Running Shoes – One Way to Save Money

You know how you hear how inexpensive running is? Well the jokes on us runners right?! The only people who think it isn’t expensive are those that don’t run.

I’m not complaining really, because it’s worth it to me, and I sort of believe that if you track the cost of gym membership over the years vs. running gear and entry fees that maybe those who run (and don’t have a gym membership) are indeed saving money. I sort of believe that. ūüėČ

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say one of, if not the, biggest cost is running shoes. Again, not complaining, because when you find the right pair that work perfectly for you, it’s worth almost any price tag right?!

I kind of miss those shoes and the bright color! 

I’ve been very lucky to have a relationship with Fleet Feet Tacoma, and a Dad who supports my endeavors, so I rarely have to pay for my shoes. It’s one of the reasons I have been able to keep running after losing my job and being a stay at home mom. Our single income would not support buying running shoes as often as I need them.¬†
But, there is a new site that is going to help everyone save money on running shoes! It’s called ShoeKicker¬†and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the service!¬†
I had the opportunity to test it out before it went live yesterday, and it was easy to use, and accurate! Check them out, fill out three fields, hit “Show Me The Best Price” and viola you have a list of options to purchase your go to running shoe at the best price possible! So easy, and even if you only save a few $$ every little bit helps.¬†
Of course this only works if you have been fitted and know what shoe to shop for in the first place. So, don’t forget your local running store! Go get fitted, test run shoes if they let you, and check out the return policy. Most stores will let you wear them for a few days, some of them give you 30 days, to run in them and make sure they really work for you.¬†
I highly recommend buying your first pair of running shoes, or first pair of a new to you brand, at a local store. Returning them if needed is easier, they will be there hands on to direct you to a shoe that will work better for you if you do return a pair, and can offer advice on inserts or lacing that can make all the difference. 
But once you do that, and for sure know what works for you ShoeKicker is a great option for you, or for that person that gifts you your shoes, to help save money! 
I guess it’s easy to see that adidas is my shoe for life! No discounts on them, but I don’t care…they work so it’s worth it!¬†
Run on, and save some money! 

New Shoes, and Some Old Ones

Guess what happened today?!

I took an old pair of shoes, my favorite pair of shoes, out for a run today!!! ¬†For the first time in a really long time. ¬†It felt so good to be running, but it felt so hard too. ¬†I have a lot of work to do to get back to where I want to be. ¬†But, I’m being smart and taking it slow and easy. ¬†No set backs!

I’m back, not back 100%, but at least I’m back! ¬†My runner heart is happy!


After our night out a few weeks ago, and wearing cute heels I decided it’s time to trade in my cute heels for flats. ¬†It’s just not worth the knee, hip, and foot pain. ¬†I’d much rather be able to run than insist on wearing silly shoes that hurt. ¬†I am keeping one pair that were a birthday gift…I just can’t part with them.

I was super excited to find these cute flats in a fun color!

Thank you Dad!

I also got a new pair of rain boots at the Bass Pro Shop grand opening over the weekend. ¬†My old ones died after Sky’s trip to the pumpkin patch. ¬†They came home with cracks and holes in them that left me feet soaking wet.

  Thank you for my Mucks Babe!

It wasn’t raining or cold, but I just had to test them out. ¬†I’m thankful that Mark insist I get insulated boots, and suggested the shorter length as well. ¬†So much easier to drive in! ¬†Totally feel like I could run in them they are that comfy! ¬†
Actually I think I owe Sky some running in puddles time! ¬†She lost it at stroller group today. ¬†Had a melt down, which never really happens, when I asked her what was wrong she said, “I just want to run with you Mommy…no stroller”! ¬†My heart melted on the spot. ¬†Yeah, I think some Sky running time is on the agenda! ¬†
Ever been to Bass Pro Shop?  
It’s pretty impressive!

adidas Glide Boost Review

Happy Monday everyone!  

