Rest Day’s

You know how every parent has an adorable picture of their tater tot asleep in the highchair with their face in a plate of food?! 

It’s silly to admit, but we don’t have a picture like that of Sky, and it makes me sad.  She never, not once fell asleep in her highchair, and you know what I tried to make it happen.  I would let her stay in it even though it was nap time with food all over the try just hoping to get that one picture of her.  It’s so cliche I know, but I wanted that picture! 

Well it only took almost 3 years, but she finally fell asleep during dinner…

…no she didn’t land in a plate of food, she had already pushed it away (without taking a single bite) because she was just too tired to eat.  But, it’s as close as I’m going to get to “that” picture, so I’ll take it. 

Love my tired little bug. 


I’m totally enjoying a few days of not running.  I figured after running Friday night, then a hilly Sat am 5k, and fighting off a bit of a cold, that a few days of rest would be a good idea.  I took Sunday completely off, but worked in Pilates yesterday and today. 

Back to regularly scheduled running tomorrow.  My legs appreciate the break for sure!


How many rest days do you take a week?
However many I need/largely depends on what we have going on as a family.  Rest days don’t bother me like they do a lot of runners.  I LOVE running, but I don’t mind not running either. 

When’s the last time you were so tired you missed a meal?
I don’t think I have ever been that tired!

Unplanned Rest Day and Chocolate Chili From the Kitchen

Thank Goodness It’s Friday Rest-day!  I totally planned on running today, but after my pilates session yesterday my legs have been cramping and twitching non-stop.  I must have done something right because I feel it today for sure!  I’m putting my ProCompression to good use and thankfully the twitching has calmed down.  But, given the hilly 5 miles I have planned tomorrow I thought a rest day along with stretching and trigger pointing would be a good idea.  Maybe some wine too, yeah that makes everything better!  

It’s probably for the best anyway.  Sky has the beginnings of a cold and is cranky, cranky, cranky!  She is asking for cuddles and hugs non-stop, which I don’t mind, and the rest of the time she is upset, whining and crying at the drop of a hat. 

In less than .01 of a second she went from happy to sad all because I used the wrong color to draw a circle for her.  It’s really hard being almost 3.  Can I just point out how cute her new headband is!  She pointed it out at the store and asked for it and I couldn’t resist getting it for her.  

I haven’t shared a recipe in a long time…I’m still cooking away, just trying so many yummy new recipes I get stuck figuring out which one to share.  This Chocolate Chili was a huge hit with all three of us.  I was a little skeptical of chocolate and chili together but it was pleasantly surprising and not spicy. 

Gluten free cornbread and avocado were the perfecting way to top it off.  Another great recipe from Well Fed…you can find the link to the recipe HERE.  It’s quick, easy, yummy and totally worth giving a try.

How many rest day’s a week do you take?
More than I should!

Are rest days truly a rest day for you, or do you still do something low impact like walking or yoga?
Football Sunday is a true, sit on my a$$ all day, rest day. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  I don’t know how much I will post since the weather is supposed to be really decent, so Sky and I will be making the most of it while Mark works on finishing the master bathroom.  Doing a happy dance about that!!!


Snuggles, Sniffles, and Not Much Sleep

This is what last night looked like.  She is so plugged up and “Mommy, nose hurts” that she couldn’t sleep.  I would hold her until she fell asleep, but every time I put her back in her bed she would wake up crying.
Thankfully I was able to sleep on and off while she slept, so I’m tired today, but not overtired.

I finally realized that in addition to not being able to breath while laying down, she is scared of the humidifier, so I turned it off.  It’s a catch 22 because she is scared of it, but it helps her feel better.  Not sure how to get around that issue.  I also wised up sometime early this morning and put her in her bed, laid on the floor next to her and held her hand until she fell asleep.  That way I didn’t wake her up transferring her, and I was able to sleep for a few hours in my own bed.

Needless to say all of today’s plans are cancelled.  I’m totally ok with that.  We are both tired, she is obviously really sick, and it’s raining.

