Life After Heels

A few months back we went out with friends and I went ahead and wore the cute heels that I love to pieces. I figured since we’d be sitting at dinner and not walking around much I could get away with it.

Several hours of sitting later oh how wrong my thinking had been. My hips, knees, and back just will not tolerate heels any more. Since I’d rather be able to run pain free (and live life in general as pain free as possible) I gave all but one pair of heels away.

I  just had to keep these! I may only wear them once a year and may have to pack flats to change into, but I love these shoes, and they were a gift so I just have to keep them.  

After that night out I vowed to only wear flats/shoes that don’t hurt my body. Which left me with only a few choices for several months. I’m sad to admit that I wore running shoes almost all the time while searching for cute flats that would work and be fashionable. I’ve slowly been adding shoes that work for me here and there, and have been focusing on options that have a cool or unexpected color or detail to add visual interest.

It may come as a surprise to those that know me that I turned to cowboy boots to add an interesting look to my shoe wardrobe. While I grew up very much a country girl in boots I have not lived that lifestyle in a very long time. The city got into the girl for sure and I honestly don’t remember the last time I had boots on. I had to laugh when Dad was looking at my wish list and had to call and verify that boots were really what I meant to put on there.

Boots, specifically cowgirl boots, have so many color and design options, and stitching that add visual interest, and I remember that they were comfortable and long lasting. If you take care of them and treat the leather they will last forever! You may need to have them re-soled, but they won’t fall apart on you and become even more comfortable the more you wear them.

So I added a few pairs to my wish list to contemplate, and ended up with a beautiful pair for Christmas! Thank you Dad!

I love my Eight Second Angel boots (they are on sale right now)! They are the perfect color to wear with a ton of stuff in my closet, and are so comfortable! It was dry out yesterday so I ventured out in them, and felt so sassy! I’m picking up the boot care products I need today so I can get them ready for rain, because I plan on wearing them all the time! Especially now that Sky and I both have boots!

She was all about our boots and matching mommy yesterday! Honestly the best shoe option for a tot is leather boots. They are beyond cute and indestructible. Those purple boots have been in the rain, mud, snow, and been peed on several times (accidents happen) but they are holding up and still look great.

I’m just really thankful to have boots that have cool detailing and punch up my footwear options. I’m not going to lie, heels can put the perfect finishing touch on an awesome outfit, and I was sad about being limited to flats. But, these boots make it all better, and I’m building outfits around them so I can wear them all the time!

Call me a poser if you want, I won’t be roping cattle or busting broncos in them, but I am going to grocery shop, and take Sky to classes & lessons like I mean it! 🙂

A few other options I’ve added to my shoe wardrobe since getting rid of the heels…

P.S. Going totally flat can be bad as well, so I use inserts as needed/appropriate. All of these were sourced at outlets/discount stores except the green ones, those are from Target. 

There is a sexy, exciting shoe life after heels! My back, knees, and hips thank me for changing my ways.

Weekend Fun/Christmas With Friends

It finally feels like Christmas! It all started when my Dad arrived on Friday, and we did Christmas with him that evening. Leaving the pics small…it was dark and they are from my phone so the quality isn’t great.

 New Zip Up for Dad.
 A recovery thingy for Mark’s truck, for next time it gets stuck. 

 Sky picked out Grandpa’s hat, gloves and scarf  and they were supposed to be showing off their matching items, but Sky wasn’t having it. 

Really I think if you gave her empty boxes to unwrap that’s all she really wants. 

After Christmas with Grandpa it was time to get ready for Christmas with friends…which I didn’t take a single pic of. I’m lame like that. Or, maybe it was because I was enjoying the flowing champagne and having fun and just didn’t think about it. 
I did get pictures of the prep though. I have to say I had a few rather brilliant ideas! 
If you’re going to have a house full of people take advantage of an Amazon Local coupon, or other discount site, and get housecleaning! We booked a cleaner through Homejoy and in 3 hours she cleaned all the baseboards, window seals and tracks, dusted the entire house top to bottom and cleaned both bathrooms. The only thing I did was vacuum and sweep! She even put a sticker on the folded TP! It only would have been better if I had scheduled one to do the cleanup after as well. Mostly it’s a bunch of wine & champagne glasses, so it’s not too bad. 
The other brilliant idea…make dinner the night before and just re-heat! This is a bacon, beef, mushroom rague that I made Friday, and was able to re-heat in batches for everyone on Sat! The stove was clean, and not hot so served as extra counter space, there were no huge pots and pans taking up room in the kitchen, and while I love cooking it was nice not to be stuck in the kitchen! This is the way to go for all future large gatherings that I’m cooking a main meal for! It only take a bit of planning to make sure the meal you make is good the next day, thankfully this one gets better as the days go by and the flavors meld. 
Since I didn’t have to clean, or cook this is what I was doing up until an hour before the party! All I had to do was toss on a go too party outfit and wait for people to show up! 
We ended the evening watching White Christmas, and now I finally feel like it’s officially Christmas time!  

A Tradition Was Born

We sort of fell into what is going to be our Christmas Tradition over the weekend. I’ve been wondering what our little family of 3 would settle into as far as a tradition. I love all the friends and family time that comes with the holiday season, but it’s equally important to me that we, the 3 of us, have our own little Christmas time, yet not take away from Christmas with the rest of the family etc.

After the weekend of Christmas activity around our house I think we have it! I don’t know that it will always happen in the same order, but the elements are all there and the result is the 3 of us can spend some fun, calm Christmas time together.

Friday night was Santa Picture, BBQ Party (dinner at Dickey’s, but Sky thinks everything is a party…which I fully support…please just let Dickey’s stay in business!), picking out our tree on the way home, and finishing up with a Christmas movie before bed time.

