Every Runner Want’s a Gift Bag Like This!

I got the most awesome message from the Fleet Feet store manager while I was in Houston.  She sent me this picture….

….and told me I’d scream when I saw what was inside.  Well that made me want to fly home instantly and see what was inside!!! 

Naturally I planned my Sunday errands around the store opening so I could go get my bag of goodies and she was right, although I didn’t scream, I cried.   

Yes, coffee mugs make me teary eyed.  😉  Seriously though, I LOVE my coffee mug!  In the last big clean out of the house I actually got rid of the two travel mugs I had and later found that I really missed them.  So, suffice it to say this mug has gotten a ton of use the last 3 days!  It’s my go-to mug. 

There were also a few of these beauties….

Since I gave all but one hair band away when I cut it all off I actually needed some of these!  Now that it’s longer again I’m having to braid/pin/pull it back out of my face for running.  Super excited about the bright colors too! 

The thing that really got to me though and brought tears to my eyes were these beautiful new kicks!!!

My one true running shoe love adidas Energy Boost and in a color that I LOVE to pieces!  I’m not going to lie this did me in. 

My other ones still feel great, but they are getting closer and closer to 500 miles and even though they feel like they will last much longer than a traditional running shoe, I don’t know how much longer.  I was starting to get a little stressed about replacing them/adding a 2nd pair to rotate with.  (When my job status changed and I became a SAHM one of the things that had to change was making sure my running didn’t hit the family budget, the “extra” $$ for running gear/races just wasn’t there any longer).   Now I feel like my running shoe need is covered for a very long time, and I can run, run, run to my hearts content!

I really don’t even know how to say thank you for such a wonderful gift!  I really hope that Kelli (adidas rep and friend!) and adidas know that those shoes mean I can not only continue training and focusing on my upcoming PR goal race, but it means I get to continue running with Sky as well!  I don’t know if she will love running like I do, or continue to be interested in it like she is now.  But, even if she decides she hates it, she is being raised in and around the running community, and I tell you it’s a pretty great community for a kiddo to be part of!   

So thank you Kelli and adidas for the shoes!  They will keep me and Sky going for a very long time! 

As always this is not a sponsored post.  No one asked me to post about anything I was given.  I do so because I love the product, and really want to say Thank You, and let everyone know how amazing and supportive adidas is! 

P.S. – I also have to say thank you to my Dad and Fleet Feet Sports Tacoma…the support I receive is truly amazing!

adidas Glide Boost Test Run #2!

You may recall THIS post last month where I test ran the newest addition to the adidas boost family – the Glide Boost.  While I liked the shoe I really wanted a chance to test run them when I was healthy.  That run felt clunky and heavy because I was sick.  I was pretty sure it was my legs and not the shoe that felt so heavy, but wanted another shot at them to make sure.

From the December test run.
I had an opportunity to give them another go today with the stroller group and guess what…I LOVE them!  
While they do feel different from the energy Boost (my first true running shoe love forever) they still feel really good.  There is enough of the Boost material that you get a nice rebound off the pavement, but it also feels like there is more support and structure.  It would be a great long slow run shoe since it has a bit more support.  
The energy Boost feels like a light, fast, I’m going to PR every time I put them on shoe.  The Glide Boost feels close’ish to that, but also feels like it’s giving you some TLC while your doing it.
A sizing note I’m a half size smaller in the Glide vs the energy Boost.  I think that is largely due to there being more room in the toe box of the Glide vs the energy Boost.  The energy Boost is a much closer, sleeker fit.  Not that the Glide is clunky at all, it’s not, it’s just a bit roomier which is another reason it would be a good long, slow run shoe…feet swell the longer you run.  Thankfully the stretch in the upper of the energy Boost totally makes it work for me during 1/2’s (my longest distance currently).           
 adidas Glide Boost
I’m not going to lie I think adidas has it figured out!  Both the Glide and the energy Boost feel amazing.  While the energy Boost will always be my race day shoe I think there is a place for the Glide Boost in the shoe rotation!  
I highly recommend trying them on and test running in them if possible.  It’s a totally different feel from other running shoes, and it’s pretty amazing!  I have to say that while the energy Boost is still my current fave the Glide Boost impressed me so much today that I almost went so far as to say they were my new fave!  They are that awesome!  
Thank you to Kelli and adidas for joining the stroller group today and letting us take the Boost family for a run!     
What is your favorite go to running shoe?

P.S. – I forgot to mention as always this post is 100% all me.  No one asked me to review the shoes or post about them.  I just love them and like sharing info that may be helpful. 

adidas Glide Boost Review

Happy Monday everyone!  

A few weeks ago I was able to test run a pair of the adidas Glide Boost shoes. I’ve been pretty vocal about my adidas Energry Boost love affair, you can read about it HERE and HERE among all the other mentions in posts, so I was really excited to give this new Boost family member a go!

