Summer Tradition

Last weekend we headed to the hot side of the state for Boat Race Weekend in the Tri-Cities. One of my favorite summer traditions! I love hanging at the river all day watching the boats & air show with people I love!

Beginning of the air show.

We go on Friday and skip the actual races Sat and Sun. Friday is free (on the Pasco side anyway), way less people (I don’t care to do the overcrowded drunk people thing), you still see a few races, qualifications, practice air show, and you can bring all your own food and drinks! We actually eat dinner after everything is done for the day, around 5 pm, because we’ve been in the sun all day, drinking on and off, and don’t want to worry about dinner after getting home from a long, hot day in the sun. It seems like less work (and more fun) to eat there before loading up and heading home.

F22…so cool!

This year the patrol boat was very lax. The fact that there was only one is odd, but also odd that they didn’t say a word to us about floating in the river while the boats were running. Usually they don’t even want us standing in the water. We tied our inner-tubes down with rocks and a 5 gallon bucket full of water pretty close to the bank, just deep enough that our butts didn’t hit the bottom, so maybe that’s why they didn’t care that we were out there. Seriously it was so nice though…being able to float in the river all day in the blazing sun…so refreshing. The only down side….when I went to bed that night the bed was floating…took forever for it to stop so I could fall asleep.

My view…you would think I would manage to get a pic with one of the boats going past.


Art and craft time with Daddy. I packed plenty of fun stuff for Sky to do since she needs sun breaks here and there.

The rest of the weekend was full of yummy food, lot’s of wine, and great family/friend time! I always feel pretty lazy the next day. Even though floating on the river all day sounds easy, being in the sun all day takes it out of me. I just want to lounge in the shade with cold wine and water!

So much good food…Korean Short Ribs FTW!
Sky eating all of Aunt Candy and Uncle Paul’s blackberries.

My take away from the weekend…so many mosquito bites! We sat out until late Saturday night talking and watching shooting stars. Maybe it was the wine, but I had no idea I was being eaten alive. Yikes!! Three days later and my legs are still itching pretty bad and I take my bug bite stick with me everywhere I go. Lesson learned…bug spray next time!

Very small example of the bites I have all up and down both legs and on my feet. It’s pretty bad. 

I recommend having a summer “thing” that you do every summer. We know we will be in E WA the last full week in July for boat races. It sort of anchors our summer and actually makes it easier to plan other summer fun around that weekend. The only down side…It’s now Aug and time to get the back to school stuff going. Boo!



Hydrotastic Weekend

We had so much fun at Water Follies in E WA, and got a summer sun fix…talking triple digit temps! That’s something we just don’t get in W WA…shoot we are barley getting summer sun at all right now. (It’s cool and rain on and off right now). Boo.

Red solo cup photo bomb.

We camp out on the river Friday, which is practice runs, heat qualifications etc, and the practice air show. We get to see the air show, watch the boats, eat and drink all day long….without the crowds, and without paying to get in! Pretty sweet, and it frees up the rest of the weekend to have fun with friends, let kiddos run around, eat yummy food, and wine taste…I mean what else would we do in E WA wine country?


Go, go Hydro Boat…staying cool in the river on a HOT day! 


Playing Dress Up with Aunt Michelle’s summer stuff! So stylish! 

14 Hands Winery…one of our faves!
Yummy eats and sips! 


Always a fun weekend full of friends and family! Now to enjoy August in the PNW and get ready for school to start!

Friends, Family, Wine

I don’t think there is a better way to spend a weekend than with family you love, friends that are family, yummy food, good wine, lot’s of sun, water, boats, and airplanes.

I have not been to the boat races (hydroplanes) in E WA in a very long time. I was trying to figure it out and the best guess is I was kid, like single digit to my age kid…so it’s been a very, very long time.

Gosh I had so much fun hanging out at the river all day, watching the air show and the boats race past. Friday is the “free” day. It’s the practice air show, and the time trials with only the last two races of the day being “real” races. Way less crowded for sure, and much more enjoyable for someone like me who doesn’t really enjoy crowds.

Going Friday freed up Saturday for winery hopping…my favorite thing! My other favorite thing…coming home to cooler weather. The plants and garden are very happy indeed.

 Red Solo Cup of goodness! 

 Michelle and Sky

 Brilliant idea…moving our chairs into the river! 

F16 overhead…was so cool! 

 Rose at Tucannon Cellers

 14 Hands Winery…their reserve wines are amazing! The above pic is not a reserve wine, I had already tasted & purchased when Michelle & the girls and I stopped in on the drive over a few days before. 

