Happy Friday! Really the only reason I look forward to Friday’s so much, and in turn the weekends, is to spend time with my loves. I just want more time, because time goes way too fast. I LOVE my job, so it’s never really about wanting to get the heck out of work for a few days.

Ruthie’s tongue!

I’m so lucky that I’m off at 1:45, Sky’s out of school at 2:15 and that leaves us a few hours every afternoon to hang out, like the good old days when her and I were home together all the time. We miss daddy though, lets be clear about that.

Wind Blown! 

It has been pretty sunny and temps are rising, so Sky, Ruthie and I headed out to the beach one day after school, and while Sky was super excited about a picnic on the beach (girl is all about picnics all the time!) she was also pretty vocal about how unfair it was that we were having fun without Daddy, who was still stuck at work. “I miss Daddy, I wish Daddy were here”…on repeat. Daddies girl!

We must always scream when a train goes past!

No worries Sky, the sun is sticking around for a few more days, and it’s going to get even hotter, so we can hit that beach with Daddy over the weekend! We were pretty lazy lounging on a blanket, reading magazines and snacking. There’s more to explore though, so we totally need to go back!

So many yummy recipes, not enough time to cool them all, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Love, love, love everything about hanging with my girls in the sun! Looking forward to enjoying a sunny, warm weekend!

It’s almost summer time! Can’t wait to fill my days hanging with my girls!

Happy Friday!

There’s SUN in the PNW!

Something about the sunny, warm weather makes life feel so much more fun…like a vacation. Maybe it’s eating dinner outside in the evenings. Or taking cuddle breaks outside, and reading books or magazines while the dog lounges and Sky plays. Sipping a cool crisp white wine in the warm afternoon sun with my babe…maybe it’s all of it, but it just makes life feel more fun and relaxed. 
Evening adventures in the sun…looking out over the tracks in Steilacoom.

We are doing our best to enjoy this unseasonably nice sunny weather. I don’t know that it will be this way year after year, so I’m/we are making the most of it! 

I planted the first of many (more to come!) portable square foot gardens. This one is all about the herbs. It’s my first attempt so lets hope they grow!

I really thought Sky would be all about helping plant, but she wasn’t. There’s time though. Maybe vegetables will be more exciting for her. In the meantime her stuffed dog, Baby Bishop, is her constant companion. He goes everywhere with her, and if it’s something she can’t take him to he ends up riding in the car and keeping her company on the road. Bishop is still a daily conversation, and I’m thankful she has her stuffed Bishop look-a-like to help her through it.

 I totally benefit (or not depending on how snug the jeans are fitting) from Mark’s food allergies. All the cheese and bread parings to myself! 
Give her some pretzels and let her smell the wine and she’s good to go. 

The best part of all this sun is the spur of the moment walks that somehow turn into wine tasting! And, not just wine tasting, but chatting with the wine maker, who was in the tasting room that day, and tasting directly from the barrel. So good!

A wall of liquid goodness.

Sunglasses…adorable. And, she’s decided she doesn’t need the car seat any longer. Nice try Sky.

If I don’t post much, ok I already don’t post much so how about if I start posting even less, over the next few weeks it’s because I’m traveling a bit, and the down time I do have is spent soaking up all that sun with my munchkin! 

The Magic of Vitamin D

It’s no secret that the PNW is known for rain and grey overcast days. But, every now and then the sun comes out and we have stunningly warm, beautiful winter days. It’s almost like mother nature knew we needed a pick me up. The grey days get to a person after a bit, but the blah feeling of the cold and rain are forgotten the second the sun comes out.

Sky woke up sick Monday. It was a rough morning for both of us, full of baths, showers, and 3 loads of laundry, so when she perked up a bit in the afternoon and asked to go to the park we took off and hit the Chambers Bay Beach for a little time in the sun. Talking low 60’s, sunny, clear blue sky.

