More Cowbell!!!

We received the most awesome gift box in the mail from our Cousin Mike in Mississippi!  Now I feel ready for #HA1LSTATE game day!!!

We have our very own cowbell!!!  Did you know that traditionally your cowbell is gifted to you…you don’t purchase it yourself.  I wanted a cowbell, but knew better than to purchase one myself, so this gift is extra special!

Sky has transitioned into such a big girl!  Just a few months ago I could look at pics of her, or look at her when she was sleeping, and still see a tiny bit of the baby she used to be.  But, now all I see is glimpses of the 8, 9, 10 year old she will become.

He also included the most adorable Mississippi State cheerleader outfit for Sky!  It’s really beyond cute.  She has yet to let me take a picture of her in it, but she loves it!  Saturday is the big game with Alabama, and even though we are traveling, I’m packing the outfit, and yes the cowbell (for outside use only!), and we will cheer State on from E WA!  I’ll try to get a pic of Sky’s outfit too!  
The funny thing is for just the 3 of us we are get pretty crazy and noisy during State games.  Tons of jumping around, TD dances, yelling, screaming…now we have a cowbell too?!  It’s going to be fun Saturday!  
Thank you Mike!  Your gift made all three of us very happy!   
P.S. This is why there is no cheerleader pic of Sky yet…pretty much every time I try to take a picture of her she does this.  If it’s not her idea, and she doesn’t ask me to take her picture then all I get is “No, no pictures Mommy…can you quit it now”.  So much attitude.  
HS, College, or NFL…what do you enjoy watching the most? 
That’s a hard one for me because really I just love Football!  I like HS because those are the games we can afford to go to live, but I like college because it’s so big…the stadiums and crowds, and the bands and ESPN Game Day.  But, then there is the NFL, and nothing really beats an NFL game.  I’m finding more and more though that I’m liking the full circle of watching a few specific players in college…following them through their college career, through the draft, and into the NFL.  It’s sort of fun guessing who will be a big hit right off the bat, who will sit the bench as a back up for a bit, and who will be a bust.     

Fun Filled/Football Filled Weekend

Good Monday Morning to you!  With Sky starting school, and swimming lessons changing our schedule the only week morning we have to snuggle and relax our way into the day is Monday, so now it’s totally my new favorite day of the week!  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Have you ever noticed that if you start the weekend with Friday night plans it makes the weekend seem so much longer?!  By the end of the day yesterday I totally thought Mark had been off work for 3 or 4 days!  Of course I had drinks out Thursday night, and being a stay at homer sort of changes the definition of “work week” for me so that doesn’t help.

Friday night we had a birthday to celebrate and Sky spent the night at Grammy and Grampy’s, so we put on our dancing shoes and hit the town.  Ok, for the record those are not dancing shoes, in fact they are hardly even wear for 10 min shoes.  I love them to pieces, but Saturday morning my feet, hip, and bad knee hurt so much I was cursing those sexy red shoes!  I’m seriously thinking about giving all the heels away and sticking with cute flats.  

I didn’t take a single pic with the phone, so have no proof we went out, and had an amazing date night dinner before catching up with the birthday party.  But we did!  The cocktails, the yummy bison steak, the country music, fun with friends it all happened you’ll just have to take my word for it.   Sometimes you just need to put the phone down and enjoy the moment.

We had birthday fun with another friend Sunday but again no pics.  We were enjoying the company and food too much.  🙂

Even though it was a later night out, and Sky wasn’t home to wake us up I still woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep.  I don’t mind though because the sunrise was so pretty.  Oddly enough it changed to dark and stormy pretty quick and we even had an emergency tornado alert in our area, which never happens.  I actually thought my phone had my location wrong again or something.  But, turns out it was legit…there was a funnel cloud that touched down just a few miles down the hwy from us.  It didn’t turn into anything more than that and we were all just fine.  Still sort of unsettling though.

We spent most of Saturday getting things done (me baking chocolate chip scones, and Mark and Sky working on projects around the house) before the Mississippi State game started.  For those that don’t know Mark and his Dad both went to Mississippi State and we follow the football season pretty closely.  This year they are tearing it up and after Saturdays win are #1!!!!!!  It was fun watching the game with Gentry, and Sky was loving all the jumping, screaming, and cheering going on.  #HAILSTATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness there is a football team we can be excited about because the Steelers are very disappointing so far.  😦

  Loves helping her Daddy and really loves power tools! 

The baby gate brackets are now gone…the gate has been gone for some time now.  It’s almost like there was never a baby in the house at all.  It’s all big girl stuff now.  
Sort of sad…mostly not…totally get why people have more…really like it being the 3 of us…sort of think 2 would be cool…house isn’t big enough for another…we could cram them into the same room. 
That circular way of thinking is all for not though…we are not pursuing adding another, just to be clear.  Not only can we not afford to adopt again, but we got so lucky!  Sky was a very easy baby, and even though she has her moments is a really easy tot.  We were/are totally spoiled parents and don’t want to push our luck.  🙂   
One last Sky pic….
Two things she is sort of obsessed with…Her piggy bank that Grandma painted her and the old globe that used to be Gentry’s.  She carried that piggy bank around and cuddles it all the time, and she can now point out North America, Asia, and the old U.S.S.R. on the globe.  
No running this weekend, but I’m sticking to my plank and squat challenge, and doing my homework to settle on the new and “better for me” training plan I will follow once the running does start back up!  
In the meantime I’m patiently waiting for two things: Dad to be here and work on my neck and hip, and for the new winter line release from Athleta!  The sneak peaks they are sharing on social media are making me impatient! 
Tell me something fun you did this weekend!  

