I Got Embellished!

You know you’re stylist did a fabulous job with your new hair color when you are almost 42 and carded 4 times in 7 days! That totally makes it sound like a drink a lot haha!

I am so lucky that my stylist is also my good friend. When she asked me to hair model for her I jumped at the chance, and while I was willing to stretch my comfort zone so she could learn some new techniques, she had my best interest at heart and was careful not to stretch too much so it wouldn’t feel so drastic.

Old Color

Everyone at Embellish Multispace Salon is dedicated to learning the new color line La Biosthetique, and to getting the healthiest and prettiest results they can. This is the second time I’ve hair modeled for Eleanor during a La Biosthetique training, and I was impressed they remembered me and my hair, and knew exactly what color to formulate to help me go from dark blond to brown without it being too drastic or shocking.

New Color! Ok, ok, I know it’s hard to see the darker difference, but my hair is a lot darker, especially underneath, and all the gold/brass tones are pretty much gone. It’s more of a brown ash, which I love!

I’m loving the new color, and realistically I’m probably closer to light brown than dark blond anyway, although really I haven’t seen my natural hair color since HS….so who knows. All I know is I love the look and love the way it’s lasting and growing out!

My Color formula…this is why you need to pay attention in geography!

Once again Eleanor did an amazing job, and I had such a fun day with her, the La Biosthetique peeps, and the rest of the stylist at the salon!

Seriously if you are craving a new Spring Vibe visit Eleanor at Embellish!



Embellish(ing) Tacoma!

Photo from the Embellish FB page.

We all know that summer doesn’t really start in the PNW until after July 4th. Now that the biggest holiday of the summer is over, it’s time for summer to hit us full force…bring on the sun and 90+ weather! And, what better time is there to get a new cut and/or color at Tacoma’s coolest salon?! I know I want easy, breezy hair for summer!

Enter Embellish Salon! Embellish has been embellishing Tacoma for 13 years. Chances are if you see someone with a stylish cut and/or color one of the Daymakers at Embellish is responsible.

Hey Mr. Dj!

The salon held their 13th anniversary party a few weekends ago, while at the same time announcing they are an exclusive La Biosthetique salon. What does that mean? Well it means they are now offering one of the premier product lines in the world! While La Biosthetique is about more than hair color & products (full line of organic makeup that is pretty amazing as well) I was able to see what the color line can do for hair, first hand, and it’s amazing! I’m so excited about the new color line and techniques the salon will be using, it’s truly revolutionary!

photo from the Embellish FB page.

While I have a pretty casual attitude about my hair in that I’m not scared of trying new cuts or color (it will always grow out and/or it’s always fixable right?!), I want my hair to look good, and I’m willing to put the time in in the morning to style it so it does look good.

Lavender drink goodness!
Lavender drink goodness!

I trust Eleanor, my stylist at Embellish 100%, and I trust all of the other Daymakers (Stylist) there as well. While they each have their own strengths and style, they are all perfectionist that want you to walk out of there feeling like a million dollars. And, there is a habit of collaboration between the Daymakers. Eleanor was working with my hair, and it was exactly what I asked her to do/wanted her to do, but we were both felt it was not 100%, but couldn’t pinpoint why. One of the other Daymakers walked over made one tiny suggestion and within a few snips it was perfection. So perfect I took a selfie, and if you know me you know I don’t like selfie’s at all (the whole selfie thing is overdone and tired…that could be a whole other post though).

Photo from the Embellish FB page.

If you want a fresh take one your hair, need a new salon, are looking for THE stylist of your dreams Embelish is the place for you! Plus, if you are a client you get invitations to their parties, and let me tell you…you want an invitation! The swag for the anniversary party was amazing, the DJ was spinning and the drinks were truly special! Plus who doesn’t want a free hair service?! My hair was so fancy when I walked out!

Eleanor offering free “fancy” service during the party!

As if that’s not enough they are also a Green Salon! That means all the hair that hits the floor, and all the left over stuff that would normally go in the garbage is handled in a special way so that it can be reused, and turned into things like bookshelves…crazy right?!

I love Embellish, and I think you will to. If you are local to Tacoma check them out, if you are traveling through, stop in for a fresh cut and/or color…you won’t be sorry!

