Making The Most Of It

Summer officially ends tomorrow! What, what?!

Thankfully this can be one of the loveliest times in the PNW. We get sunny warm days, cooler evenings, the leaves are vibrant oranges and reds, and Football. It all comes back to football. 🙂

Triker Chick.

Truly a lovely time to savor and make the most of before rain and cold settle in for the duration.

I want to be a flower girl mommy. Love how she rocks a sweat band!

Sky and I took her trike to Chambers Bay to work off some energy and take in the view. It’s beautiful there no matter the weather really. Bright and sunny, or dark and stormy both offer pretty amazing views.

Those glasses and that sweatband…I can’t stand it! 🙂

Since we don’t have a water view from our house, and water tends to be what calms my spirit I visit Chambers at least once a week to take a moment to breath, focus, recenter. Even though it’s always busy, and sometimes I’ve got Sky with me to keep track of, it’s still a few moments of peace and calm that leaves me feeling refreshed and energized.

Still so much to put back together from the U.S. Open…still an awesome view of the sound though.

How are you enjoying the last two days of summer?

Life Goes On

The thing about being a parent is that while we were both shook up about Bishop, Sky is still a 3 year old that needs lunch and play time and normal life basically. So there isn’t much time to sit around and be sad. Not going to lie, I cried my eyes out after bed time though.

After Bishop was laid to rest we thought a picnic at the park would be a nice way to enjoy the sun, give Sky some time outside to run and burn energy, and give us an easy way to be without having to be “on”.

Turns out Leo, a little boy from Sky’s swim class, recognized her and insisted he follow Sky around. His mommy, Angela, asked if Sky’s name was Sky and did she take swimming which was odd until I realized it was Leo. Sort of a funny feeling when a stranger knows that much about your child, but once the pieces all fit it was fine.

Let’s just say they liked each other. They held hands and ran so far off from us I had to chase them down. Sky – “Mommy we just want to hold hands, and run, we run from you”. Awesome.

She was so sassy bolting off with Leo right after I told her no more running and to stay closer to us. All that running and hand holding worked out for me though. She slept in this morning which gave me an extra 1.5 hours of much needed sleep.

P.S. – There are so many things you just don’t realize until you’re a parent yourself. I have a whole new appreciation for my parents and all the pets that passed on when my sister and I were kids. As a kiddo it was hard to lose a pet, but my parents had to handle the unpleasant logistics of removing pets, being sad themselves, and watching/dealing with their daughters being heart broken, This parenting thing is hard, and I’m thankful for so much more now than I was before Sky came along. She’s still asking where Bishop is and it hurts, but I take a deep breath and explain it all over again. I’m focusing on being thankful she had Bishop, rather than being sad she doesn’t anymore.

Run In The Sun & Other Weekend Fun

We had one of those unheard of warm, sunny winter days in the PNW yesterday. I am so thankful our morning run plan didn’t work out and we rescheduled for the afternoon. The weather just kept getting nicer, and nicer and by the time 2pm rolled around I was giddy!

Love my new run vest…thank you Dad! I could have skipped it since it was so warm, but I’m glad I finally got to test it out.

Instead of a chilly, dark run we enjoyed the sun and the view. I don’t know if it was the sun, the fact we didn’t talk much, or that we just feel better running in the afternoon, but that’s the quickest pace we’ve had on that particular route in a very long time. Best part is I feel pretty good. I have doubled my stretching, foam rolling, and trigger pointing before and after runs in an effort to maintain the progress I’m making since the accident…man it takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it!
Something about this view just makes running easier.

The perfect way to end a fun weekend full of friends, food & wine! I finally started feeling a little bit excited about the training schedule that starts in a few weeks. I’ve been pretty worried about not being ready for it etc. But, I think yesterday’s run is just what I needed to remind myself how enjoyable running can be and how good it makes me feel. I know most of our runs will not be in warm sunny weather the next few months, but I’m still looking forward to it. 
Sky had her first official sleep over, in her room, this weekend. The Beckham girls have slept over before, but we have never put them all in Sky’s room for bed time. I wasn’t sure how well that would work, but after a few minutes of giggles and voices all 3 were out and even slept in the next morning! 
One of the things I appreciate the most about the girls is there is very little squabbling. I know siblings have moments, but those two do great with us, and they handle Sky really well. Grace can get Sky to do anything, and they both deal with the whims of a 3 year old perfectly. 
It worked out that they had back to back open houses at their house Fri night and Sat afternoon, because the girls stayed with us overnight, and all day Sat through dinner. Sky was thrilled to have them to play with, which allowed me to get all the laundry and dishes done.   
We didn’t think it was possible to get another dog that likes to cuddle as much as Bishop, but Silas has him beat. He is the most cuddly dog I’ve ever seen, it’s totally his happy place, and Sky and Grace’s as well. 