The real fun came the next day when we finished (!) our Christmas shopping, put up the tree, and had our own tree lighting ceremony.

I really hope that we can teach Sky not to be rushed, rude, and inpatient when it comes to shopping this time of year. That it can be fun, and to just take your time. We all know it’s a busy, crowded time of year, embrace it, or stay home and only shop online! I also hope she’s never too old/too cool to ride a skateboard through Sports Authority.

Sky learning the fine art of hanging ornaments.
Here’s a tip…don’t pick your tree out in the dark. I love our tree…let’s just say it has personality, but next year we will do so during daylight! 

Our little courtyard and patio are so festive and pretty. I love seeing the lights outside when we’re watching Christmas movies inside all warm and snugly. And, even though it was just the 3 of us I have to say we know how to have a fun tree lighting…much better than the sad events the local communities had last year. We swore after lasts years disappointing tree lighting’s we were done with that. So, we created our own instead!

Next year it’s a trip into the woods and cutting down our own, much bigger, tree. And, even better we are thinking hot spiced wine, cookies, carols, and friends/family coming over for our tree lighting!

I love that we found our “thing” for Christmas.  A weekend of Christmas fun that we can look forward to year after year, and that we didn’t plan any of it really. We didn’t go into it thinking “this is going to be our tradition”. We were just doing our thing and ended up having fun doing it. I’ve seen numerous lists of things to do/try to make family traditions…and that’s great if you need ideas, but to me it just felt like another to do list, and a bit forced.

Mark gets credit for the outdoor tree. Best Christmas idea ever! It’s right outside the living room window so we can see it all evening long. The best part is we don’t have a tree crowding our little living room, and the dogs/Sky can’t mess with it…I was not looking forward to the tree battle and broken ornaments.

What’s your Christmas Tradition?

Merry Christmas Eve!!

We spent Christmas Eve with my dad and his wife, Val, and it was pretty perfect!  A totally laid back day of playing with Sky, Mark and I both getting hip treatments to work out a few kinks (thank goodness the little pains I had on the last run were in the early stages of bigger issues, and we totally got them taken care of!), amazing steak and wine parings, presents, and Christmas Light displays.

I know it’s a dark picture, but Sky was so over the top excited about the display!  She kept running from tree to tree in amazement!  I was amazed as well, and completely impressed that it’s a fee display with synchronized music that you can listen to in your car, or get and walk through the display as it plays outside.  On the West side of the state you would pay good money to see such a display, but over here it’s just something the local landscape company does for the community to enjoy.

I’m off to watch some Christmas Classics, drink more wine and enjoy time with the less connected side of the family.  Out of respect for their lack of cell phone/computer/social media addiction I will be taking a break as well, and totally looking forward to it!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Run/Football/Pack/Clean the House Sunday

So much to do to get ready for all the Christmas fun that I won’t be sitting on the couch watching football all day.  It’s ok though, the games will still be one and I will be watching my FF championship game closely, I simply must win this year!

Before all that though I had to get a run in.  My favorite loop was calling my name, so I laced up and headed out for a quick little 3.85 mile run.  Had to get a last run in before hitting up the east side of the state.  My track record for running over there is bad.  As in doesn’t even exist.  I don’t plan on changing that this visit either.  Not going to lie…it didn’t feel good.  In fact I think an old injury has come back and I’m not happy about it.  The arch of my left foot hurt from start to finish.  My knee and hip hurt too, but after a mid-run walking break (I just couldn’t do the hill…was trying not to vomit by that point) those calmed down and I was able to finish the run with just the arch pain, and tummy trouble.  Too many treats, and too much wine!
Still glad I got out there, and now I can focus on stopping the arch issue before it gets any worse!

 Unless their trail shoes, then they should be dirty.  Shower time for me and my Energy Boost’s!

While I’m sad our unexpected trip to San Fran was cancelled (I won’t get to see my favorite people and Sky and I will miss lunch with Liz) it does free me up to take this week off from running, and focus solely on family time.  Realistically I knew running in San Fran wasn’t going to happen, and two weeks of no running just doesn’t work for me at all…which meant some hilly, windy, painfully cold air runs this week.  I’m kind of glad I can take a break and focus on celebrating time with loved ones and relaxing instead!  Plus, there is something about my Aunt and Uncles house that just makes you want to put on pj’s and snuggle all day while watching classic Christmas movies.  

We had an early Christmas Celebration with friends Friday night.  I didn’t take very many pictures…we were too busy eating and drinking.  Ok, mostly drinking the yummy cocktail Michelle made!  Which is why I didn’t get a run in yesterday!


Sky and Abi watching Polar Express

She takes gift opening very seriously! 
Using Pictionary cards makes for a challenging night of charades!

Yesterday after re-hydrating with NUUN (the upside of being a runner is always having hydration on hand) I took Sky to the park for some play time.  Pretty much the only time we go to the playground at Ft. St. is when it rains.  We like having the playground to ourselves.  The reality is it’s usually so overcrowded that it’s way to easy for Sky to get lost in the crowd and give me a panic attack!   
“I balancing!”

She spent a lot of time in this playhouse…out of the rain. 
Once we got home it was time for her first cooking lesson!  She is loving the kiddo sized utensils she got from Bob and Michelle!  She is all about “Look Mommy I Cooking” so it’s exciting for her to have her own utensils and do her own “cooking”.  She chopped up her own lunch and snacks for today with Daddy’s help.
I don’t mind that it’s going to be a busy Sunday, with Football as the background noise.  It will make getting all the laundry and packing done so much more enjoyable!  Plus, I love coming home from trips to a clean house.  It’s no fun unpacking in an already messy house!   
It will be limited posting next week…focusing more on enjoying family time than posting. 
Merry Christmas and safe travels to all!