Happy Anniversary Embellish Salon! 13 years of making Tacoma beautiful is something to be proud of!

Quick & Easy Wavy Hair

I thought I would share my steps to quick and easy wavy hair. It seems to be all the rage right now. Let’s be clear here, I do not have wavy hair, like at all. It’s thick, heavy, and straight.

Finished product from the back. 

But, thanks to my amazing stylist Eleanor at Embelish I have a style that cuts down on the heavy weight of my hair, and a quick, easy way to air dry some waves into my hair. Totally got this technique from Eleanor!

Right out of the shower I comb out the tangles (although Eleanor recommends not combing your hair and leaving those wet ringlets to dry as is), and then put in a bit of KM Motion Lotion and scrunch my hair with my hands.

Image from the Kevin Murphy  site.

Next I use clips to clip up my hair, leave it random and messy, to let it dry to about 85-90% dry.

Example of how the clips go in. P.S. like my stripes on stripes?! 🙂

I then remove the clips and move them up or down to scrunch the rest of the air and let it finish drying.

View of the back of the hair air drying with the clips in.

After it’s dry I use a texturing spray of some sort. KM Doo Over is amazing, and these two in the picture are pretty great as well. Between the salon and samples I get via Birchbox I always seem to have something on hand that works like magic to add some texture and hold to my style.

Play around and figure out if a sea salt spray, dry shampoo, texture spray or volumizing spray works best for you. The Death Valley Dry Shampoo is one of the few that doesn’t have color, so no gray hair!

If I shower right when I get up, put the clips in, and then cook breakfast, get Sky ready for school, do make-up…by the time I’m done with all that my hair is dry and ready for some spray before heading out the door. Super easy and it looks great! Or at least I think it does. 🙂

Not bad for straight hair! 

Weekend Re-Cap / Life is Back to Normal

Happy Monday to everyone!  I hope it’s been a kind one!

I kind of feel a little pressure to get our life, house, errands etc back on track this week.  We have been gone every single weekend this month!  Two of those weekends were not planned either.  With all the unexpected travel I haven’t done “real” grocery shopping in a very long time.  Nor have I made dentists appointments, Dr. appointments, cleaned the house…you get the idea.  I have been doing the minimum to keep things going (unpacking doing laundry and repacking over and over) and getting my training runs done, and as a result it’s all caught up with us now.

I sort of love being home though and doing the normal every stuff, and it feels good to be getting back to normal and getting things done!  

I finally had time for a hair cut last week and boy oh boy was I over due!  It may not look a ton different, but the real beauty of this cut is when I let it air dry…it’s has the perfect, no effort beach waves cut into the style, so it looks amazing with zero effort!  (We won’t talk about the fact that I got rear ended again on the way to the hair cut…thankfully Sky and I are fine!  Thankfully it’s wasn’t more serious because they hit us and took off…karma…that’s all I have to say).

This is the blown out version of the below style/pic my stylist worked off of!  Once again El did an amazing job, and was able to take all the heavy stuff off thankfully!

I let it air dry camping, and it looks pretty great if I do say so myself!  El get’s all the credit, she’s the one that makes it look good!

Friday started with my last “real” run before race day.  I got up and got 8 miles in and felt great doing it!  This week I have two 3 mile runs planned and then I’m resting until Sat.  Saturday races feel strange to me, but it’s kinda nice to have Sunday to lay around and recover.

After that it was time for a weekend of camping on the coast.  It’s always dicey camping on the WA Coast even in the summer, but we got so lucky with clear sunny days and a slight breeze that was perfect for keeping it from getting to hot!

 Sky and I waited around for Mark to finish work for the day and she was so over the top excited when it was finally time to get to camping!  This girl loves camping!  Out of the blue, twice today, she has said “Thank you mommy for the camping”!

 Climbing trees!  
 We were so not prepared for her to play in the ocean, we had no extra clothes, nor did we have any of the dishes/silverware needed for lunch either, but we made it work and had a lovely lunch on the beach!

Watching the kiddos play in the waves, I could do this all day!

 The girls coloring in trailer.  It’s nice that each family has a trailer because the kids end up in one, usually ours since it’s smaller and less stuff to get into, and the adults can visit in the other one, but with both doors open and facing each other we always know what they are up to.
 She wakes up super cuddly when we are camping!