Sky’s First Christmas Tree Lighting

We made a last minute decision to take Sky to the University Place tree lighting last night.  I’ll admit we found the small tree, in such a huge space, a bit sad.  But, the upside was it was a small event, except for around the fire pit, and Sky had fun.  Granted she didn’t care a bit about the tree.  All she wanted to do was run around, and all we did was chase after her, but it helped us stay a bit warmish I guess. 

It was kind of perfect really.  We showed up around 5:30, found front row parking, only had to try and stay warm for 25 minutes or so before the tree light up, and then on the way home we got Hot Buttered Rum makings.  By 7:30 Sky was in bed and I was warming back up with Hot Buttered Rum!   

 She refused to look at me for this pic. 

 Her hat and jacket don’t match at all, nor do the boots.  I was going for warmth, not fashion points.

Kisses are serious!

 The tree was small, but for Hawks fans…it is Hawk’s Blue.

Proof I was there.  🙂

Planning on streaking today (2 days in a row is a streak right?!) with another chilly run.  I don’t know if I’m going to go early with Sky, or wait for nap time and do a quick 4 alone…mostly it will come down to which football game I’m willing to miss part of.  
Hawk’s or 49ers, who’s going to win?  
I plead the 5th on this one since I’m a Steeler fan living in Hawk country, and I like Kaepernick.  Already have too many strikes against me.
Whatever you’re doing today enjoy it and stay warm!  

I Love Sunday Mornings!

This Sunday started out unusually nice with an extra 1.5 hours of sleep.  Wearing Sky out at the park last night was the best decision I made all day! 

I love slow, lazy Sunday mornings.  Listening to ESPN & Fox pre-game shows, last minute check of my fantasy football teams, deciding which game we will watch, and breakfast.  Sunday breakfast is the best of the week!   

We both get our favorites on Sunday.  Above (for me) coffee, mimosa, perfectly fried egg with Frank’s hot sauce, bacon, and avocado toast.  For Sky, a perfectly runny fried egg, bacon, peanut butter toast, and milk.  It’s messy, but she loves it. 


I even love my new way of watching football.  Not much yelling, screaming, or cursing at the T.V.

Now I wrestle with Sky, we have tickle time, color, mute the game so we can read books and sing her favorite songs.  (Thank goodness I know football well enough that I don’t need sound to know what’s going on!!!)  Lot’s of running through the house to burn energy and then lot’s of snuggles before nap time. 

Life is so different with a kiddo, but it’s so much better!   

Any other football watchers out there?  Who’s your team?

P.S. Totally questioning the wisdom of a runner doing a 30 day squat challenge.  145 squat’s and a speedy 3 mile stroller run in 2 days = angry, angry legs.

Firs Day Of Fall!

I ordered my first hot Mocha today in at least 5 months.  It’s that time of year.  Holy moly yesterday was still summer and it was a sunny lovely day.  Today is Fall and it’s cool and raining like crazy.  Gotta love living in the PNW.  I was holding on to the last little bit of summer with both hands, but now that it’s officially fall…bring on the boots, Pumpkin Spice latte’s/Salted Caramel mochas, trench coats, hats, gloves and scarves!

Good thing I got this top Thursday night!! 

I sort of thought I was being silly and girly insisting on wearing it today for my 8 miler…I didn’t really think it was cold enough.  But, I wanted to wear my new top.  Good think I did wear it though, it was a cold, wet run.  The long sleeves, knee socks and skirt combo ended up being perfect.  Started out a little cold, finished a little warm, but not overheated. 

If the forecast is for cooler/wet weather race day this is the outfit.  If it’s just cooler but no rain then I’ll go with a t-shirt otherwise I will get too hot.

Feels good to have the last “long” run done!  I’m excited for race day!  Mostly I’m excited that I’m going into the 3rd one feeling this healthy and strong.  Absolutely the most confident I have felt going into a 1/2!  Not that I think I’m going to blaze through, on the contrary it’s a hilly course and I wont’ be surprised if this is a significantly slower race for me, but I’m not worried about anything either.  Not worried about hills, weather, any of the mental stuff I had after the first disaster of a 1/2, blisters, aches or pains.  I feel really good, love running this time of year, and Michelle and I have run some of the hilliest routes I have ever done.  I feel like we have given ourselves the best opportunity possible to have a fun run and accomplish our ultimate goal of Half Fanatic!  Bring on RACE DAY!!!!!  

Sky seems to be doing better today.  Her nose isn’t nearly as runny, and only has a little bit of a cough.  Still taking it easy just to give her time to rest and recover.  Stickers have proven to be an amazing sit still activity! 


Part of why it keeps her quiet for so long is it’s really hard for her to peal the stickers off with her casted hand, and she doesn’t want help most of the time.  BTW – $1 store sticker books are the bomb!  She loves the Cars one!  I’m going to go get more because she is asking for stickers all the time now.

Since it’s so yucky outside it really is the perfect “watch football all day” weather!  Any other season I would be thrilled that the Steelers are on Sunday Nigh Football, but with all the injuries, and other issues they are having, I don’t see the game going our way tonight.  I’ll still watch, but I’m more stressed than excited about it. 

Any other football fans out there?  What game are you watching?