The Balanced Life Pilates Membership!

Two posts in one day…crazy I know. But, this is too good not to share and I’m so excited about being part of it!

Robin over at The Balanced Life has been my favorite source for Pilates workouts, and challenges the last year. The quick 10 minute daily workouts are a life savor with a 3 year old around. Sky loves the workouts, and copies everything Robin does in her videos, but anything longer than 10’ish minutes, would be too long for her, and in turn means I probably wouldn’t find the time for it either.

I was a bit skeptical that just 10 minutes of pilates was worth it or that I’d see results, but I have found that it’s totally worth it, and the results are slowly showing! The biggest being it’s cut down on my back pain and is increasing my core strength! Both of which are great for my first true love…running!

When she shared that she was getting ready to launch on online membership site with all sorts of benefits and workouts I was so excited! I kept my fingers crossed it would be affordable so I could do it. I need something other than running to stay fit, and need it to be low impact, and wanted it to be pilates because I love pilates!

Imagine how excited I was when the new site launched and I found out it was very affordable at just $9 a month, or $99 for the year, which is a better deal because you get a month free that way!

That’s Robin, photo from her website.

Introducing The Balanced Life Sisterhood! What do you get for $9 a month? Plenty! 
-Monthly workout calendar with 5-10 minute pilates or barre workouts
-A monthly mission to help create a balanced life
-Access to the Sisterhood private FB group
-Matching up with a Sisterhood Sister to help you stick to it and offer support
-Discounts on products and other training Robin offers
And, there’s more…so go check it out at: The Balanced Life Sisterhood! The best part is if you sign up by the 31st, you get an email with 3 extra workouts to start doing right now! I’m signed up…who’s going to join me?!
P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post, I don’t get anything out of this other than sharing something awesome with readers! 

Stroller Group Run…Feels So Good To Be Back!

Sure it may have been a slower, easy run, but man did it feel good to get back out there with the stroller group today!

3 easy miles, well as easy as pushing a 3 yr old in a stroller can be, in the warm rain, with a Stroller Mom I adore was just what I needed!

While I’m still dealing with some upper back issues, there was no pain while running, and I actually had a better adjustment today with the Chiro.  The back is still pretty stuck and not wanting to move, but it was better.  It’s a work in progress I guess. (P.S. Dad – he asked when you will work on me again…he says he needs you to work on me! 🙂  He also says that you have educated me very well and helped me develop the ability to breath through the pain of the treatment to get to the fix.)

I’ll run again this weekend sometime, life is crazy busy the next 4 days, so it will take some juggling to get away for a quick run, but I’m excited to get 4 or 5 easy, flat miles in, and see how it goes.  Honestly it’s just nice to be running without a pace/PR goal hanging over my head.  I’m so proud of what I did, but that was a lot of pressure I put on myself and was obviously physically taxing on my body.

Running for fun and just because I really want to is what I need right now!

When not running I’m really trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer/early fall/life before pre-school schedule starts.  Sky and I are soaking up all the sun, enjoying the last few days of rain we have had, and are doing lot’s of pilates and dance partying.

 She’s wasn’t being sassy at all in this pic.  😉

 Climbing on absolutely everything!


 She loves doing my pilates workouts with me! 

I loved the mind part of the workout for today.  We got to make a liberating list of things we don’t do, and just let it go.  Don’t feel bad about it, don’t feel the need to change it or work on it…just let those things go. Focus on making room for the things that make us happy and bring fulfillment.  No comparing to others…no guilt.

I love it!  If you are wondering what the #mindbodymat 28 day challenge is check it out over at The Balanced Life !


Fill in the blank: I don’t_____________________

Post Vaca Running Fail

I’m not sure my legs appreciated my first run after vaca being a fast one.  Or maybe it had more to do with the fact I still feel motion sick from flying.  I don’t know, and I don’t know when the world will stop spinning, and I won’t have waves of dizziness and nausea wash over me, but I’m ready for that to be done!  It’s getting better day by day, but still having not fun moments of dizziness and sickness. 

Anyway, last nights group run was speedy as usual, and Michelle and I pushed the pace, and pushed up the hills, and I couldn’t finish.  I had to walk the last .3 because I was so dizzy and felt like I was going to vomit.  I probably could have finished, but I was over done, thirsty, tired, hungry and sick all at the same time.  Since I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone, and was already close to finishing last there wasn’t much point in pushing when I felt so cruddy.

