Recovery Day!

I’m totally in a state of recovery over here.  I’m more sore after my 6 miles yesterday than I have been after some of my half’s.

It feels good in a twisted way though.  I pushed hard on a route I usually run a good 1:30 to 2:00 minutes slower per mile than I did Sunday, so it makes complete sense that my quads and butt are feeling it today.  Oddly enough my shins hurt to…ok now that I think about it not odd given the equal amount of down hill.

It’s been a compression sock, sweats kinda day…I didn’t even bother changing before going to my board meeting tonight either.  That is unheard of for me, when meeting with those that wear ties I tend to dress accordingly (I mean I only have to dress up once a month so it’s kinda fun), but I was sore enough today that I didn’t give a crap.  Plus oddly the meeting was over in less than 30 minutes, so I’m glad I didn’t get all done up! 

I’ve spent a ton of time rolling, using a ball on my foot, and a torture stick on my legs.  They feel better, but man I’m worn out!


I leave you with a pic of Sky from one of her walks with Grammy and Grampy…thank you Jan for sending me the pic!

 She loves dandelions!


How are you recovering from the weekend? 


P.S. Happy Cinco de Mayo…I totally spaced it and did nothing Cinco de Mayo’ish as all.  Fail!

Weekend Awesomeness!

We had a pretty much awesome weekend.  Well…actually Sky and I had an awesome weekend, while Mark unfortunately found more to do projects around the house.  I guess it’s ok timing since the master bath is almost done, so he needed a new project right?

Let’s just say finding rotting support beams under the deck was not the high point of the weekend for him.  :-/  The joys of being a home owner, the projects just never ever, ever end.   

On to the good stuff!  It started with a Sassy new hair cut!!! 

Thanks to Eleanor this is the smoothest and most stylish grow-out I have ever gone through!  Love this cut, and I can see the end result in the near’ish future and am loving it!

It got even better when I found out Michelle registered for the St. P day 5K, which means we get to run it together!!!  Since I PR’d the Santa Run I’m going to wait and make the 2014 Santa Run my next 5K PR attempt.  I’m saving St. P Day 5K for fun, sparkly cute skirts, and running with my Irish best friend!  It’s only fitting! 

My trusty adidas energy Boost got me through 5 Mile Drive!

I don’t bail on runs with friends, or on myself (for the most part) for that matter.  But, having said that I still feel like every run has the potential to not happen until I lace up the shoes.  Once I have the shoes on my feet I start thinking about how amazing it’s going to feel to pound out some miles, and how great breakfast is going to taste when I get home.  The shoes are the magic go button for me! 

Saturday morning Michelle and I hit up 5 Mile Drive for a good butt kicking run!  5 Mile Drive always make me nervous, and it’s not because the bathrooms are closed this time of year (ok maybe it is), it’s because it’s a for real run with challenging hills and even on a “I feel like I can run fast and forever” day it’s still harder than anything else I run.  I always feel kind of bad a$$ when I don’t drop to my knees at the finish.

After starting the weekend with a good hill workout of a run the rest of the weekend was all about stretching, foam rolling, relaxing and having fun with the babe (after he finished installing the faucets in the master bath) and baby. 

Sunday we found a new park to explore.  It’s very, very secluded so Sky and I won’t be going there without Mark, but it was nice that there was no one else around while we explored.   

Throwing rocks in the water. 
 Playing their version of Pooh Sticks!

She tried to push the tree over, then turned around and gave it a big hug!

The nice thing about starting the weekend with a good hard run, getting some tasks done, and spending lot’s of time playing with the tot is that I don’t feel bad at all that once the Pro Bowl started I sat on the couch watching the game and then stayed up late to watch the Grammy’s.  I feel like I earned that “lazy” time watching TV and drinking good wine.

Who else watched the Pro Bowl? 
I wasn’t sure how I’d like the new changes, but it was a much more exciting game to watch than the last few years have been. 

What was your favorite performance of the Grammy’s? 
Close tie between Pink and Macklemore.