned it off.  It’s a catch 22 because she is scared of it, but it helps her feel better.  Not sure how to get around that issue.  I also wised up sometime early this morning and put her in her bed, laid on the floor next to her and held her hand until she fell asleep.  That way I didn’t wake her up transferring her, and I was able to sleep for a few hours in my own bed.

Needless to say all of today’s plans are cancelled.  I’m totally ok with that.  We are both tired, she is obviously really sick, and it’s raining.

I was going to stick her in the stroller and get 3 to 4 easy, slow miles in, but my knee has really been hurting, like has me worried hurting, since the race Saturday.  Another day of stretching, foam rolling, and not running is probably a good idea.  Especially since I’m probably too tired to pay attention to form today.  Instead I plan on lining up her favorite movies, and setting up a little playground under the covered entry.  Even though she’s sick, she gets sick of sitting around, and has energy to burn.

A few pictures from our play break between football games yesterday.      


I can’t really get her to eat much (she really is sick because this kid eats everything we give her!) so I’m relying on some of her favorites: string cheese, crackers (low sodium), and black olives.  Just trying to keep her hydrated and get some food in her tummy.  She didn’t even eat the chocolate chip pancakes I made yesterday, what kid passes those up?!   
Thankfully it’s a quiet week for the most part.  We are able to lay low and focus on getting better so we can get out of quarantine in time for Christmas!  
Anyone else a fantasy football player?  
I have a 17 point lead, but my opponent has Smith going tonight.  If I can just hold on I’ll be in the championship game!!!  The Steelers not only got it done on the field, they got it done for me in fantasy football.  Bell, Brown, and Big Ben did what I needed them to, ok Ben could have got a few more points, but the other two did great!  

From This to That

How the day started…

How the day is ending…
…apparently she feels better.  She went from eyes rolling, head lulling, limp arms and legs and vomiting to outside playing.  Thankfully Mark is the kind of daddy that is able to come home if needed.  I felt bad that she was on her way to being better by the time he got home.  It just wasn’t looking good though when I texted him. 
He made a stop and got us Pedialyte and chicken noodle soup to get us through.  Her tummy is still bothering her a bit, so it wasn’t a wasted trip home.  Every so often she looks at me covers her mouth and starts heaving.  😦 
I’m just glad she seems to be feeling better.