I was going to stick her in the stroller and get 3 to 4 easy, slow miles in, but my knee has really been hurting, like has me worried hurting, since the race Saturday.  Another day of stretching, foam rolling, and not running is probably a good idea.  Especially since I’m probably too tired to pay attention to form today.  Instead I plan on lining up her favorite movies, and setting up a little playground under the covered entry.  Even though she’s sick, she gets sick of sitting around, and has energy to burn.

A few pictures from our play break between football games yesterday.      


I can’t really get her to eat much (she really is sick because this kid eats everything we give her!) so I’m relying on some of her favorites: string cheese, crackers (low sodium), and black olives.  Just trying to keep her hydrated and get some food in her tummy.  She didn’t even eat the chocolate chip pancakes I made yesterday, what kid passes those up?!   
Thankfully it’s a quiet week for the most part.  We are able to lay low and focus on getting better so we can get out of quarantine in time for Christmas!  
Anyone else a fantasy football player?  
I have a 17 point lead, but my opponent has Smith going tonight.  If I can just hold on I’ll be in the championship game!!!  The Steelers not only got it done on the field, they got it done for me in fantasy football.  Bell, Brown, and Big Ben did what I needed them to, ok Ben could have got a few more points, but the other two did great!  

Little Trail Runner

Despite Sky and I both getting over being sick, and it being really cold outside, I knew she had to get out of the house and stretch her legs.  Since I’m trying to keep her away from other kiddos until we are both 100% that left one alternative…a visit to the park. 

 Just us and the ducks.

Since I pretty much despise the playground at Ft. Steilacoom I parked as far away as possible in the hopes Sky would be content with walking.  It worked in that she didn’t care about the playground at all.  But, it didn’t work because I was trying not to run, to give my lungs a rest, and all she wanted to do was run.

So, I did the only thing I could, I let her run for an hour!  I lagged way behind most the time, walking fast enough to keep her in sight.  Even after an hour all I heard was, “I no done run, run.  I no done”.

 She sat down on the trail to take in this view.

 She ducked down and said, “I hide wind”, it was really blowing and she was getting cold by this point.

    She’s deciding how much I meant it when I told her not to jump in the puddle.
I love the picture on the left, she was standing there letting the wind blow in her face, just like a dog!
 The story of my Mommy life…always chasing after her trying to keep up!
I woke up feeling much better today.  My lungs don’t burn and I’m not coughing nearly as much, so the rest day must have been just what I needed.  I’m back at it today though with what is going to be a chilly stroller group run!  I’ve said it before (and will probably say it a million times more), but I’m so thankful we have the jogging stroller we do.  It’s nice that I can bundle Sky up, pile on the blankets, put the cover on, and know she is warm and protected from the cold and wind.  
I really feel like if it’s going to be this cold it should just snow!  
Any other snow lovers out there? 

Running Rest Day

Today wasn’t going to be a rest day.  But, sometimes that’s how it goes.  My hip has been bothering me, and getting worse and worse.  I think I know why…Sky has been way overly clingy and wanting to be held all the time.  I have been bad and have been propping her on my hip…really bad idea! 

So, after a nice easy morning walk with Jodi it’s all rest, foam rolling, stretching (maybe a little beer), and no more propping Sky on my hip.  But, still cuddling and holding her as much as I can, because at 2 1/2 years old those days are quickly coming to an end I’m sure. 

It all works out though.  I’ll swap my Thursday rest day for today and Sky and I will hit the waterfront again!  Can’t wait! 

Shout out to Garmin Customer Service.  My watch has been randomly deleting my entire history/deleting runs before I can upload them.  I finally took the time to call yesterday.  The step by step instructions were amazing and I was impressed because not only do they know their products, but they understand how all the different versions of window works, and how Mac vs PC work.  Time will tell if it is fixed or not, but it did track, save and upload my walk today.  That’s a good sign!

After our morning walk it was time for one of Sky’s favorite snacks.  Hummus!  Just don’t share dip’s with her because she dips and licks, dips and licks over and over.  It’s like double dipping x 10!   

One of her other favorite things…

 …brushing her teeth!  Yep, that’s toothpaste on her nose.  It gets everywhere, but at least she enjoys the process. 

How do you spend your rest days?