Sea lion under a restaurant in Astoria. 

Just sharing some of the random pics I have from summer activities.

Sky Unicorn!


Driving Ms. Sky

Our October has been so nice it sort of feels like summer is just now ending. Today starts a stretch of rainy weather. There’s been a chill in the air in the mornings and evenings as well.

Human Foosball at Chambers Bay Kite Festival.


Winter is coming! I’m ready though…I wasn’t that into it last year, the weather/holidays/snow, but this year I’m feeling it and ready to embrace the Winter months and all they bring.

Sky was invited to cheer with Clover Park Cheer team during a football game…so much fun! She taught her friends the cheer and they learned it so well that they all got to participate. Nicest group of girls and they made Sky feel so welcome and part of the team!
Home project helpers…not so much, but they are cute. 🙂


Biker Chick

I think we have an official mountain biker on our hands! She is getting to the point where she wants to ride in the woods and down single track trails. Trails that give me pause btw. But, she’s all for it!

She wanted to take on a “hard” trail in the woods. Had to hop off a few times and get going again, but her sense of adventure is so strong!

She still has trouble here and there, had to hop off a few times on the trail in the picture, it was more technical than what she’s been riding on.

Our summer bike rides have been the highlight of summer for me! For one I’m enjoying being on my bike way more than running (although I’m getting back to running as well) it’s way easier on my bad knee. Second Sky has made huge progress from the beginning of summer to now. She’s so much more self sufficient, getting pretty good at her gears, and willing to take on pretty much anything the park has to offer.

Mark gets all the bike riding credit…he is the one that has taught her how to ride her bike, and how to adjust to her new bike with hand brakes and gears. 

Now we just have to get her some cold weather gear so we can keep up the skills during fall/winter. I hate to start over again in the spring. The winter wind chill on the bike though…that can be pretty cold. For now we are getting in as many family rides as we can while the weather is still accommodating.

Happy Biking!


Happy Friday! Really the only reason I look forward to Friday’s so much, and in turn the weekends, is to spend time with my loves. I just want more time, because time goes way too fast. I LOVE my job, so it’s never really about wanting to get the heck out of work for a few days.

Ruthie’s tongue!

I’m so lucky that I’m off at 1:45, Sky’s out of school at 2:15 and that leaves us a few hours every afternoon to hang out, like the good old days when her and I were home together all the time. We miss daddy though, lets be clear about that.

Wind Blown! 

It has been pretty sunny and temps are rising, so Sky, Ruthie and I headed out to the beach one day after school, and while Sky was super excited about a picnic on the beach (girl is all about picnics all the time!) she was also pretty vocal about how unfair it was that we were having fun without Daddy, who was still stuck at work. “I miss Daddy, I wish Daddy were here”…on repeat. Daddies girl!

We must always scream when a train goes past!

No worries Sky, the sun is sticking around for a few more days, and it’s going to get even hotter, so we can hit that beach with Daddy over the weekend! We were pretty lazy lounging on a blanket, reading magazines and snacking. There’s more to explore though, so we totally need to go back!

So many yummy recipes, not enough time to cool them all, but I’m going to give it my best shot!

Love, love, love everything about hanging with my girls in the sun! Looking forward to enjoying a sunny, warm weekend!

It’s almost summer time! Can’t wait to fill my days hanging with my girls!

Happy Friday!

Ice Cream Monster

Do not get between Sky and her ice cream! Pretty much any time we have reason to celebrate a job well done, or a special event, and you ask Sky how she want’s to celebrate she’s going to say Ice Cream!

Get in my belly!

This celebration took us to Cold Stone, mostly because I begged. Their ice cream is pretty much the only ice cream I eat. They may not have 31 flavors like the other place Mark and Sky like to go, but you can mix in some yummy stuff! Hello Oreo Cookie filling with chocolate chip cookie dough…I mean I wanted to roll in it.

Going in for the yummy!

Sky looked like she did roll in her ice cream! Girl enjoys her treats!

Happy Girl!

Oh Sky

When you ask a 6 year old to get the dry clothes from the dryer and after a few minutes you realize it’s very quiet…


…this is what you find.

Maybe once the tree house is done she won’t feel the need to hang out in the dryer.

Every day is an adventure with this one!

P.S. I did have a talk with her about how unsafe this is, but I couldn’t  pass up the pic!

Sky’s Very Brave Weekend

Presidents Day weekend did not go as planned. Originally we were going to go camping in our new trailer for the first time. But, with the threat of freezing temps, wind, rain and snow we decided to stay cation instead. Yes, we would have heat in the trailer, but still with cruddy weather three humans and one dog stuck in a camp trailer for 4 days…gets old fast.


It turned out for the best though because Sky’s two front, top teeth have been painful and bleeding on and off since damaging them 3 years ago. The dentist thought they would fall out on their own long before perm teeth started coming in, but that didn’t happen. She was complaining about them hurting (for the 100th time), so I made the call and they got us in that same day. The dentist was comfortable letting them come out on their own, even though one of the grown up teeth was in, on top of the baby tooth. Sky was all about not having the teeth pulled, and we were all about get them out, since they have been an issue on and off for years.

Finally with encouragement from Daddy, and I’m not going to lie some bribery, Sky decided to have the two teeth pulled. She was a champ let me tell you. There was a little bit of squirming in the chair, but she did it. I’m so proud of her! She was scared, but she also didn’t want to mess with those teeth any longer…she decided a little pain now was worth pain free teeth for the future.

The bravery didn’t end there. Next she took on rock wall climbing! Once again she was a little uncertain about the whole thing, but once she got there, and got roped in, she went right up that first wall to the top! Thank goodness for auto climbers, because they do all the rope work for you, but she also got to climb some more challenging walls with a guide belaying her. She didn’t hit the top of those walls, but she got so darn close on a few of them.



I love seeing her push her comfort boundaries and take on new challenges, some fun, some necessary, but brave non-the-less.

Vet clinic at the museum.


We did opt for some good ol fun by taking her to the Children’s Museum, not much bravery involved there, just a lot of play time and acting like a kid. Pretty great stay cation for us all though!



The Two Faces of Sky

And this is why I take 15+ pics just to get one good one.


Seriously I see this look 5,000 times a day, at least. It’s the you don’t know what your talking about/stop talking to me/you are ridiculous look.

In true, I’m a 6 year old and change my mind every few seconds fashion, 2 seconds later this is the look we get.


When we go for family walks in the woods we let Sky pick our path, Mark told her this one ended in a dead end, but she insisted on taking it anyway, and she really doesn’t like being wrong, or maybe she doesn’t like it when Mommy & Daddy are right. Whatever, that’s the reason behind the first look.

Love this little munchkin so much, even with her eye rolling and exasperated looks.

P.S. Go for more walks in the woods/at the park!