Mask Life

If anyone is going to make wearing a mask fun it’s Sky! For the record we all despise wearing them, but if the CDC is recommending it when we leave our house then we will follow the advice.

Thankfully we have a friend who can sew and she made Sky some masks. Her ears fold over so easy though it’s hard to keep them on her. We found we can anchor them with her glasses pretty well.

I know there are a ton of opinions out there about what is going one and how it’s being handled. Bottom line for me, if it will keep us alive, and keep others from getting any germs we have then we will do it.

This one fits the best…
…but she likes this one the most.

There is a big difference between being inconvenienced and harmed and so far, for us, it’s a big old inconvenience. But, we are not being harmed, in fact we may be being kept alive, so for now this is the way life is.

P.S. We already had some N95 masks on hand from house projects and from Community Emergency Response Training through the fire department…we did not purchase ours out from under first responders.

On a mission to visit one of the school district bus stop locations to get the work packet for the week. Safety first! 

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for Strawberry Plants that survived!

I know they don’t look like much, but the small amount of new green growth I’m seeing gives me hope, and puts a smile on my face!

Strawberry patch in the making! 

I totally ordered seeds and strawberry plants at the wrong time. First of all I didn’t realize the strawberries were coming in the form of dehydrated plants, I thought I had ordered seeds. So when all these plants arrived that needed to be soaked in water and planted ASAP I kind of panicked.

Some of the plants look like angry sticks, but I see some green there!

It was the perfect storm of plants arriving right after the stay home order was issued, and I had tested the soil and found it to be deficient in pretty much everything. So, I need a bunch of stuff to get the soil healthy, and I have plants that need to be planted, oh and I can’t leave my house to go to a nursery to get what I need to fix my soil (I really wanted an in person convo vs ordering stuff online since I’m not as knowledgeable regarding gardening). So, after a ton of research and putting to use things I had on hand like egg shells, banana peels, black gold and pine needles I was able to plant my strawberry plants.

Thanks to my SIL, Amy, giving me great advice I was able to keep the plants viable for much longer than was intended before getting them in the dirt.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to walk out there yesterday and see fresh green growth! Some of the plants still look like angry little sticks that may not take, but some of the plants are off to a great start. Now I just have to keep the dirt healthy, and work on getting the rest of my boxes healthy so I can get my seeds planted.

So thankful to see something growing!

P.S. I didn’t plant anything in the garden last season because we were house hunting and were sure we’d be moving to a new home, Sky and I both missed the garden so much, so I’m extra thankful to have a garden to work on this summer!

Mental Health Day

I’m not going to lie, this home based education thing is not always easy. I love being home, and I love being home with Sky and figuring out how to make this all work, but wow is it hard some days.

Sky and I worked together on a schedule, and I have been focused on mixing in fun learning opportunities along with the school based work packets, and taking advantage of some of the cool/fun on-line options that have opened up. I kinda thought we were doing pretty great.


However, I noticed things were getting rough with attitude and rudeness. Time out’s increased, visits to the principle (daddy) increased, reflection forms increased and I was at a loss. Things were spiraling and I was exhausted.

Finally I asked her what the heck is going on. Why are you angry? Why are you upset? This behavior is not like you. Bottom line…she feels stuck. She has been stuck at home for much longer than Mark I have been, and when there is a need for one of us to leave the house for supplies, it’s only one of us….we want to keep Sky safe at home. Since she has been really chill about the whole situation and has kept saying she’s fine with everything, and understands what is going on, I didn’t stop to think that it has to be impacting her on some level. And, sure enough she’s frustrated with her inability to leave the house and she sees the neighbor girls that she plays with outside playing and says “it sucks to be the only kid at home”.

I thought we were doing a good job of playing with her and getting her outside to play soccer, ride bikes etc, but she is totally stuck with two grown up’s 24/7 for weeks on end, and it’s getting old. Add on top of that that one of those parents is all of a sudden her teacher now to, and it was a path for a blow up!

Sky built her fairy garden…great break from school work!


And, I planted flowers in our flower pots, with help from Sky. She actually chose all the groupings for each pot.

Enter in a new addition to our schedule, every Wednesday is now a Mental Health Day. Thank you Daddy/Principle…this was totally Mark’s idea! We can get through two days pretty great, but mid-week we are both kinda over it, so we take the day to read books for fun. Play, do arts and craft for fun, spend time in the kitchen. Whatever we can do to have fun and not do school work. Then we finish the week strong. We are still getting through the weekly work packet just fine, and she’s able to focus a lot better knowing she get that mid-week break.

This whole situation calls for a lot more grace, a lot more wine, and more mental health time/days!

How are you coping?

P.S. We have some house projects that are seasonal and can only happen right now, so Mark grabbed plants for me on one of his trips to the hardware store. Was it an essential need, no, but I don’t really care to hear any comments either. I feel like it is essential for my mental health since it 500% increases my enjoyment of my home and I am spending a ton of time at home.

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for social media!

I toy with the idea of turning off almost all forms of social media, for the most part it drives me bonkers! However, in times like this when we are not allowed to see friends and family in person I am so dang thankful for FB and Instagram! It allows me to see how those I love are getting through this strange time and stay in touch. I have gotten so many good ideas and resources for home base learning opportunities for Sky, and weekly video chats with friends/family are keeping me going right now!

And, for real if not for YouTube I would not be able to help Sky with her Math work at all. So thankful for that!

We took a mental health spa day today, and Sky got to video chat with friends while her nails dried. Love the smile on her face!

I’m especially thankful Sky can video chat with friends. It’s the only way she has of independently (I can see every request and can listen in on chats to monitor if I need to or want to) maintaining her friendships right now. It’s a new “thing” to navigate for her and to learn how to handle zoom meeting with multiple people etc, but I’m thankful she can stay in touch with friends, because lets face it Mom and Dad get old real fast!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the worry and stress of world events, and plain old boredom with being home. But I truly believe there is something to be thankful for every day, even if the day is not the best…What are you thankful for?

It’s Been TOO Long

So many reasons I haven’t posted in forever. Mostly kiddo getting older, me working outside the home and trying to stay off my phone/computer when I am home with Sky. Taking way fewer pictures, and blog posts just are not as fun without a picture or two.

But, I feel like I have thoughts to share, which is a double edge sword because while I like sharing my thoughts I know that not everyone shares said thoughts. And, while I don’t feel like we all need to agree, like at all, to each there own, I do know that some take what they read on social media as personal. And, when someone shares an opinion that is different, or shares a path in life that is different than they would choose it gets taken personal. I don’t want to be the cause of hurting feelings or making someone take my posts in a judgmental way.

So, here is the bottom line. I live my life, and I love my life. You live your life, and love your life. We do not have to live the same life, nor do we have to love the same things. I have my opinions, you have yours. We do not have to agree at all, I kinda don’t care if you agree or not, not an I don’t care in a mean way, I don’t care in that I realize each person is different and it takes different thoughts, feelings, decisions, and opinions for each of us to live our unique and happy lives.

A snapshot of what learning during COVID-19 Social Distancing looks like. Makeshift classroom for the win!

Frankly I’m too busy enjoying my life and spending time with my family to worry about judging anyone else to the point I would write a blog post about it. And, just so the motivation behind my blog is understood, it’s really to share life, document our adventures, and leave something for Sky to look back on. Sometimes that may cross over into opinions/commentary on current events, but that is not the goal and I’m not trying to change how anyone thinks or feels about anything.

Now that that is out of the way look forward to more blog posts, and pictures. I have things to say, things to share, and no plans until at least May 4th….so you know I have some time now. 🙂