The adult part of the gang enjoying 14 Hands on Saturday. So nice to have kid free time for all of us! 

 The girls enjoying the water feature at 14 Hands Thursday on the drive over. 

 Out of order, but this is how much fun Sky had at the river watching the boats! 

 Big glasses…the theme of the weekend. 

 Treveri Cellars is on the way to my Aunt and Uncles…it’s my new favorite pit stop! Champagne cocktails for the win! 

Easily one of the most fun drives to E WA ever! Leaving early with the girls, and stopping along the way to enjoy ourselves was perhaps one of the best ideas ever. Not to mention all the entertainment coming out of the back seat with a Frozen sing along, and other fun and games. So much fun from start to finish. 
Thank you to Mark, Bob, and Michelle for sharing your pics!  

Dad and Daughter Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was the weekend between my Dad’s birthday and my birthday, so we made plans to drive to E WA and combine the birthday fun!

This is how I road trip!

This is how Sky road trips…with a smile on her face, a few books/toys at her side, and her favorite blanket that has seen better days.

Traveling with Sky has, thankfully, forced us to find fun stopping points along the way. It works well that my Mom lives at the half way point and makes a nice lunch/dinner (depending on the time of day) and play stop. 

And, when you have worked so hard at your swimming skills, and move on up to the next class, it calls for “I’m proud of you” gifts from Grandma!

Looking at this picture I’m realizing she may be too tall for her car seat. I need to check the specks and see if it’s time to move up to the next one. Growing so fast.
She was super sad about saying goodbye to Grandma and held onto the duck Grandma gave her the rest of the drive. She also scored new Roper boots (we love the feed store in Ellensburg…great kiddo boot selection and they always have sales!) that she is wearing non stop. Boots (real leather ones) for kids = brilliant because they outgrow them before they wear them out!
The rest of the weekend was full of good company, good wine, good food, and lot’s and lot’s of fun! I felt so spoiled not having to cook or do dishes the entire time. 🙂
Sky making pizza for all of us…she made my favorite Margarita, it’s also the type of pizza I eat for dinner the night before races.

She was so pleased with herself!

One of the things I enjoy most about being a parent is watching her with other people. Usually I’m the one helping her help me cook, or do laundry, or whatever. To sit back and actually pay attention to the looks of frustration and satisfaction, and see how much she enjoys doing big girl things is eye opening really.
 Gluten Free crust for the win…this was one good pizza!

After that it was all about the wine tasting! We had so much fun winery hopping. It was a beautiful day, windy but sunny, which gave Sky an opportunity to run around outside and burn energy as needed. She really is pretty great about coloring and visiting with any and everyone else in the winery, she’s fun to go tasting with actually.   

Birthday shoes! Apparently I needed them because I’ve worn them every day since getting them! 

It was so nice to sit out in the sun, getting our vitamin D, drinking reserve wines, and noshing on simple yet yummy snacks. My new favorite way to “shop” for wine to go with dinner…go wine tasting and pick it out that way! 
All too soon it was time to come home, but not before stopping in at my aunt and uncles to say a quick hello, and check out the progress in the vineyard. 
It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks we will be there planting vines, and this will be a full fledged vineyard! It’s going to be hard work, but I’m excited to be able to help!
Sky was not thrilled with all the goodbyes. She cried and cried after leaving Grandma, cried and cried after leaving Grandpa, and was down right pissed off after leaving my aunt and uncle. It took all of her favorite things, plus my special blanket (yes I have a special blanket that I travel with…can’t sleep without it) to calm her down enough to fall asleep, and give us a break from the tears. She just loves her family so much it breaks her little heart when we have to leave. 😦
All in all a great weekend celebrating birthdays! Happy Birthday to dad and me! 