 Retails for $130

The Technical Info:

Revolutionary Feel – Endless Energy
  • Revolutionary BOOST non-foam midsole developed by adidas Innovative Technology (aIT) which provides a soft comfort and responsive performance unachievable with EVA. BOOST retains its responsiveness far better over the life of the shoe than EVA midsoles.
  • EVA cradle sits against the foot in heal to give a more structured feel compared to Energy
  • Engineered mesh upper adapts to all foot and is Wider 
  • CONTINENTAL RUBBER for 21% better traction in dry conditions and 23% better in wet.
  • TORSION SYSTEM designed to aid smooth transition from midfoot stance to forefoot push-off.
  • Longitudinal decoupling of blow rubber in forefoot allows the foot to move as nature intended.
  • 31/21mm stack heights
  • Women’s 8.8oz, Men’s 10.4oz
  • 110/64/88mm bottom nets (men’s size 9)
Bold bullets are the major differences I noticed between the Glide Boost and Energy Boost.

I love this color combo, the black with raspberry pink laces is totally my thing! Photo credit to Michelle Beckham!

My initial reaction to putting them on was how solid they felt.  They feel firm and sturdy, which is a good thing since it was designed to provide a more structured feel.  I liked the mesh upper, and that there was plenty of room for your foot in there.  As already mentioned I loved the color combo, especially with the outfit I had on, it was a perfect match!  

So, how did they feel on the run?  They have a nice rebound when pushing off the pavement, like they are providing a little extra oomph to your legs.  I liked the sturdier feel, it gave me confidence in my landing and that I wasn’t going to roll an ankle or anything.  My hips, knees, and ankles felt aligned and good on impact, zero hot spots/blister issues with my feet (yes I get blisters on 3 mile runs if I’m in the wrong shoes!), and it felt like I was getting a good mid-foot strike without having to think about it too much.

I feel like the Glide Boost is closer to the type of shoe I typically get fit into, and in comparison to similar types of shoes that I have, I for sure like the Glide Boost better.  It’s just really hard to beat the Boost material and how much pep it adds to your legs!  

However, I have to say the Energy Boost still has my heart!  It has more of the Boost material than the Glide does, and I could totally feel the difference on the run.  I also really like the sleek design of the Energy Boost Techfit upper.  There is just enough there to fit the foot perfectly yet still provide the technology and performance you want.  They just feel lighter and faster, and that spring off the pavement is where it’s at for me!  

My one and only running shoe true love!  adidas Energy Boost

The differences between the two that I notice the most: 

  • The Energy Boost is 0.6 oz lighter than the Glide Boost (While the Glide felt heavy on the run I think it was my sick legs that felt heavy…want to see how they feel when I’m healthy!).
  • Energy Boost has the four-way stretch Techfit upper and Glide Boost has the mesh upper
  • And the biggest difference is the amount of Boost material, the Energy has more than the Glide

Even though I’m an Energy Boost lover I wouldn’t rule the Glide Boost out.  It’s nice to have the different types of shoes to rotate, and for some runs a different shoe is nice/helpful depending on the goals for the run.

If you’re Boost curious hit up your local running store (in the Tacoma area Fleet Feet Tacoma!!!) and try them on!  Find out if there is going to be an adidas group run and give em a go! 

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the adidas Boost shoes.  I’m happy to get answers for you or connect you with Kelli!     

Disclaimer – I was not asked by adidas or Fleet Feet to post about the shoes.  The opinions are completely my own and I decided to post about them because I wanted to.  I did ask Kelli (adidas rep) for some technical info, so that I could provide accurate information, but other than that there has been no other input on this post.    

Tuesday Night Beer Run with adidas!

Michelle and I had so much fun last night!  Can you believe last nights run was our first run together since Race For A Soldier, exactly a month ago?!  We spent the whole summer running together and then apparently needed a break.  😉 

Just kidding, we were smart when we scheduled our races and knew life was going to get crazy busy after 9/29, add in Sky and Michelle being sick, and running together just didn’t work out.

We are back though!  Two beers and 3.89 miles back!  The weather was actually pretty perfect for an evening run, thank goodness it didn’t rain otherwise it would have been miserable.  It’s really hard to run, cool down, run, cool down, and run again.  Add in beer and it’s a bit of a challenge. 

Our first pre-beer mile was 9:18 our last, two beer’s in, mile was 10:31 and that felt hard to maintain.  Legs were heavy, not sure if it was cooling down or the beer, and burping beer while running made for an interesting last mile back to the store.  But, it was so much fun, can’t wait for the next beer run! 

We were wondering if drinking beer then running gets you tipsy faster, or helps you process it faster so it doesn’t hit you as hard?  I suppose I could google that and find out. 

 Above and below stop #2 at MaGoos, and a photo op with Batman (and his crooked nose)!
 Stop #1 at The Parkway (I always do that with my leg in every picture)!

A big shout out to adidas and Tim for sponsoring the run!  I was already a huge adidas fan thanks to my Energy Boost shoes, but now that they sponsored a beer run it’s an over the top love affair!

