361 – One Degree Beyond

Guys, there is a new running shoe that is totally turning my head! I had the chance to test run the 361 Spire last week, and you know what, I really liked it! I liked it so much that it may be my next road shoe!


They are a newer shoe company, one I’d not head of actually. So, when I heard that Asics and adidas fans would like them, I was excited and a bit skeptical. I’ve stopped testing out the vendor shoes at the group run because my adidas ultra boost are perfect for me. They just work and I love them. But, I’ll give the new shoe on the block a try, and offer honest feedback to the rep (I know him from his work with another line).

During the run I liked how the upper felt and where the crease line is behind my toes, no pinching or discomfort there, and I’m picky about the crease line! The landing feels similar to the Ultra Boost, but with a bit more substance, which I liked a lot. The big difference was the push off. I’ve gotten used to the Ultra Boost springing my foot off the pavement, and that doesn’t happen with the 361 but I still liked it, and it didn’t feel like hard work to run in them. adidas feels so easy to run in, so I judge all shoes by that feeling, and the 361 felt pretty comparable, even if less springy.


The biggest win for me though was that my knee and hips felt great with zero pain during or after the run, and I didn’t get blisters! I’m so susceptible to blisters, even getting them on just 3 mile runs, so to not feel any rubbing, or beginnings of a blister is huge for me!

There have been shoes that withing the first half mile of the test run I’m hating them, and kicking myself for trying them. Not these though! The 361 Spire felt really good and I enjoyed my run from start to finish. So much so I’m sad that the store doesn’t carry the shoe. But, I’m hopeful, because the feedback from those in the group that did try them was really good. Everyone liked them and had good things to say. Until I can get them through the store I’ll have to order online from their site.

Check them out, read the reviews, see what Runner’s World has to say…everything I’ve seen so far has been really positive, and then give the new shoe on the block a try for yourself!

P.S. this is not a sponsored post, I’m sharing because I truly liked the shoe and like to help out the “new guy” when I can.



My Little Runner

I find it interesting that one of the first things Sky asked me, after being gone for a week and a half, was if she could run with me.

It’s so funny that she finds comfort in the same thing I do. I registered for several races while I was gone helping my Dad, and the first thing Sky asked to do with me was go for a run. We talked, we laughed, we said I love you a lot, and we told each other how much we missed each other during our run together.


It’s easy to let myself think that she doesn’t miss me when I’m gone. To think that she’s having so much fun with Daddy, her activities, and spending more time with friends and family that my presence is irrelevant.

Not irrelevant in a feel bad for me…I don’t matter way, but irrelevant in a she has a lot of people that love her way, and she was well cared for type of way. Which is all true. Between Mark, grandparents, and friends she still made it to all her swimming and school times, and had tons of extra play time with friends.


Her tearful breakdown in the car made it crystal clear that she did miss me though. As soon as I got into town I went straight to the friends house she was playing with (and thankfully they had dinner ready to share so I didn’t have to worry about cooking after 8 1/2 hours on the road) and she was mad I was there. She didn’t want to leave her friends and the fun she’d been having.


It wasn’t until we got in the car on the way home that she fell apart and sobbingly told me everything that was wrong with life and it all came down to this, “It was rough mommy, I really missed you”.

And, while that breaks my heart, it also reminds me how important my job is. How important being her mommy is. How important running with her is…proving to her that I’m there for her and that running is there for her/us as well.


Every Runner Want’s a Gift Bag Like This!

I got the most awesome message from the Fleet Feet store manager while I was in Houston.  She sent me this picture….

….and told me I’d scream when I saw what was inside.  Well that made me want to fly home instantly and see what was inside!!! 

Naturally I planned my Sunday errands around the store opening so I could go get my bag of goodies and she was right, although I didn’t scream, I cried.   

Yes, coffee mugs make me teary eyed.  😉  Seriously though, I LOVE my coffee mug!  In the last big clean out of the house I actually got rid of the two travel mugs I had and later found that I really missed them.  So, suffice it to say this mug has gotten a ton of use the last 3 days!  It’s my go-to mug. 

There were also a few of these beauties….

Since I gave all but one hair band away when I cut it all off I actually needed some of these!  Now that it’s longer again I’m having to braid/pin/pull it back out of my face for running.  Super excited about the bright colors too! 

The thing that really got to me though and brought tears to my eyes were these beautiful new kicks!!!

My one true running shoe love adidas Energy Boost and in a color that I LOVE to pieces!  I’m not going to lie this did me in. 

My other ones still feel great, but they are getting closer and closer to 500 miles and even though they feel like they will last much longer than a traditional running shoe, I don’t know how much longer.  I was starting to get a little stressed about replacing them/adding a 2nd pair to rotate with.  (When my job status changed and I became a SAHM one of the things that had to change was making sure my running didn’t hit the family budget, the “extra” $$ for running gear/races just wasn’t there any longer).   Now I feel like my running shoe need is covered for a very long time, and I can run, run, run to my hearts content!

I really don’t even know how to say thank you for such a wonderful gift!  I really hope that Kelli (adidas rep and friend!) and adidas know that those shoes mean I can not only continue training and focusing on my upcoming PR goal race, but it means I get to continue running with Sky as well!  I don’t know if she will love running like I do, or continue to be interested in it like she is now.  But, even if she decides she hates it, she is being raised in and around the running community, and I tell you it’s a pretty great community for a kiddo to be part of!   

So thank you Kelli and adidas for the shoes!  They will keep me and Sky going for a very long time! 

As always this is not a sponsored post.  No one asked me to post about anything I was given.  I do so because I love the product, and really want to say Thank You, and let everyone know how amazing and supportive adidas is! 

P.S. – I also have to say thank you to my Dad and Fleet Feet Sports Tacoma…the support I receive is truly amazing!

Happiest Little Runner EVER!

Congratulations Grace!!!!  She finished her very first race last night!


That’s Grace with the biggest grin on her face I’ve ever seen!  The bright light just behind her is Michelle.  I know it’s not the best picture, but it was dark, Grace was running really fast, and it was the best I could do with my phone. 

She ran 2.5 miles, which included the hardest hill on 5 Mile Drive, and Michelle said she ran the whole darn hill!  I have a special place in my heart for Grace (and her sister Kiera), and watching her cross he first finish line brought tears to my eyes. 

All I know is that every runner should have that much joy in their hearts while running!  I can’t wait to see all the finish lines Grace has ahead of her!  I am so proud of her!