Last Long Training Run Done!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a fun weekend and is ready to make this a great week!

My weekend started with an early morning run Friday.  I wanted to get my 12 miles done on home turf before heading to the HOT side of the state.

I got it done, and the good news is there was only a little knee pain the last few miles.  But, I also picked a route that ended with 2 to 3 miles of nothing but hills.  So, I wasn’t too concerned about the knee pain.  I was kind of dreading this run because 12 miles is a lot of miles to run totally alone, for me anyway.  I’m a social runner for sure and have learned through this training cycle that I would rather run with a friend, so was not super excited about this last long run.  But, you know what…I LOVED it!  I didn’t get bored with my own thoughts, I never once thought about stopping and walking or cutting the run short, and my first thought when I got back to my car was “that was no big deal”!

Then I started crying.  Mostly because I was able to run 12 miles period.  There was a stretch there that I didn’t know if the knee would even let me hit the start line for this race.  To run 12, still be on track for a PR, and enjoy doing it alone got to me.

It worked out well that we were driving to E WA again this weekend (last trip over for a while!) because my Dad did a quick rescue treatment on the knee and took care of the little bit of knee pain I was having.  I’m pretty sure the ice bath I took helped as well.

Mosquito bites, not the measles! 

It may seem extreme to some, but it works for me!  I notice a difference when I ice after a run and when I don’t.  Even though Mark and Sky were waiting for me to get showered and ready to hit the road, I took the time to take a quick ice bath.  I knew running 12 and then driving for 4 hours was not going to feel awesome, so I took the time to foam roll and ice bath to help the old legs out.  
It felt good to get the running done so I could focus on spending time with family that I don’t get to see much, and remembering Grandpa.  The memorial was nice and catching up with family from across the state/country is always nice even if for a sad reason. 
A few pics from the weekend: 
 My cousin Nathan. 

 Sky made a new friend in Harlow!  Thank goodness there was another tot (almost 3) there because those two kept each other entertained and danced while pictures were playing to music on the TV.

 Even thought my aunt and uncle were out of town they let us stay at their place, and they have the best view for watching amazing sunsets! 

 Sky and Grandpa, reminds me of Grandpa Carl and how he always had tractors ready to go for us!

Sky is a great little road tripper and usually is very happy reading books, singing, talking to us, and staring out the window.  But, sometimes a girl just needs to learn How To Train Your Dragon to be happy in life.

Loves her books, and as long as she has water, a snack, a few books, her blanket, and a few stuffed animals that she loves she can make it through a road trip pretty easily.  Pit stops help too!  
Who had an awesome training run or race this weekend?  Tell me about it!  


Friday Fun!

Really I just have a bunch of fun’ish pictures to share from the week.  Today is being spent watching soccer, which is fun, but not really blog worthy fun. 

I did start my day with a most awesome run!  This training cycle I have felt off.  Things, not even sure which things, just haven’t felt like they should.  I was starting to think that maybe this time around was going to be a complete disaster and I could kiss my PR attempt goodbye (a bit dramatic given I’m only 3 weeks in I know).

But, today was different.  I felt good.  The pace felt good and I felt like I could have kept going for as long as I wanted to.  Granted it was only a 4 mile run, but this weeks average pace was 20 seconds faster than last weeks 4 miles.  And, nothing hurt, nothing irritated me, and my mind felt like it was in the game!

  Goal pace race day is 9 even.  I’m getting there! 
Looking forward to Sunday’s long run now for sure!  
Ok, on to some random, fun pics from the week!  

Looks like we may need to look into T-Ball for her!  She was really hitting it hard.  And, in cowgirl boots even! 

We had a very important book to pick up for her at the book store (Her very own copy of Princess Of The Potty) and we ran a Father’s Day errand as well.  Her reward was a triple chocolate chip cookie bigger than her head!  

Giggles and snuggles…this is how she starts almost every day.  She wants cuddles and she is almost over the top happy every morning when she wakes up.  Love it! 

Really yummy summer beer!  It’s going to be even better camping next weekend!  

Her absolute favorite thing to do in the whole world…swing on her swing.  It makes her feel like she’s flying.  🙂  
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend planned and Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there! 

So It Begins

Today is the first day of PR training!  I’m excited, and a little scared to be honest.  I’ve never had such a big goal riding on one race.  Mostly my past goals have all been accomplish-able as long as I finished, but now that’s not good enough.  Now, I have a huge goal, so big that I don’t even like saying what it is.

I’m ready though.  I’m pushing myself, but I know it’s a goal I can reach, so let the training and the fun begin!

The biggest change with this training cycle and race is I feel very alone.  For the first time I’m intentionally doing all (or most…I have a few long runs with stronger/faster runners lined up) long runs and the race alone.  It’s time to rely on myself and see what I can do on my own!  That’s pretty exciting!

In the meantime I’m totally going crazy over the Bridge Of The Gods Run photos on their FB page!  It’s a week after my PR attempt so it’s a no go this year, but I’m keeping my eye on it for next year!  It’s the inaugural year this year, so I hope it sticks around, and that by next year any kinks (if there are any) will be worked out! 

I mean really check out the views! 

Growing up we drove past this bridge on the way to E WA countless times a year.  The idea of running across it and actually stopping to enjoy the area sounds pretty amazing to me!  Adding it to the race bucket list for sure! 


Who’s training right now…What race are you gearing up for?

Tell me the #1 race on your bucket list!