It’s not a quality I posses much of. Usually it’s not a quality kiddo’s have much of either. Especially 4 year old’s, going on 5, who already know everything.


It’s amazing what a hot day, a new pool, and the promise of a good friend coming over will do for patience though.

These two so fun, so cute, and I was so outnumbered. Never should have got the water guns for the pool!

She sat in this spot for a good hour, waiting and waiting for her friend Selah to arrive. Singing songs to her, chanting her name, and talking to herself about all the fun they were going to have.

I asked her if she wanted to play a game or color while she waited (I knew she had a few hours to wait it out) she said “If I move I’ll miss her getting here”.  She missed snack time she was so intent on waiting (I feel like my life is ruled by snack time)!

I let her sit and practice her patience.


Run Like The Wind

I am so excited to be registered for RUN LIKE THE WIND in June!!!  I have not done a trail race in a very long time.  Check out the link above for pictures of the views…I’m so excited for the views, I may just have to run with my phone for this one.   

I’m excited to make a weekend out of this one and camp with the babe and baby!  Plus we get tours of the wind facility, and I have heard it’s a pretty amazing (and kid friendly) place to visit.  There’s only a little over 900 feet of elevation gain, but it’s at mile 3 and 5, so at the end of the race.  My plan is to take it easy on this one and just enjoy the route and the views. 

Now I need to solve one tiny problem…I don’t have trail shoes.  It doesn’t look like a very technical route, so I may be ok with the “other” running shoes in my closet (I don’t really want to dirty up my Boost shoes!), but will have to do some blister prep if I do that.  I’ll have to ponder that one. 

I’m really looking forward to getting back to trail running.  When I started a few years ago that’s almost all I did, but have gradually switched to predominately road running.  It will be good to switch it up and sandwich a trail run in between several road races and PR attempts. 

I find it a bit ironic that training starts this week and we have a cold front that’s moved in.  Freezing, or below all week long.  Tough training runs makes for awesome race days right!? 

I totally took yesterday off from any kind of physical activity.  Instead I opted for an extended play date at Elya’s, and took care of some paperwork before a board meeting last night.  (IRB (Internal Review Board) at MultiCare Health System.  We review and approv, or not, all the research studies they are involved in.  Going into my third year and I still find it challenging, enlightening and completely rewarding)!     

Milk Steamer Mustaches!
I’m convinced play dates are more for the mom’s than the kids!  While Sky and Selah had tons of running, jumping, and dancing time…Elya and I had yummy snacks, coffee, conversation and I got lot’s of baby time.  Happy campers all the way around!  
A few more Sky pics for you…

Sky loves her Nabi!!  Frankly it’s one of the best things ever around here.  She is pretty great about using it for a bit and then giving it back when she’s done.  She doesn’t get to use it every day, but when she does it’s usually because we need her to be happily calm and quiet for a bit (like clothes shopping for Mark the other day), or when she wouldn’t sleep yesterday.  At least she was laying quietly in her bed for 45 min while she did number puzzles.  It’s not all education stuff though, there are fun Disney and PBS Kid videos on there and Kid Pop music as well.  
Any trail runners out there?  Tell me your #1 favorite trail race!  
For the parents who read…what is your quiet time tool/trick?

TGIM! Yep That’s Right Thank Goodness It’s Monday!

I may be the only person on the planet that loves Mondays!  I just really look forward to Sky’s Monday morning play date.  Actually if I’m being honest it may be more my play date than hers, but I’m not letting Sky know that. 

Today’s play date was extra special because Reagan has a new baby brother.  We got to meet Quinn for the first time! 

Sky was all about baby Quinn, even calling him “brother”.  She was down right angry when I was holding him and not her.  She kept asking “hold brother”?  It’s hard to believe that Sky was ever that little.  I know she was, but I forget just how small they are when their new, until I’m holding one. 

We had a very quiet weekend.  With Mark and Sky both being sick we spent lot’s of time just resting and staying snuggled in at home.  A few pictures from the weekend. 

 Sunday mornings we get our of bed and right into the snuggle chair to watch ESPN and Fox’s Football Pre-game show.  

 I lost track of Sky while I was in the kitchen…found her “working” in Mark’s office.

 Sunday morning breakfast!  I love slow Sunday Mornings with yummy food and mimosa’s!

Friday Movie Night means snuggling with Daddy!
I hope everyone is having a great Monday and wonderful start to the week!  


I may have created a monster by ordering Sky her first mini vanilla bean scone from Starbucks.  Every time we go in or drive-through all I hear is scones, scones, scones. 

I think she was equally excited to be enjoying a scone as she was to finally get out of the house.  Thankfully her cold symptoms are much better so we were able to have our play date. 

I’m a little sad that the turn in weather means Jodi and I can’t walk to Starbucks, but I have to say listening to Reagan and Sky sing and talk in the car makes driving so worth it! 

Any Monday that includes Starbucks and a play date with Reagan, Jodi and Harrison is automatically a great Monday!