Birthday Weekend Fun

We had lots of liquid fun for Mark’s birthday!  The theme of the weekend was wine, wine, and more wine…with a few bloody mary’s in the mix as well.  🙂  
The final destination was my aunt and uncles in E WA and the Tri-Cities Wine Festival.  It worked out perfectly that the Beckham’s could go with us, and that my aunt and uncle have enough room for all of us!  So much fun, and Sky LOVED having Grace and Kiera around to play with the entire weekend!  
Usually when we are driving over we really just want to get there.  We typically have a reason (holiday/family stuff) for the trip and just want to get there and start the visit.  But, since Mark took Friday off we decided to leave early and take our time getting there.  
Sky is ready for the road trip!
There is so much to see and do (and drink) along the way that we wanted to experience that a bit. Plus, we were given an awesome book last year for Christmas and thought it would be fun to make a few of the suggested stops along the way. 
Since we didn’t have a dd, we opted for two wineries along the way, and spaced our food intake strategically, and made sure we had enough time at each stop to safely taste and drive.  I had gone through the Yakima Valley section and picked out all the tasting rooms that sounded like they would have wines we liked, and after a few texts from my aunt we narrowed it down to two that were right off the freeway to make it easy.  
The first stop was Kana Winery Tasting Room downtown Yakima.  Seriously good wines, and so friendly.  They had coloring books for Sky and made sure she had water (in a wine glass) to “taste” with us.  One of the many things I love about her is she is friendly enough and curious enough that wine tasting is an adventure to her.  Can we do it all day with her…no, but she’s good to go for a few hours!    
Starting the weekend right!

We started with an oaked chardonnay, my favorite kind, and made it through 4 tastings (Mark dumped most of his since he was driving) before we heard from the Beckham’s, and discovered we could catch up with them on the road at the next winery. 
Our next stop was only a few minutes away, and while I had marked it in the book as a place to stop, we probably would have skipped it had aunt Candy not suggested it.  I love champagne but wouldn’t have thought to taste through a whole selection of it.  
I’m so glad we did though because Treveri Cellars ended up being so much fun!  And, I learned so much about champagne and the differences between each type.  I feel so much more confident now in my ability to purchase champagne for parties/personal use!  
  Champagne Cocktails for the win!

We had so much fun tasting the different styles, and fell in love with the tasting room/grounds that we decided to stay for a bit and get cocktails!  Plus, it gave the girls time to run around outside in the sun (cold sun, but still a sunny beautiful day) and play lawn games while we kicked off the birthday fun!  This place was so fun in fact that the Beckham’s joined the bubble club…how fun does that sound?!  It’s nice it’s on the way to my family because club pickups make the perfect excuse to visit should Mark and I join the bubble club.  
Grace, Kiera (in the back) Michelle and Sky at Treveri.  (photo credit – Michelle Beckham, with her mad selfie skills!)!

From there it was on to Paul and Candy’s and as Sky said “Let’s start the party”!  
The festival itself was so much fun!  It was big enough to be interesting, but not so crowded that it was frustrating, or the food lines took too long.  I loved how the wineries were set up and it was made clear who had won awards, because it made it easy to target your tasting.  There was way too much to taste everything, so we had to be a little selective.  The food was amazing, not just cruddy festival food, but really nice and really yummy (and free!  The ticket price included all the wine and food, and for the price of the ticket it was a steel of a deal)!  Paul ad Candy are in the industry so they couldn’t take two steps without running into people they knew.  The 4 of us would wonder off taste a bit, circle back to them and then wonder off again.  
The only picture I took was the end of the night after all the tasting was done.


So much fun!  It was kind of funny actually because Ali went with us to watch the girls for us while we were at the festival, and Paul and Candy had given her the next door neighbors # in case she needed immediate help (she has all our numbers as well), but who did we run into first thing at the wine fest…you guessed it the neighbors!  Thankfully Ali is an excellent babysitter, and the girls are pretty easy, so we were not worried at all.  
Super low maintenance babysitting!
Mark took Monday off too so we could recover/rest on Sunday before driving home.  The rest of the weekend was spent watching football,and playing with the girls.  Thankfully Grace and Kiera were able to stay and go home with us Monday so Sky had peeps to play with and keep her happy. 
 Bloody Mary’s and football for the win!
Let’s just say road tripping with 3 is very entertaining!  Mark and I laughed the whole way home listening to those three talk, sing, and laugh.  Those girls sung their hearts out to the Frozen soundtrack 3 times through, and Sky loved every second of it!  She got a good taste of what having sisters can be like, and was so sad when it was finally time for them to go home.  
We did find time to make sure the girls had fun as well.  Michelle and I took them to an indoor trampoline place while Mark and Bob went to Ranch and Home for a bit.  
I really wanted to jump, but for once I way under packed and only had PJ’s or my festival outfit, so nothing that would have worked well for this, and I didn’t want to take a chance of messing up my back.  4 days is the longest I’ve gone without an adjustment or massage in months and I didn’t want any problems until I was back home and could do something about it! 
I’m thankful we got to spend a fun weekend with good friends and family!  What a way to start your 40’s!