Last Long Training Run Done!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fun weekend and is ready to make this a great week!

My weekend started with an early morning run Friday.  I wanted to get my 12 miles done on home turf before heading to the HOT side of the state.

I got it done, and the good news is there was only a little knee pain the last few miles.  But, I also picked a route that ended with 2 to 3 miles of nothing but hills.  So, I wasn’t too concerned about the knee pain.  I was kind of dreading this run because 12 miles is a lot of miles to run totally alone, for me anyway.  I’m a social runner for sure and have learned through this training cycle that I would rather run with a friend, so was not super excited about this last long run.  But, you know what…I LOVED it!  I didn’t get bored with my own thoughts, I never once thought about stopping and walking or cutting the run short, and my first thought when I got back to my car was “that was no big deal”!

Then I started crying.  Mostly because I was able to run 12 miles period.  There was a stretch there that I didn’t know if the knee would even let me hit the start line for this race.  To run 12, still be on track for a PR, and enjoy doing it alone got to me.

It worked out well that we were driving to E WA again this weekend (last trip over for a while!) because my Dad did a quick rescue treatment on the knee and took care of the little bit of knee pain I was having.  I’m pretty sure the ice bath I took helped as well.

Mosquito bites, not the measles! 

It may seem extreme to some, but it works for me!  I notice a difference when I ice after a run and when I don’t.  Even though Mark and Sky were waiting for me to get showered and ready to hit the road, I took the time to take a quick ice bath.  I knew running 12 and then driving for 4 hours was not going to feel awesome, so I took the time to foam roll and ice bath to help the old legs out.  
It felt good to get the running done so I could focus on spending time with family that I don’t get to see much, and remembering Grandpa.  The memorial was nice and catching up with family from across the state/country is always nice even if for a sad reason. 
A few pics from the weekend: 
 My cousin Nathan. 

 Sky made a new friend in Harlow!  Thank goodness there was another tot (almost 3) there because those two kept each other entertained and danced while pictures were playing to music on the TV.

 Even thought my aunt and uncle were out of town they let us stay at their place, and they have the best view for watching amazing sunsets! 

 Sky and Grandpa, reminds me of Grandpa Carl and how he always had tractors ready to go for us!

Sky is a great little road tripper and usually is very happy reading books, singing, talking to us, and staring out the window.  But, sometimes a girl just needs to learn How To Train Your Dragon to be happy in life.

Loves her books, and as long as she has water, a snack, a few books, her blanket, and a few stuffed animals that she loves she can make it through a road trip pretty easily.  Pit stops help too!  
Who had an awesome training run or race this weekend?  Tell me about it!  


3,000+ Miles With A 2 Year Old!

I promised a post about how to road trip with a 2 year old.  I’ll admit I spent a good amount of time stressing about how to make this work so that we all had fun, and I’m happy to say that the pre-planning paid off! 

Tips and Tricks:
-Decide how many hours your little one can handle on the road.  Sky is good for about 6 so we planned our hotels accordingly.  (Know that 6 hours of driving is actually a 7 to 8 hour day from point to point). 

-Plan enough quick little potty breaks, but avoid too many unnecessary stops.  By the end of the day/end of the trip the more we had to get her in and out of the car seat the crankier she got! 

-Plan for a long lunch and play break.  Packing our own lunches for the trip really helped with this.  Every time we needed to stop for lunch we were able to pick the best playground/park and not worry about nearby food options.   

Lunch in a park…so happy for a break from the road!

-Plan entertainment!  I packed a goody bag a day full of books, toys, stickers, crayons, coloring books and anything else that was different or new that I thought she would like.  The $1 Store is great for this!  

-Make the most of nap time!!!  If we didn’t stop she would stay asleep, so we made sure we were able to drive 2 to 3 hours without potty/food breaks during nap time. 

Sleepy little girl.

-Pack the must-have comfort items!  I forgot the blanket and Violet dog in the back of the truck the first day and it was not a good thing! 

-If an unexpected items becomes a toy and it won’t hurt or ruin anything, then let it be!  Sky loved playing with the sun shade for the front window, kept her happy for 20 minutes at a time easy!

-Have snacks on hand and ready to go!  I pre-bagged morning and afternoon snacks in single serve zip-lock bags, and had a small cooler with water and milk in sippy cups ready to go.  I had snacks and drinks ready to go for Mark and I as well.  

-Buff up on favorite songs and games.  There are a few she likes from Play To Learn, so anytime things got tense I busted out in her fave songs. I’m sure Mark’s ears are still recovering! 

-Turn off the radio and just talk.  I think sometimes Sky just wanted to know we remembered she was in the back seat.  Mark was really good about turning off the radio and talking with her about what we were seeing on the road, doing numbers and ABC’s with her, and playing peak-a-boo in the rearview mirror.

-Be flexible!  A movie every night in the hotel room is a great reward for making it through the day..even if movie night at home is only once a week.  We had to skip a few stops we really wanted to make because she was asleep or because she was doing so well that we didn’t want to mess it up by getting her out of the truck.

At the end of the day and the end of the trip we wanted to feel like we all had fun, it’s her vacation too, and since travel and long road trips are part of what we enjoy we want to make sure she grows up enjoying them not dreading them! 

What tips do you have for road-tripping/traveling with little ones?

WA State to Washington Utah – Pics From The Road

I know I haven’t been blogging about it…zero internet and very sparse cell phone coverage for 7 days…but we have had/are having a great time!

A quick catch up in pics:  Mostly of Sky on the road because I know that’s what people want to see! 

Ready to leave WA and start the 6 day drive to Washington, UT

 Lots of playing with new toys/books

A Dutch Brothers coffee stop

Lot’s and lot’s of sleeping on the road

 I love how excited she gets about books!

Once we are back home I will do a post about how I packed for the road trip part, and the being in a condo for a week part of out two week vacation.  I will also share how we handled food, and the daily car care packets I made for Sky. 

P.S. – It’s a multiple post day…next up sharing time spent with family! 

9 Years

Happy Anniversary to us!!! 

We tend to not make a big deal about the day we signed the dotted line. There was a card this morning and I’ll leave the mushy I love my husband so much stuff for the card.  I will say that I have been thankful every day for the last 13 years we have been together and the 9 of those that we have been married!  We have a pretty amazing life!

We got to do some early anniversary gift shopping with my Dad a few weeks ago.  We have been about 30% wanting and 70% needing a good cooler to use for camping and road trips.  We actually had to tape the lid on our old one, so maybe it really is a 100% need!  Thanks to Dad we got this! 


A cooler that is big enough, and insulated enough, to contain our whole refrigerator!  You can make almost any trip affordable if you don’t eat out every meal, and it’s way more healthy.  So, now that we have an awesome cooler that will keep things cold for days, I will be cooking all our meals on our upcoming road trip!

So nice to know we are eating healthy, Mark friendly, Sky approved food while traveling.  Road trips seem to be the one time most everyone, including me, feels like it’s ok to eat junk food.  While we will have a little bit of that I have healthy breakfast, lunch and dinners planned for us, so I won’t feel bad about the occasional treat.  🙂

I’m making sure there is room in there for a wine bottle or two! 

Thank you Dad!

Sky says she is going to pack everything she needs for our road trip in this…

…it does fit her water bottle and a few snacks along with diapers and wipes, so maybe she could get by for 6 days with just the backpack.  😉

Love my little girl with her little backpack.  Thank you to Grampy for being the one to finally get her to put it on.  She has had the thing for months now, carries it with her anytime we leave the house, but refused to wear it. 

Is it mean that I make her tote around her own diapers and wipes?