Seriously I’m still in love with my Boost shoes!  I’m about 150 miles into them and they still feel great.  I have zero issues when I run in them, no blisters, no inserts needed, and they are my go to start line and long run shoe.  Plus some of the new colors are awesome!   

Energy Boost and adidas For Life!!! 

All sorts of running fun around here…today’s stroller run is all about the tata’s!  Moving Comfort is joining us for fittings and discounts!  Super excited!  No pictures of that though!  🙂

What’s your go to, all time favorite running shoe? 

P.S. I have never been asked to post about any of my running gear by the store or vendors.  I share my love of adidas (and any other brand/items) purely because I want to share the joy, and provide feedback that may help others when it comes to finding the right shoe (or gear) for them.  Financially I can’t afford to make too many wrong choices when it comes to running related purchases, so I count on blog/customer reviews/advice from those that use the item already before I make my purchases.  Just trying to help others do the same.    

If I ever do a sponsored post you will know up front! 

adidas Energy Boost Review

I finally have enough miles on them to feel like I can give an honest and accurate review! 

First The Technical Information: from the adidas site

You put a lot of energy into your run, and the women’s adidas Energy Boost shoes give some of it back. Designed with an energy-returning boost™ midsole, these running shoes feature a techfit™ upper and the TORSION® SYSTEM for support.


  • Weight: 8.5 ounces (size 7)
  • Energy-returning boost™ midsole keeps every step charged with an endless supply of light, fast energy; TORSION® SYSTEM for midfoot integrity
  • techfit™ technology for lightweight and flexible upper support
  • Flexible textile upper with welded synthetic overlays for support and stability
  • External heel counter for maximal heel fit and running comfort; miCoach® compatible
  • ADIWEAR™ outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability 
My Opinion:  The Good
Let me start by saying I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes.  I almost don’t know where to start!!! 
Before I even put the shoes on in the store I fell in love with the laces and where they cross the foot. 
In the above picture you can see how far back on the foot the very top (straight across) lace hits.  (It’s the same spot the grey color starts.)  On most shoes the laces start much closer to the toes, and happen to hit me at the bend point of my foot, and tend to dig in and bug the crap out of me and/or make my toes go numb.  With the laces on this shoe I don’t feel them at all and my toes don’t go numb!!  Plus they are long enough that I get a good solid knot in them that stays tied.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when laces are too short to get a good knot in them!   
I really like the material the shoe is made of.  It’s almost a mesh material that has a ton of support and stretch at the same time.  It feels like a custom made glove for my foot.  I know some people have had to size up more than usual with this shoe, but I didn’t need to.  The fit is perfect at 9.5 which is my normal running shoe size.  It’s also very breathable, my feet are not nearly as hot and sweaty…which brings me to the next reason I love them.
No blisters!!!!  I went into 1/2 #2 with some pretty nasty blisters that didn’t have time to heal from 1/2 #1.  Not only did the existing blisters not hurt at all, I didn’t have any new blisters or hot spots to speak of.  I’m a runner that gets blisters running 3 miles, so to hit 13 and not have any issues is pretty amazing! 
Since so much new technology went into this shoe I skipped adding inserts.  I wanted to feel the full force of the Energy Boost technology without inserts adding to, or taking away from the function.  So far I don’t feel the need for inserts.  There is plenty of arch support and cushion out of the box.  I have zero hip, knee, or arch pain.  I can tell a difference too because I’m wearing my other shoes (with inserts) on shorter runs, and saving the Boost for long runs and race day. 
It has a light landing that is cushioned without being squishy, and your foot leaves the ground with so much energy and spring in the push off that it feels like magic!  The first time I ran in them it kind of scared me because it felt like my foot was coming off the pavement with so much energy that my leg was going to keep going right over my head.        
The Drawback:
Color – I don’t have an issue with the color, but have heard from some people that hate the bright color.  This is what the store had, but it looks like you can get them in other colors online HERE .
Price –  I have heard some grumbles about the price $150 online.  They are more expensive than any running shoe I have ever had on my feet.  But, if I subtract the cost of inserts ($50-$75) and the cost of the blister prevention/treatment items ($30’ish a month) it actually brings the cost down. 
Road running is hard on the body, at least on my body, but the Energy Boost make it feel like less damage is being done, and my legs are not as sore.  For a shoe that feels this good it’s worth it to save my money to be able to replace them when the time comes.  (Provided they last a reasonable length of time/miles.  Only time will tell and it will take me a few months to get that many miles on them.) 
I’m pretty brand loyal when I find something that works for me and my wallet.  I would have had a hard time paying for a pair of shoes that are such new technology and a different brand than I normally wear.  I hope this review helps if you have been contemplating giving them a try.  I can’t say enough good things about them!   
Disclaimer – While the shoes were free the opinions are my own.  I was not asked to post a single word about them by the store or by adidas.  I just love them so much that I had to share with everyone.  (Thank you Fleet Feet, Kelly – adidas rep, and Liz for making the ask that got me into the shoes!) 
If anyone has any questions for me, or for adidas, please let me know.  I’m happy to contact Kelly and get answers!