Running Revolt

I almost revolted against running yesterday myself!  Chambers is zero fun to run in the wind and rain.  Amazing views of the sound, but when it’s cruddy it’s twice as bad because all that weather and wind is coming right off the water.  It’s one of the few places the rain hits your face so hard it stings.  But, the top part is flat and makes for easier stroller running.  Funny thing though, when it’s windy there it must be a swirling type of wind because no matter what direction you run it feels like your running into it.

Usually Sky is all about the running and happy I’m taking her with me.  However, she is almost 3 and flexing her muscle a bit, or trying to at least.  Monday’s are not normally a running day around here, and Sky knows it, but Elya is traveling and we wanted to get in one last run before she left.  

It didn’t help that it was right after nap time (so excited she took her nap!) she is all about the cuddling after nap time, and not being rushed out the door.  Apparently she is made of sugar because when she saw the rain she started saying, “she no get wet” (yes she refers to herself as she), not even the prospect of puddle jumping was helping.  The only thing that got her into the car peacefully was the promise of a fun surprise in the stroller if she listened to Mommy and didn’t have a fit. 

Thank goodness for the Nabi!  She doesn’t get to use it often enough that it’s a habit, so it’s still super exciting and special to her.  I didn’t know it had Rio on it, but Sky knows her way around tot technology, she had that thing on, and the movie playing within seconds of getting settled in the stroller.

  In the car on the way home…was raining too hard to take a stroller pic and get my phone wet.
Then as an extra bonus we drove home the back way in the hopes of seeing a train, which we did!  Our timing was perfect because there is a big parking lot right next to the tracks and we got there in time to see the engine come past us and get a wave from the engineer (is that what you call a train driver?).
If it’s raining and windy in April for the 1/2 I guess we will be ready!  I did discover though that my running jacket is not the least bit water proof…I was soaked through all 3 layers, and cold, really cold. I’m sort of surprised it took me this long to realize it’s not water proof given how often I run in the rain.  
How do you warm up after a cold run?
Warm shower, followed by sweats/slippers, and something hot to drink!

Firs Day Of Fall!

I ordered my first hot Mocha today in at least 5 months.  It’s that time of year.  Holy moly yesterday was still summer and it was a sunny lovely day.  Today is Fall and it’s cool and raining like crazy.  Gotta love living in the PNW.  I was holding on to the last little bit of summer with both hands, but now that it’s officially fall…bring on the boots, Pumpkin Spice latte’s/Salted Caramel mochas, trench coats, hats, gloves and scarves!

Good thing I got this top Thursday night!! 

I sort of thought I was being silly and girly insisting on wearing it today for my 8 miler…I didn’t really think it was cold enough.  But, I wanted to wear my new top.  Good think I did wear it though, it was a cold, wet run.  The long sleeves, knee socks and skirt combo ended up being perfect.  Started out a little cold, finished a little warm, but not overheated. 

If the forecast is for cooler/wet weather race day this is the outfit.  If it’s just cooler but no rain then I’ll go with a t-shirt otherwise I will get too hot.

Feels good to have the last “long” run done!  I’m excited for race day!  Mostly I’m excited that I’m going into the 3rd one feeling this healthy and strong.  Absolutely the most confident I have felt going into a 1/2!  Not that I think I’m going to blaze through, on the contrary it’s a hilly course and I wont’ be surprised if this is a significantly slower race for me, but I’m not worried about anything either.  Not worried about hills, weather, any of the mental stuff I had after the first disaster of a 1/2, blisters, aches or pains.  I feel really good, love running this time of year, and Michelle and I have run some of the hilliest routes I have ever done.  I feel like we have given ourselves the best opportunity possible to have a fun run and accomplish our ultimate goal of Half Fanatic!  Bring on RACE DAY!!!!!  

Sky seems to be doing better today.  Her nose isn’t nearly as runny, and only has a little bit of a cough.  Still taking it easy just to give her time to rest and recover.  Stickers have proven to be an amazing sit still activity! 


Part of why it keeps her quiet for so long is it’s really hard for her to peal the stickers off with her casted hand, and she doesn’t want help most of the time.  BTW – $1 store sticker books are the bomb!  She loves the Cars one!  I’m going to go get more because she is asking for stickers all the time now.

Since it’s so yucky outside it really is the perfect “watch football all day” weather!  Any other season I would be thrilled that the Steelers are on Sunday Nigh Football, but with all the injuries, and other issues they are having, I don’t see the game going our way tonight.  I’ll still watch, but I’m more stressed than excited about it. 

Any other football fans out there?  What game are you watching?