I finally got to use my new pasta pot and sauce that I received for Christmas! It also came with a good bottle of Chianti that I was more than happy to share with everyone. I had been waiting until we had friends over to open the sauce because…well that’s a lot of pasta sauce for just the three of us. I still ended up freezing a lot of it but it’s nice to have a bunch of spaghetti sauce ready to heat up for quick easy dinners. I must find more of that sauce because it was good, and I LOVE my new pot! It has as steaming basket as well, so now all I want to do is steam veggies and make huge pots of soup. 
Sky is the best little Steelers fan ever. She doesn’t care that the season has been done for weeks now, ok she doesn’t actually know that or understand that part of the game yet, regardless she’s all about her Steelers gear. Almost every day she picks something Steelers to wear for the day, and sometimes it’s Mark’s hat. Side note – she does this all on her own…I don’t pick out her Steelers outfits as often as she does. 
Her hands are blurry because she was clapping along to her Steelers chant.

She insisted on wearing it to school. Normally it’s a no go because I don’t want hats getting lost or left, but she was insistent and in order to assure she had a good day as school, and didn’t show up upset for her teachers to deal with I let her wear it. Most adorable Steelers fan ever!
Hawks or Patriots in the SB?
There is no good answer here so I’ll just say Go Steelers! 🙂 

Fun in the Sun!!

Sky started her duathlon training yesterday!  Take a look at her first biking/running adventure at the park! 

You know what this means…the day is coming when I can run while she bikes!  As much as I love pushing her in the stroller, she is getting heavy and it’s getting harder and harder!  She did about a mile yesterday…it was slow though…I never even had to fast walk to keep up with her.  So, you know maybe not a great speed workout. 

She loves her “bike” and asks to ride it every time we step outside the front door.  But, I realized yesterday she really must be a runner at heart, because she kept randomly jumping off her “bike” and taking off running.  Totally abandoning that cute little tricycle and dashing clear across the soccer fields, or down the path around the bend.

 There was a fork in the path ahead of her, and she was having a hard time deciding which way to go.
  Practicing for her future adidas sponsorship!  She’s was totally throwing her arms in the air and yelling “adidas” for all to hear.
Can we talk about this adorable outfit for just a second?!  I love that Costco carries cute adidas running outfits for tatter tots.  Sky was so excited about this pink outfit and in particular was a huge fan of the skirt.  She kept twirling about, talking about dressing like mommy, and randomly shouting out “adidas” on her ride through the park. 
She kept yelling at me, “no take off my skirt”…you know because I randomly take her cloths off in public.  I should probably get this outfit in the next 2 or 3 sizes up since she likes it so much! 
Loving the early summer sun and heat!  Breaking out the kiddy pool today in fact…gotta enjoy it while we have it!  
I particularly love the warm weather for the Tuesday night group run.  It just makes it so much more enjoyable when it’s nice out.  Makes it harder to work on speed, but still so much better than dark rainy runs!
Stroller group run this morning and then I’m done until I take on the hills Sunday!  So excited to run my first relay race!  
Happy hump day everyone…enjoy it! 

I Love My Little Runner!!!

I wasn’t going to run this morning, even though I needed .05 to hit my 10 mile goal for the week.  I figured it would be better to call it good enough, and live to run next week, than risk making this nasty cough/crap in my lung thing I have going on any worse.  
Sky had other ideas though.  I thought we were going to the park to play at the playground, but she insisted on running!  While I didn’t track it, she ran from the car to the park, played for a bit, then looked at me and said, “I run, run”, and took off.  So, I know for a fact I got way more than the .05 I needed…probably closer to .5 or .6 by the time we finally got back to the car.  
She even ran up one of the short but steep hills at Chambers, and when she got to the top she turned and looked at me at said, “I love running.”  I know I looked like a fool with a huge grin on my face and tears running down my cheeks.  That little girl has full control of my heart!  I love that she loves running with me so much, and I tend to enjoy this phase for however long it lasts.  

After we ran and played and were frozen from head to toe I thought it would be fun to get hot coco and a scone to warm back up.  I was also trying to give Mark as much Sky free time as possible to work on the bathroom.  It’s just easier for him to work on painting etc. when she isn’t clamoring for his attention.
So we hit up Starbucks and enjoyed some coffee and coco.  It really was a pretty perfect morning!  

The rest of the day is full of college football and finishing our Christmas shopping!  
I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well!!!
Tell me something fun you’re doing this weekend!