Fun Fact Friday

Happy Spooky Friday!  I’m hopeful the rain tapers off before tonight!  

I guess I’m a Halloween looser because I’m not dressing up.  If there isn’t a party to go to I just don’t see the point of dressing up to clean house in, go to the Dr. and a play date in.  Now, Sky that’s a different story.  She has an awesome outfit all ready to go for the day!

More Fun Facts to share (you’d think I’d run out!):

-I have the same exact record in both Fantasy Football Leagues.  I usually bomb in one and make the playoffs in the other.

-Singers and Swing is my favorite station to listen to.  It’s different…I don’t hear the same 25 songs over and over and over, and more importantly I don’t have to worry that a song will come on that I don’t want Sky listening to.  When we are home puttering around the house this is what Sky and I listen to 95% of the time.

-We drink champagne to celebrate Football Sunday (not every Sunday though).  Truth be told we find lot’s of little reasons to celebrate with champagne.  Not that we drink it all the time, but we don’t wait for the “big” occasions either.

-I like raw food pics way better than cooked food pics.  I just like seeing how it all starts out.

-I enjoyed this way more than I should have!  Mark can’t drink beer, so this was all mine.  Currants, Raisins, and Clove make really good beer.  Here’s a tip…it comes in a pint bottle, so if you have a champagne saver cork use it on this bottle of beer and it will last two days.  It’s a sipping beer and was worth every penny I spent on it!


Do you dress up for Halloween just because it’s Halloween?  
I just need a reason.  When I worked the office always dressed up, and if there is a party to go to I’m all in.  But otherwise I don’t want to be bothered with it.

Fun Fact Friday!

Back at you this Friday with some more fun facts…because I just feel the need to share my oddness with everyone.  🙂

Fun Fact #1 – Slippers with sequins are the best!  Why you ask?  Well, my feet tend to be itchy a lot of the time (runner problems…even though I’m not running right now) and it’s super easy/handy to scratch the itchy parts with the sharp edges of the sequins from the opposite slipper.  Never mind that I abraded the top of my foot doing this the other night!

Fun Fact #2 – It takes me about 1.5 hours to menu plan every two weeks, and it takes about 3 to 4 cookbooks (including my very own cookbook that contains all our family faves) to come up with 10 to 14 meals.  I usually leave a few nights cooking free so we can reheat all the random leftovers and eat them.

3 cookbooks, several recipes from magazines, a few from Pinterest, and some good old standby’s from my personal cookbook.  1 full day of grocery shopping/food prep and we are good to go for several weeks!

Fun Fact #3 – I’m strangely fascinated by everything in this magazine!  I mean if it works it works! 
I do believe it’s required to order out of this magazine once you qualify for AARP.  I may get a head start though.  😉

Fun Fact #4 – We broke down and turned the heat on today.  I really thought we could hold out until Nov 1st, but the rain, wind, and chilly air finally moved in to the PNW.  
Fun Fact #5 – Egg Nog is in the house!  I’m the only one who drinks it so it’s just a small container, but it means I can start enjoying the Holiday Season!  
What’s a fun (or strange) fact about you?

Fun Fact Friday

Hello my name is Jen and I’m a purger.  Ok that sounds really bad, what I mean is I’m not a hoarder!

I’ve been following A Bowl Full of Lemons 31 Day Purge, and was so excited going into it!  I love cleaning things out, getting rid of stuff that we don’t use or need, and organizing what we do have.

Over the last two years I have actually been stripping the house down to just the things we need and love.  I average about 2 garbage bags full of GW stuff every month, and every few months hand off bags of clothing that Sky has outgrown to friends.  I knew there wasn’t much left in the house that really needed to be purged, and honestly things are about as organized as they are going to get for now.  It would take a good amount of $$ at the Container Store to organize more efficiently and make it look pretty (which isn’t totally necessary but always nice).  Even with all the GW trips I really thought this challenge would help me go over things with a fine tooth comb, and I would come across something that needed attention…but guess what…I haven’t!

Every day I check the blog to see what the focus is for the day and every time it’s something that has already been purged/organized/clean up and out.  Don’t get me wrong there are probably a few more ribbed tank tops, in every color under the sun, than I strictly need, but I do wear them every day for layering.  I know I’m not perfect, and if I could go on a shopping spree with California Closets or something like that it would be a different ballgame, but for now it kind of feels good to know I’m not hanging on to things that take up needed space unnecessarily, and that things are pretty well organized.

Another fun fact…unnecessarily is really hard to spell.  I get lost somewhere between the first e and the second s!    

Fun fact #3…I LOVE my new Steelers Hat!  I have a friend that traveled to Pittsburgh last year for work and she found this for me while she was there.  We finally found time (she got this last football season!) to have lunch and catch up today!  So ready for Monday Night Football now!!!  

Fun Fact #4…Sky filled up her sticker chart today which means she got to pick out a treat.  She has some parameters to work with, and is really good about it when we tell her it’s too much $$ or too big or whatever.  She had about 3 things she was deciding on, and Angus the horse from Brave won out. He has gone everywhere with us today, she won’t let him out of her site!

Fun fact #5…these are really, really, really good!  Go try them ASAP!

Fun Fact #6…naps only happen in the car, and if I’m lucky survive the transfer into the house (it didn’t last today…she woke up when I opened her door).

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!!  Go check out A Bowl Full of Lemons its a great site/blog with lot’s of crafty DIY projects and info on saving $$ and being organized.