 Pilates legs.

I had done my pilates leg workout that morning too, so maybe they were a bit tired.  It doesn’t really matter I guess…I just need to work at getting back to it.  Thankfully today’s stroller run felt a lot better than lasts nights group run. 

Is it possible to still be recovering from the heat/humidity as well?  I don’t know how long it takes to get back to normal, but I felt really overheated and dehydrated last night as well, which is pretty much how I felt the whole time in Houston. 
In random news and pics…

After today’s Pilates workout…our check-in was to post a selfie after we finished.
My current manicure!  I’m loving mixing up the Jamberry wraps and having fun, festive nails.  Gotta do it while I can because who knows what future job I may have that has a dress code against this kinda thing.  
Yesterday was so nice that Sky ran around without a shirt all day long.  I love being able to hang out and eat outside in the sun, and that Bishop is ever vigilant in his lookout duties.  
Lastly I have a very exciting post planned for Friday!!!  It’s not very often I get to post about breaking news on the local music scene, but Friday I have exciting news to share about a pretty awesome local band!  Get ready to hear your summer soundtrack for the first time Friday!
What is your #1 favorite music group/performer?  
Aerosmith forever and always!
Do you listen to music while running?
Yes, but I’m cutting back so it feels like more of a boost on race day.
Anyone else have soundtracks for summer?   
I have specific CD’s that I only enjoy listening to during the summer. 

Pilates Challenge

Since my opportunity to run is very limited this week I jumped in and joined the Athleta sponsored 3 week Pilates Summer Series.  Check out the link for more info and to join…it’s FREE! 

I love that the workouts are less than 10 minutes, and it’s M-F, and it will (I hope) jump start a daily strength training habit!  I need to work on that, as do most runners.  7 to 10 minutes a day is no big deal, and Sky had fun doing it with me yesterday.

Thankfully it’s something that is easy to do in the hotel room while Sky is resting, or wanting to sit on my back while I do the planks.  Nothing like an extra 32 pounds to make planks easier!


The weather was a bit blah yesterday and it was raining every time Sky and I stepped outside.  So, I opted for the Galleria shopping center.  It’s pretty high end, which is not my preference, but they had a Lululemon store, and they have a great indoor play area that is free! 

We were both starving though and had to have lunch before shopping and playing!

I found a salad place that is like Subway, only for salad.  They build your salad as you watch and tell them what you want on it.  Seriously they had more options than I knew what to do with.  Did not even come close to eating all of this, even with Sky’s help.  It was sure yummy though. 

On our way to Lulu we found the Disney store, and let me tell you I almost cried watching Sky’s reaction. 

We walked in and her eyes double in size and all she kept saying over and over was, “Mommy, it’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful.  It’s Disney, it’s so beautiful”.  I wish I had thought to take a video, but I was trying really hard to hold it together, the amazement and wonder on her face were priceless! 

I knew we were not getting out of there without something for her so I told her she could pick one thing and this is what she picked…

Tinkerbell for the win.  She found several things she wanted, but each time she found something new she put what she had in her hands back.  I think the sparkly wings won her over, she is fascinated by Tinks wings!  I can not wait to go to Disneyland with her, it’s going to be so much fun!

Then it was my turn…Lululemon!  I debated and debated going in actually, trying to keep this trip low cost, but I really wanted (almost a need with how much I run!) a lighter colored skirt to wear for summer races, oh and it needs to work with the HF singlet.  The only skirt I have right now that looks ok with it is my black one, but my August PR attempt could end up being a hot one and I don’t want black!  So I broke my personal running rule about no white and got this new beauty! 

From seeing others in it I knew I loved how the white skirt looks with the singlet, so I went for it.  Gonna be fun keeping it clean, me and white yikes. 

After that we hit up the play area and Sky had a blast running around and playing with the other tots. 

The play area is a soft foam replica of the mall with slides built into some of the stores, and foam cars that could be pushed along the floor which was a map of the surrounding roads leading to the mall. 

The play area had the cutest Mommy and Me bathrooms! 

I have never seen a family bathroom like that, but it’s a really great idea…too bad Sky wasn’t as impressed with the little potty as I was.  All she cared about was washing her hands over and over. 

We caught up with Mark after play time for an awesome dinner, but that deserves it’s own post, so will share that later today/tomorrow!

Now that the rain has finally stopped and the roads are no longer flooding Sky and I are venturing out for lunch and park time!

Have a great Tuesday!