Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for camping trips with friends. We spent last week in Winthrop WA at Silver Line Resort with the Beckham family, and had so much fun!

Not a bad mountain biking view of the lake…campground is behind the trees in the upper left of the picture. 

This is seriously the summer of camping for us. We didn’t plan any other summer vacation other than camping, and we are having so much fun!

Don’t you eat ice cream while sitting on a saddle?

Thankfully Silver Line is on a lake because it was hot! Really hot, so we pretty much hung out in the lake every day. We even sprung for a jet boat rental one day, and had so much fun. The kiddos in particular liked being pulled behind. I gave it a go a few times, but let me tell you that is a rough ride! Easy to stay on, but pretty bone jarring….I was more into finding a quiet spot on the lake to cut the engine and take swimming breaks.

Sky taking her turn on the tube…she loved it! 



We had so much fun we booked an even longer stay at Silver Line next summer! I love that we already have a fun camping trip booked for Summer 2019!

What are you thankful for today?


Oregon Coast Adventure

We finally did it…we broke in (literally in some instances) our new camp trailer! The trailer has been sitting in our driveway since purchasing it back in Dec, and it’s been driving us crazy not hitting a campground with it for 5 months!

My fave pic of the trip…so excited I got it!
Our first morning in camp was Easter Sunday…of course the Easter Bunny visited camp!

Spring Break 2018 was the perfect opportunity to get a nice long road trip/camping trip in the trailer. We did our research (thank you NW Magazine for the destination idea) and booked a 6 night stay at Sunset Bay State Park near Coos Bay Or.





First off let me say we had an amazing trip! The beaches were wonderful, some of the best tide pool exploring ever, sea lions and seals galore, beach combing treasures found, sweet little towns to explore, sand dune adventures, and really good sea food. The weather was pretty great given it’s early spring on the coast. The temps were very comfortable, even on the drizzly or rainy days, it still felt pretty good out. Perhaps the best part was having very limited cell phone service. I loved having uninterrupted time with my two loves. And, I got so much reading done! So much so that the battery on my (borrowed) e-reader died every day (for my birthday Mark and Sky got me a brand new Paperwhite Kindle as my old one died on me. I had been borrowing Marks Kindle, but really did love it that much as it had a lot more bells and whistles, was heavier and the battery didn’t last more than a day…paperwhite charges last weeks!).

Exploring South Slough


Board Walk through the Slough

Anyway, all in all we had a truly lovely Spring Break, and none of us really wanted to head back to “real” life. But, remember when I said we broke in the trailer…the trip did have it’s share of “what the what is going on”!


The morning we were supposed to hit the road it appeared the refrigerator (full of camping meals) was not working. Great way to start the trip, not. So we delay leaving until the dealership opened and headed there to see if there was anything they could do. Turns out the refrigerator was working…the display panel wasn’t displaying because the trailer batteries were dead (they charge while driving). We were plugged into power at home, so I still don’t understand this issue at all, but the actual refrigerator was working the whole time. Just a nice little 2 hour delay on what was already going to be a long day of travel. And, yes we could have just used coolers, and were prepared to do so if needed, but we wanted to use the refrigerator in our brand new trailer for a 7 day trip.

Hard to see, but there were several seals playing in the water right next to the jetty we were waling on.
So much fun on the dunes! 

Next on the hit list, after a day of eating out for lunch and dinner, and lots of treats in between, Sky threw up all over the dinning benches. Just too much good stuff in too short a time, but man did it stink up the place. We had to pull the covers off all the cushions in the dinette and find a dry cleaner the next morning. No way did we want to risk that smell settling into the covers. Thankfully there was a dry cleaner that could clean the covers and have them done for us the morning we left to come home.



After that the dog decided to chew on a corner of the slide out and messed up the upholstery on one corner (she also chewed part of the wood framing around the seats back when we ate dinner in the trailer a few months ago). I guess Ruthie is just making it her own.

Face Rock Creamery…ice cream, wine and cheese…heaven for all of us! 

