adidas Ultra Boost = The Unicorn of Running Shoes!

I, along with the rest of the Tuesday Night run group, had the opportunity to test run the new adidas, Ultra Boost…before it was available for purchase! How cool is that?! We felt like VIP’s for sure!

Behold the most amazing running shoe I’ve ever had on my feet period. Oh how I love these shoes! And, that’s saying something given how much I love the adidas Energy Boost.

So, whats different you ask…well the Ultra Boost is 100% Boost material (Energy Boost is 80% I believe), it’s a knight upper, and it’s all one piece. The tongue of the shoe is at one with the rest of the upper, and while that may sound strange it’s totally the most amazing thing ever!

Energy Boost on the Left, Ultra Boost on the Right. 

The bottom of the shoe is different as well. The Ultra Boost has more of a waffle pattern while the Energy Boost sort of follows the bone structure of your foot. The waffle pattern creates a feeling of connection with the ground that is more solid and stable, especially side to side. It felt like the spring of the Boost material was settling in a bit more rather than bouncing your foot off the pavement. That settling in feeling made for a more powerful push off like I was getting more power out of the spring/rebound of the boost material.
Maybe I’m just used to the Boost material since I’ve worn Energy Boost since they hit the market, but the Ultra feels less bouncy to me, more controlled, and a more even ride across the bottom of my foot, which felt a bit more natural as my foot rolled through my landing to push off.
This is the color I want so bad!

The other big change (it’s a total game changer for me!) is the cut out for the achilles. There are two parts of most running shoes that make me crazy. One is the top of the shoes where the laces hit across the foot bend/toes. Thankfully both the Energy and Ultra Boost start the laces so far back on the foot that there is zero pressure on the part of my foot that usually gets irritated. Second is the back of the shoe and where it hits on the back of my heel/achilles. It’s just a sensitive spot for me, especially during longer runs. The heel clip on the Ultra has a cut out for the achilles so there is zero discomfort, like absolutely no pressure on the achilles at all. 
There are of course a lot of other upgrades and improvements, but I can’t hit all of them. These are the ones that I noticed and stood out while I was running. I’m not kidding…when I was testing these bad boys out I kept thinking, “this is what running should feel like, it should feel this good”. 
A little perspective for you…this was my first run after having been really sick and I was still dealing with sinus stuff and worn out legs, yet this run felt pretty darn great. Everything about the shoe is designed to let the runner use 100% of the energy they put into the run. Unlike other shoes that absorb energy, and offer less return on the effort. The Ultra Boost is a perfect supportive knit fit, but not tight at all. It’s like the most perfect foot hug ever! 
The Ultra Boost is available now at Fleet Feet Tacoma, or at adidas for those that aren’t local. Check out these videos from Hypebeast with behind the scenes looks at the Ultra Boost: The Making of The Ultra Boost -it actually shows how they are made and it’s pretty cool! Ultra Boost promo video
I need a new pair of running shoes and these are going to be it. Yes the price is up there, but it’s worth it to me to save my money for a shoe that feels like perfection and helps me stay injury and ache & pain free. Totally worth it! 
As a side note I’m still very happy with my Energy Boost, and they still feel great. I’ll happily run in them until I can upgrade. It’s just that the Ultra is pure perfection. 
P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I’m just super excited about the Ultra Boost and how amazing it felt!

It Just Got Real!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I got a little caught up in life and just didn’t think to blog, since Thursday! 

I finished a book, started a new one, and spent a ton of time playing with Sky and keeping her happy indoors while the weather was cruddy.   We were actually pretty busy, so I just skipped anything that involved firing up the laptop.

Anyway, today was a much needed break from the rain!

