Making The Most Of It

Summer officially ends tomorrow! What, what?!

Thankfully this can be one of the loveliest times in the PNW. We get sunny warm days, cooler evenings, the leaves are vibrant oranges and reds, and Football. It all comes back to football. 🙂

Triker Chick.

Truly a lovely time to savor and make the most of before rain and cold settle in for the duration.

I want to be a flower girl mommy. Love how she rocks a sweat band!

Sky and I took her trike to Chambers Bay to work off some energy and take in the view. It’s beautiful there no matter the weather really. Bright and sunny, or dark and stormy both offer pretty amazing views.

Those glasses and that sweatband…I can’t stand it! 🙂

Since we don’t have a water view from our house, and water tends to be what calms my spirit I visit Chambers at least once a week to take a moment to breath, focus, recenter. Even though it’s always busy, and sometimes I’ve got Sky with me to keep track of, it’s still a few moments of peace and calm that leaves me feeling refreshed and energized.

Still so much to put back together from the U.S. Open…still an awesome view of the sound though.

How are you enjoying the last two days of summer?

Just Keep Moving!

If you can’t run walk!  A good rule of thumb in a race and life in general.

Rather than get frustrated that I didn’t feel good enough to run I hit Michelle up for a walk instead. I’m not going to lie I was a bit pessimistic about it.  It’s hard to know what the weather is going to do from hour to hour the last few days, and while I don’t mind running in wind and rain, I hate walking in it.  When I saw dark clouds on the horizon I almost messaged her to cancel.  But, I’m glad I didn’t.

I would have missed out on this beautiful sunset, and on good conversation with my friend!  It amazing how much easier it is to have a full conversation when walking rather than running!  We got a few drops of rain, but nothing too bad, and totally worth it for the view!

On the upside of not running…I’m really working on cross training and drinking tons of water. Trying to get good habits in place so that when running does start back up I’ll be well rounded and not just running all the time!


Sky and I started our day with coffee (for me) and chocolate almond milk (for her), it’s one of her favorite things!  I love sitting and eating breakfast with her…the conversation is the best and she is full of hugs and cuddles.

     But that curly hair though!

I just had to share this one.  Sometimes the outtakes are so funny, and yes I’m fully aware that some day she will hate me for some of the pics on this blog! 
I delete more pics than I save/share for sure!  It takes a lot to get a few ok to good ones.
I should totally do an outtakes only post and share the goofy/funny/embarrassing pics!  That could be entertaining.  

What is your favorite non running activity?

Nothing But Blue Sky’s

Seriously I have no idea what is going on with the weather around here, but I’m loving it.  75 yesterday…in October…in the PNW…crazy awesome is what it is!

We had a play date with Reagan yesterday and Jodi actually had to put the sun umbrella up because we were overdressed and got too hot sitting in the sun while the girls played.

I love that I can open all the doors to the house still and let Sky and Bishop run in and out while I’m cooking, doing laundry etc.  As long as I can hear her outside then I can get a few things done while she’s playing.  Bonus…I love a freshly aired out house.  Soon it will be too cold and rainy to open everything up so am taking full advantage of this glorious extended summer we’re having!

 Sharing a snack together…I love how kiddos will just plop down wherever they want!
 Scooter time!

Blue, blue sky’s…loving it!  
I wonder what they were saying to each other.  I could hear them, but couldn’t understand what they were saying. 

Even if we were having typical PNW Fall weather I would still love living here.  When I see that CA is having a triple digit heat wave in Oct…just makes me thankful I’m here.  I love the sunny days but not the blazing heat!
Favorite Season?  
Is it Fall in your area, or is summer still hanging on?