Who’s walking who?

Thankfully Michelle’s Mom came up to camp and watched the kiddo’s so we could sneak away for wine tasting and silliness at The Westport Winery.  If you are ever in the area check them out!  One of the few that let’s you wander the grounds at will, and they set up ton’s of outdoor seating, games, and entertainment to enjoy while strolling the vineyards drinking wine. 

The sunset was really amazing!

 My two favorite people taking a sunset walk. 

Sadly that glass of wine ended up getting kicked out of my hand, down the front of me, and (I have no idea how this happened) all down the inside as well.  I had wine in my belly button.  I was not a happy camper, mostly because I was worried about getting the wine out.  I ended up having to toss a few items, but the rest washed out with some Wine Away.  I learned that Wine Away needs to be a staple in the camping trailer, and not to drink and snuggle with a tired 3 year old at the same time.

Michelle and I enjoying the sunset.

This trip was timed perfectly!  This month has been crazy with travel, car issues, getting hit twice, Grandpa passing, the stress of trying to potty train a tot that want’s nothing to do with it yet must be potty trained before pre-school starts, being away from home every weekend (I really like being home!) among other things.  It all sort of hit me, and getting away with good friends for the weekend and just relaxing and having fun was exactly what I needed.  I feel recharged and ready to take on the rest of summer! 
How do you recharge when life gets crazy?

Weekend Awesomeness!

We had a pretty much awesome weekend.  Well…actually Sky and I had an awesome weekend, while Mark unfortunately found more to do projects around the house.  I guess it’s ok timing since the master bath is almost done, so he needed a new project right?

Let’s just say finding rotting support beams under the deck was not the high point of the weekend for him.  :-/  The joys of being a home owner, the projects just never ever, ever end.   

On to the good stuff!  It started with a Sassy new hair cut!!! 

Thanks to Eleanor this is the smoothest and most stylish grow-out I have ever gone through!  Love this cut, and I can see the end result in the near’ish future and am loving it!

It got even better when I found out Michelle registered for the St. P day 5K, which means we get to run it together!!!  Since I PR’d the Santa Run I’m going to wait and make the 2014 Santa Run my next 5K PR attempt.  I’m saving St. P Day 5K for fun, sparkly cute skirts, and running with my Irish best friend!  It’s only fitting! 

My trusty adidas energy Boost got me through 5 Mile Drive!

I don’t bail on runs with friends, or on myself (for the most part) for that matter.  But, having said that I still feel like every run has the potential to not happen until I lace up the shoes.  Once I have the shoes on my feet I start thinking about how amazing it’s going to feel to pound out some miles, and how great breakfast is going to taste when I get home.  The shoes are the magic go button for me! 

Saturday morning Michelle and I hit up 5 Mile Drive for a good butt kicking run!  5 Mile Drive always make me nervous, and it’s not because the bathrooms are closed this time of year (ok maybe it is), it’s because it’s a for real run with challenging hills and even on a “I feel like I can run fast and forever” day it’s still harder than anything else I run.  I always feel kind of bad a$$ when I don’t drop to my knees at the finish.

After starting the weekend with a good hill workout of a run the rest of the weekend was all about stretching, foam rolling, relaxing and having fun with the babe (after he finished installing the faucets in the master bath) and baby. 

Sunday we found a new park to explore.  It’s very, very secluded so Sky and I won’t be going there without Mark, but it was nice that there was no one else around while we explored.   

Throwing rocks in the water. 
 Playing their version of Pooh Sticks!

She tried to push the tree over, then turned around and gave it a big hug!

The nice thing about starting the weekend with a good hard run, getting some tasks done, and spending lot’s of time playing with the tot is that I don’t feel bad at all that once the Pro Bowl started I sat on the couch watching the game and then stayed up late to watch the Grammy’s.  I feel like I earned that “lazy” time watching TV and drinking good wine.

Who else watched the Pro Bowl? 
I wasn’t sure how I’d like the new changes, but it was a much more exciting game to watch than the last few years have been. 

What was your favorite performance of the Grammy’s? 
Close tie between Pink and Macklemore.