 First Skirt Run Of the Season!  White legs!
You would think I forgot how to run in a skirt because it bugged the heck out of me the whole 10 miles.  I was tugging, pulling, stopping all the time to adjust…I’m a rookie. 
So thankful we caught a break with the weather, and ran in the sun with only a few rain drops at the very end.  
10 miles does mean that ice baths are back in my life.  Ice baths = that’s when running gets real folks!  I totally forgot how horrific the first 60 seconds are.  After that though you’re numb and don’t feel the cold anymore.  My knees and hips felt so much better after the bath and foam rolling.  I’ll trigger point in the morning, after things settle down a bit.  
The only bummer is that my Garmin took a dump after the run.  This is the 5th or 6th time it has lost all the data.  By now I know how to do a factory reset, so we shall see how it works next run.  It 50% makes me want to replace it with one that’s better and 50% makes me not trust Garmin.  :-/
I was happy to hit 275 in my Energy Boost’s and they still feel brand new!  I am so happy with those shoes…seriously I’m over half way to when most people replace their shoes, and mine still feel pretty darn great!     
A quick shout out to Elya, who is 10’ish (I think it’s a few more than that, but not sure how much more) weeks out from baby, and every week she is running a new post-baby personal best for our speedy run, and a new longest distance as well.  She is going to kick butt race day, I’m so excited for her!
We were going to end up being two miles short on the training plan this week, so opted for a Friday morning run with the kiddos.  We needed something easy after speed work and before long run! 
 Flying like birds.  Sky was so happy to have other kiddos to run after.
After that it was a Starbucks date for Sky and I, thanks to Michelle!  She sent me a gift card via Facebook!  
Cake pop, coffee = we are both happy!
Obviously the coffee was mine and not her’s because she crashed as soon as we got in the car.  She doesn’t take naps in her bed, only in the car, if at all.  I don’t love this whole no nap thing, but I’m working with it.  The upside is she asks to go to bed at 7pm, so I can’t complain too much.  
A last cute Sky pic from the weekend…this girl loves her dress up!
  That is a big stuffed dog…thank you Grandma Val!  She was so happy to have her doggy and her “Princess Sophia” dress.
Ton’s of races this weekend!  I feel like running season has started, not that it ever totally ends, but there are so many races every weekend during the spring/summer and I love it!  
Who ran or raced this weekend?  How did it go?
Tell me something fun you did this weekend!
Sky and I had multiple dance parties!

I’m a Wimp!

Monday I’ll have an adidas Glide Boost review, and comparison to Energy Boost post up!!!  

I have no problem admitting that it has been too dang cold for me to run the last few days.  I literally can’t make myself gather the desire or determination to even think about attempting it.  Every time I left the house to run errands today I was sufficiently frozen from the wind thus confirming that running was a dumb idea.  I know there are some hardy souls out there running and I’m proud of them, but it does nothing to make me want to attempt it.

I have the cold weather running gear, and I have run in rain, wind, snow, and the freezing cold before…so the only thing I can say is yes I’m being a wimp.  But, it all ends tomorrow.  Sky is going to lose her mind, and in turn so am I, if she does not get some serious play time outside the house.  The only way I can handle standing around in the cold while she plays, or runs at her pace, is if I work up a good sweat first.  So, we are running in the morning, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.  Bundling up and braving the cold.

Wish me luck and resolve to actually follow through and do it!

A few pictures from the last two days…

I love everything about this picture!  She loves that hat and sweater so much that she wears both around the house like we don’t have heat.  I love that she wanted to lay next to me on the floor while I did core work.    

I think she was irritated that the click sound my phone camera makes interrupted her story time.

I love this basket of spices from my sister-in-law!  I already put half of them into pretty glass jars before I thought to take a picture…it was full of bags of spices and herbs.  The best part is it’s all stuff I use, a lot!  I have been wanting to organize and my herbs and spices, and put them in pretty containers, and this basket gave me the perfect opportunity!  

Every morning when she gets up from bed the first thing she says is, “I need cuddles in Daddy’s chair”. Usually that means with me, since Daddy is at work, but sometimes it means curling up by herself as she waits for pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

How do you stay warm while running in the cold?