I didn’t realize winter had been dragging me down until after we got home from the beach. I felt like a whole new person…like I can get through the rest of what winter has in store for us (most likely rainy, grey, windy, chilly days…not extreme just dragging) until Spring is here.

 Never has liked the sun in her eyes.

 Not a bad view.

 “Thank you for the beach mommy”.

 She had sunglasses but wouldn’t leave them on. Silly girl.

Train spotting…her favorite thing to do!

I’m not complaining about the PNW and the grey, rainy days at all. I know a good portion of the nation is in the grip of a blizzard and I’m thankful we don’t deal with that, some years don’t get any snow at all. I’ll take the rain and the grey if it means 4 distinct, mild seasons!

What’s the weather like for you right now?
We are back to overcast grey, but fairly mild temps and no rain, so I’ll take it.

Nothing But Blue Sky’s

Seriously I have no idea what is going on with the weather around here, but I’m loving it.  75 yesterday…in October…in the PNW…crazy awesome is what it is!

We had a play date with Reagan yesterday and Jodi actually had to put the sun umbrella up because we were overdressed and got too hot sitting in the sun while the girls played.

I love that I can open all the doors to the house still and let Sky and Bishop run in and out while I’m cooking, doing laundry etc.  As long as I can hear her outside then I can get a few things done while she’s playing.  Bonus…I love a freshly aired out house.  Soon it will be too cold and rainy to open everything up so am taking full advantage of this glorious extended summer we’re having!

 Sharing a snack together…I love how kiddos will just plop down wherever they want!
 Scooter time!

Blue, blue sky’s…loving it!  
I wonder what they were saying to each other.  I could hear them, but couldn’t understand what they were saying. 

Even if we were having typical PNW Fall weather I would still love living here.  When I see that CA is having a triple digit heat wave in Oct…just makes me thankful I’m here.  I love the sunny days but not the blazing heat!
Favorite Season?  
Is it Fall in your area, or is summer still hanging on?


Oh my goodness even though we have rain here and there we have been having the most amazing sunny days!

 On a training call while Sky rode her bike! 

Sky and I were outside all day yesterday playing, and I was even able to get some training done while she enjoyed the sun!  I LOVE having an outdoors office!  🙂

We are having another beautiful day today which made the stroller group run this morning amazing!  I’ve said it before but the PNW is the place to be when the sun is shinning! 

I’m kinda sad to be leaving for Houston Sat because the weather is so nice here already!  Speaking of Houston…considering we leave in 2 days you would think I would be feeling more of a time crunch than I am.  I have zero packed for Sky and I…I don’t  know what I’m bringing to keep her happy in flight…and I have not planned any of our daily activities yet!  

I am starting some lists today though, and tomorrow will be the big errand running day/laundry day/get packed day.  Sounds like fun no?

For some reason I just haven’t felt like I need to plan everything this time.  The hotel has two pools and there is a huge (100’s of acres huge) park a few blocks from the hotel, so between those two things I’m sure Sky and I will have no trouble filling our days!     

I’m a little bummed it’s going to be a low to zero mile running week.  I’m still on a runners high from the Relay and want to run and run and run!  With Mark’s work schedule while there it’s just going to be tough to find Sky free time (no jogging stroller so can’t run with her) that will work for a run.    I keep telling myself that since PR training starts when we get home the week off is probably a good thing!


 A few pics from the last several days….

 This is how she watches cartoons 99.9% of the time.

Her “I’ll pose so you can take a picture and get out of my way” look.

 Popcorn and a movie with Daddy.

 She doesn’t nap very often, but when she does it’s in random spots! 

Mark ended up pulling up the sod in the front yard, there is just no drainage there and it was rotting/not growing/doing something strange that I don’t understand but I’m sure Mark does.  So we are opting for a patio of some sort with a gas fire pit perhaps.  In the meantime we can totally mud wrestle every time it rains!  🙂


Any suggestions on what to see and do while in Houston/surrounding area?!