A few weeks ago I was able to test run a pair of the adidas Glide Boost shoes. I’ve been pretty vocal about my adidas Energry Boost love affair, you can read about it¬†HERE¬†and¬†HERE¬†among all the other mentions in posts, so I was really excited to give this new Boost family member a go!

 Retails for $130

The Technical Info:

Revolutionary Feel ‚Äď Endless Energy
  • Revolutionary BOOST non-foam midsole developed by adidas Innovative Technology (aIT) which provides a soft comfort and responsive performance unachievable with EVA. BOOST retains its responsiveness far better over the life of the shoe than EVA midsoles.
  • EVA cradle sits against the foot in heal to give a more structured feel compared to Energy
  • Engineered mesh upper adapts to all foot and is Wider¬†
  • CONTINENTAL RUBBER for 21% better traction in dry conditions and 23% better in wet.
  • TORSION SYSTEM designed to aid smooth transition from midfoot stance to forefoot push-off.
  • Longitudinal decoupling of blow rubber in forefoot allows the foot to move as nature intended.
  • 31/21mm stack heights
  • Women‚Äôs 8.8oz, Men‚Äôs 10.4oz
  • 110/64/88mm bottom nets (men‚Äôs size 9)
Bold bullets are the major differences I noticed between the Glide Boost and Energy Boost.

I love this color combo, the black with raspberry pink laces is totally my thing! Photo credit to Michelle Beckham!

My initial reaction to putting them on was how solid they felt.  They feel firm and sturdy, which is a good thing since it was designed to provide a more structured feel.  I liked the mesh upper, and that there was plenty of room for your foot in there.  As already mentioned I loved the color combo, especially with the outfit I had on, it was a perfect match!  

So, how did they feel on the run? ¬†They have a nice rebound when pushing off the pavement, like they are providing a little extra oomph to your legs. ¬†I liked the sturdier feel, it gave me confidence in my landing and that I wasn’t going to roll an ankle or anything. ¬†My hips, knees, and ankles felt¬†aligned¬†and good on impact, zero hot spots/blister issues with my feet (yes I get blisters on 3 mile runs if I’m in the wrong shoes!), and it felt like I was getting a good mid-foot strike without having to think about it too much.

I feel like the Glide Boost is closer to the type of shoe I typically get fit into, and in comparison to similar types of shoes that I have, I for sure like the Glide Boost better. ¬†It’s just really hard to beat the Boost material and how much pep it adds to your legs!¬†¬†

However, I have to say the Energy Boost still has my heart! ¬†It has more of the Boost material than the Glide does, and I could totally feel the difference on the run. ¬†I also really like the sleek design of the Energy Boost Techfit upper. ¬†There is just enough there to fit the foot perfectly yet still provide the technology and performance you want. ¬†They just feel lighter and faster, and that spring off the pavement is where it’s at for me!¬†¬†

My one and only running shoe true love!  adidas Energy Boost

The differences between the two that I notice the most: 

  • The Energy Boost is 0.6 oz lighter than the Glide Boost (While the Glide felt heavy on the run I think it was my sick legs that felt heavy…want to see how they feel when I’m healthy!).
  • Energy Boost has the four-way stretch Techfit upper and Glide Boost has the mesh upper
  • And the biggest difference is the amount of Boost material, the Energy has more than the Glide

Even though I’m an Energy Boost lover I wouldn’t rule the Glide Boost out. ¬†It’s nice to have the different types of shoes to rotate, and for some runs a different shoe is nice/helpful depending on the goals for the run.

If you’re Boost curious hit up your local running store (in the Tacoma area Fleet Feet Tacoma!!!) and try them on! ¬†Find out if there is going to be an adidas group run and give em a go!¬†

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the adidas Boost shoes. ¬†I’m happy to get answers for you or connect you with Kelli! ¬† ¬†¬†

Disclaimer РI was not asked by adidas or Fleet Feet to post about the shoes.  The opinions are completely my own and I decided to post about them because I wanted to.  I did ask Kelli (adidas rep) for some technical info, so that I could provide accurate information, but other than that there has been no other input on this post.