Another Craigslist Score!

First just let me express my love for Craigslist!!!  Thank goodness Craigslist exists because it’s really inconvenient that I’m feeling the need to majorly change things up in the house on a single income. 

I guess after 9 years of looking at the sameness of the layout and major pieces of furniture I’m ready for something different.  Plus, losing the spare room to Sky (totally worth it!!!) eliminated a whole room of storage and we are approaching max capacity.  I can only consolidate/organize/find new hiding spots for so long!

It’s been a two part process.  I started out by taking almost all the art/pictures off the walls, shelves, mantel etc. and moved it around/into different rooms to create a more colorful, less bulky, more space efficient look.  Anything that I can’t find the perfect spot for goes to goodwill, unless it has special meaning, then I work harder to find it’s new home.  BTW – I’m shocked at how much stuff I take to goodwill every week.  I didn’t realize how much stuff we have that we don’t need/use!

One of the things I really wanted in the dinning room was a square table.  Since we were fitting a rectangle table into a smallish square room I felt like square would be better.  Since Mark pretty much owns craigslist (he has gotten so many good deals, including Sky’s free wooden swing set and slide!) as soon as I got serious about changing up the house he started looking for a square table and found the perfect one for a great price!!! 

It looks perfect in the dinning room and fits so much better than the old table.  It gives us options too if we want to push it up against a wall we can fit a buffet in there, or move Sky’s school desk and white board in there for a more official pre-school space.  Bonus, it matches the wine rack perfectly.  Not too matchy matchy, but they look good together!

While we were taking the old table apart and putting the legs on the new one sky decided to start her own project. 


She was working away on the gate with her screwdriver and yelling at us, “I working, I fix it”.  Any time we are working or fixing something around the house she gets her tools out and fixes things. 

The second part of the project is to tackle the big pieces of furniture.  What to keep, what to ditch, what to move, and what to replace.  Things like replacing the couch and living room flooring will have to wait a while, like until I go back to work.  But, in the meantime we can update the curtains, throw pillows finish hanging all of our prints and keeping an eye on Craigslist.

Any cost effective decoration/organization/consolidation tips for me? 

P.S. First post-race run today.  My legs are still sore and my knees hurt, but I’m going to give it a go with the Stroller Group.  Will see how it goes! 

8 Hot Miles

Before I get to the 8 mile run I must share what Mark did for Sky while we were in E WA! 

Mark is a Craigslist pro!!!  He sells tons of stuff we don’t need and buys stuff that we need or want for great prices!  And, sometimes he scores really awesome stuff for FREE!!!! 

Behold…Sky’s custom play set…

…Mark was able to build the play deck over the retaining wall and shortened the swing part from 3 down to 2 so it took up a little less room.  There is a picnic table under the covered fort and Sky’s sandbox fits under the slide perfectly. 
Did I mention it was FREE!!!  If you don’t use Craigslist you should!  (Yes I know there have been some Craigslist related violence and even murders.  We are careful…no one comes to the house if at all possible.  It the item is too big and they have to come to our house rather than meet somewhere we are always armed and make sure we are both home.  If we have to go to their house instead of meeting again we are armed and ready to call 911.  We also are not selling high end items which cuts down on those that have ulterior motives.)
Clearly she loves it!!! 


Mark priced a similar play set with the same components at Lows at $1,000…our cost $10 for the bolts he needed to secure it.  Mark had all the needed wood and boards on hand to replace the ones that were rotted or not as sturdy.
Sky has been playing on it non-stop!  She loves the swing and spends most of her time asking to be pushed. 
Saturday late afternoon Michelle and I ran 8 miles, in the hottest part of the day.  After the issues I had at See Jane I felt like I need to run in the heat to try and work out my issues.  It worked, sort of.  We were going to run at 6, but Michelle was able to bump it up to 5 and even though I had just had something to eat I decided to go for it.  My stomach didn’t appreciate that decision very much.  Let’s just say that I probably ruined any runners chance of every using the minute mart bathroom on 27th ever again.  Don’t bother asking! 
Aside from that it went well.  I felt so much better than at See Jane.  Granted it was only 8 miles, but by 8 miles at See Jane I was ready to DNF, so I’m glad I felt good at the end of 8 this time around. I wore a visor, drank about 9 oz of Nuun during the run and felt pretty good.  I wore my compression socks and felt too hot, but my shin splints flared up, so felt it was necessary.  Still not sure if I’m going with or without compression Sat.  That will be a race morning decision. 
I have some exciting new gear and Michelle and I decided to have some fun and go with matching outfits…I will share pics later in the week.  Oh, did I mention that Michelle decided to run this 1/2 as well?  I can’t remember if I posted that on the blog or not.  So I will have company and am so excited and thankful that we are running another 1/2 together!  It’s going to be a fun day!