By day 3 I wanted to take a shower, only to discover there is no hot water in the shower. There was scalding hot water in the bathroom sink, and warm water in the kitchen, but cold, cold, cold in the shower. I was already ready to jump in the shower, and didn’t have quarters, so opted to take a cold shower rather than use the campground showers. Turns out Or. State Parks don’t require quarters…would have been nice to know that before I tried shaving my legs in stone cold water. Whatever, it woke me up! We later found out from a fellow camper who owns the same trailer brand that there is an anti-scald setting for the shower that needs to be bypassed. He had the instructions how to do it, so we can totally fix that thankfully.

Perhaps the most frustrating, and expensive, thing that happened was the DVD player broke. I’m not going to get into the how or why so as to protect the innocent who may read through this blog when they are older, but it’s an all in one unit that controls the sound for the entire trailer, and will now have to be replaced. There are a few other “little” things that need to be fixed after our trip some due to the trip (6 yr olds and dogs are hard on trailers!) and others due to things that were not working from the start and will be fixed by the dealership.


Like I said though, we had a blast exploring that area of the OR Coast, we love our new trailer, Ruthie is an excellent camping/exploring dog, and we can’t wait for more camping adventures for Team Yeatman!

Just The Three Of Us

It’s been such a busy summer, with less camping than we hoped for. So, when we found ourselves with a free weekend I called around until I found a camping cancellation we could take advantage of. The best part is it was at one of favorite places to camp!

Bug catcher!


For real, is there anything better than fishing, a good book, and really amazing wine?!

Even better…it was the hottest weekend all summer, and we were camping at a lake, with boat rentals!  I mean seriously the best way to beat the heat is in the water! Sadly I forgot my motion sickness medicine, so have had vertigo since Saturday. Just under 2 hours on the water and I’m dizzy and nauseous for days…boo! Motion sickness aside we had a blast.

Captain of her own life…at least she wasn’t the one to run the boat into the rocks.

Sometimes the three of us need to get away, by ourselves, and just be Team Yeatman. It’s always refreshing to reconfirm that we are the three of us together, we love each other, and that our little family of three is pretty awesome!

Mark & Sky spent a lot of time drawing up plans for her tree house! 

I didn’t even realize how much I needed that time to just be with my babe and baby. A little us time towards the end of a busy summer, and before school starts and life gets crazy with that.

Camp food = awesome! 
Breakfast = left over steak and french fry hash with fried eggs on top…everything taste better when camping!

If you are in W WA, Lake Mayfield is a pretty great place to camp!

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for camping!

We were able to get away Memorial Day Weekend to Mayfield Lake with our friends, and enjoy a lovely weekend of camping, and celebrating Sky’s birthday with them, since they were out of town her birthday weekend.

Last year Bob and Sky baked a cake in camp for her birthday, so of course it’s now a tradition! She wanted a pink cake with purple frosting!

I’m a lot sad that this is the only camping trip we have all summer. While we have plenty of fun things/trips planned, camping isn’t in the cards, at this point. It’s crazy how quickly a summer fills up, but I’m holding out hope we find time to sneak away, even if only over night. Or, maybe fit in some Fall camping.

camp cuties! 

Anyway, we fell in love with the area around Lake Mayfield and will be returning as soon as we can make it happen! Lots of lake time, lots of hiking, wildlife, and exploring…it’s worth driving around a bit and visiting the smaller towns, you never know what you’ll find!

So much fun fishing. The pond had just been stocked and all three girls caught two fish each!

Lake Mayfield Resort & Marina  reminded us of Dirty Dancing, on a smaller scale, and with more fishermen around. 🙂 The general store had all the basics covered, including wine when we ran out (I know right?!) and hosted a dance every evening in the open air dinning/event space.

All 3 girls got whittling knife’s and a safety lesson. They all opted to make magic wands as their first project.

Our spots were perfectly located next to the sport court, field, and playground, which let us lounge in camp while watching the kiddos play and have fun, and have a quick game of T Ball.

So much fun, and I’m super thankful we were able to get at least one camping trip in!

Sleep over in the Beckham camper…we wore them out!
Bald Eagle!



Weekend Re-Cap / Life is Back to Normal

Happy Monday to everyone!  I hope it’s been a kind one!

I kind of feel a little pressure to get our life, house, errands etc back on track this week.  We have been gone every single weekend this month!  Two of those weekends were not planned either.  With all the unexpected travel I haven’t done “real” grocery shopping in a very long time.  Nor have I made dentists appointments, Dr. appointments, cleaned the house…you get the idea.  I have been doing the minimum to keep things going (unpacking doing laundry and repacking over and over) and getting my training runs done, and as a result it’s all caught up with us now.

I sort of love being home though and doing the normal every stuff, and it feels good to be getting back to normal and getting things done!  

I finally had time for a hair cut last week and boy oh boy was I over due!  It may not look a ton different, but the real beauty of this cut is when I let it air dry…it’s has the perfect, no effort beach waves cut into the style, so it looks amazing with zero effort!  (We won’t talk about the fact that I got rear ended again on the way to the hair cut…thankfully Sky and I are fine!  Thankfully it’s wasn’t more serious because they hit us and took off…karma…that’s all I have to say).

This is the blown out version of the below style/pic my stylist worked off of!  Once again El did an amazing job, and was able to take all the heavy stuff off thankfully!

I let it air dry camping, and it looks pretty great if I do say so myself!  El get’s all the credit, she’s the one that makes it look good!

Friday started with my last “real” run before race day.  I got up and got 8 miles in and felt great doing it!  This week I have two 3 mile runs planned and then I’m resting until Sat.  Saturday races feel strange to me, but it’s kinda nice to have Sunday to lay around and recover.

After that it was time for a weekend of camping on the coast.  It’s always dicey camping on the WA Coast even in the summer, but we got so lucky with clear sunny days and a slight breeze that was perfect for keeping it from getting to hot!

 Sky and I waited around for Mark to finish work for the day and she was so over the top excited when it was finally time to get to camping!  This girl loves camping!  Out of the blue, twice today, she has said “Thank you mommy for the camping”!

 Climbing trees!  
 We were so not prepared for her to play in the ocean, we had no extra clothes, nor did we have any of the dishes/silverware needed for lunch either, but we made it work and had a lovely lunch on the beach!

Watching the kiddos play in the waves, I could do this all day!

 The girls coloring in trailer.  It’s nice that each family has a trailer because the kids end up in one, usually ours since it’s smaller and less stuff to get into, and the adults can visit in the other one, but with both doors open and facing each other we always know what they are up to.
 She wakes up super cuddly when we are camping!

Who’s walking who?

Thankfully Michelle’s Mom came up to camp and watched the kiddo’s so we could sneak away for wine tasting and silliness at The Westport Winery.  If you are ever in the area check them out!  One of the few that let’s you wander the grounds at will, and they set up ton’s of outdoor seating, games, and entertainment to enjoy while strolling the vineyards drinking wine. 

The sunset was really amazing!

 My two favorite people taking a sunset walk. 

Sadly that glass of wine ended up getting kicked out of my hand, down the front of me, and (I have no idea how this happened) all down the inside as well.  I had wine in my belly button.  I was not a happy camper, mostly because I was worried about getting the wine out.  I ended up having to toss a few items, but the rest washed out with some Wine Away.  I learned that Wine Away needs to be a staple in the camping trailer, and not to drink and snuggle with a tired 3 year old at the same time.

Michelle and I enjoying the sunset.

This trip was timed perfectly!  This month has been crazy with travel, car issues, getting hit twice, Grandpa passing, the stress of trying to potty train a tot that want’s nothing to do with it yet must be potty trained before pre-school starts, being away from home every weekend (I really like being home!) among other things.  It all sort of hit me, and getting away with good friends for the weekend and just relaxing and having fun was exactly what I needed.  I feel recharged and ready to take on the rest of summer! 
How do you recharge when life gets crazy?