Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for good friends and simple times. We wanted to do something special for LD weekend, but were not feeling up to a big old BBQ, so we kept is simple and fun with the Beckham’s.

Grace, Kiera, and Sky…they are growing so fast!

A little back yard football, tree climbing, steak, wine, and watching college football from the deck (my absolute fave way to watch sports…also thankful to have a big enough TV to be able to watch sports from outside the house!).

All of them vs Michelle and I…easy guess as to who won!

Good times with good friends…thanks guys!



Wa. State Fair & Steven Tyler

Gosh guys I have had a crush on Steven Tyler for like 30 years, and was so excited to see him at the Wa State Fair Sunday night! I mean what a perfect way to end summer…the fair with Michelle, and Steven Tyler!

Photo C/O Michelle’s mad selfie skills! 

I loved that Steven was able to do some Aerosmith songs his way, tell the stories behind the songs, interact with the crowd as Steven Tyler, not as the front-man for Aerosmith…I’ve been to tons of Aerosmith concerts, and there is a difference between Aerosmith Steven Tyler, and Steven Tyler. Bonus, his country band Loving Mary is an amazing band in their own right! A hot summer night with a bunch of brilliant musicians and vocalists rocking the fair…yes please!

Photo: Tacoma Weekly Staff photographer Bill Bungard…our seats were not that close!
Our view.

Before the concert we had fun enjoying the fair kiddo free. I had no idea there was a roof-top bear garden, and I finally had a Fair Scone. I have been missing them my whole life…so much yummy! Really it was just fun to be there with Michelle and not be responsible for anyone else for a few hours.

photo c/o Michelle

Once again, thank you Michelle for being my concert buddy! I know you had to put up with me squealing like a little girl over Steven. 🙂


Now I feel less sad about Aerosmith doing their farewell tour. I mean they have had a great run as a band, and it has to end at some point I guess (plus the last few concerts Steven and Joe of have been at odds and it shows). Steven on his own though, that I can be excited about…I can’t wait to see what he does next!


Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for Country Music Festivals and a friend who is willing to do crazy fun things with me even if it may not totally be her thing.

Photo Cred: Michelle

One of the local country stations puts on an end of summer Hometown Throwdown, and for years I have wanted to go. Usually we are in Whistler the last weekend in Aug, and the years we have been around it just hasn’t worked out. Plus, my concert buddy isn’t huge into country music, so there’s that.

Not a bad view from the beer garden! Photo Cred to the funny couple sitting in front of us…they were a hoot!

This year was the year though. We were in town, the tickets are silly low for all the acts you get (10 or 11…all with current top hits), and Michelle was game to go with me.

We had so much fun. The music was great, the beer wasn’t cold (it was so hot we couldn’t drink it fast enough, but it was still good!) and we even got a little do-si-do in with a polite cowboy who just wanted to twirl a couple of pretty girls (his words not mine).

Seriously a great way to “end” summer with an all day party! I’m thankful I go to spend such a fun day with Michelle, and check off a local event bucket list item. Totally want to go again next year!

Sunset behind the stage was so pretty….hard to do it justice with a phone camera. 


That’s a Wrap

I know summer is not technically over until Sep. 22nd, but once the new school year starts it feels like it’s over. Today was the first day of school for Sky, and I seriously can not believe we have a 1st grader in the house. She is so excited (although a little worried because in first grade there is no rest time), but I feel like Summer is over, winter is coming (feeling very GOT), and my sidekick is not around. Sad face! I just miss her when she’s not here.

Aye, Aye Captain…ready for 1st Grade!

She has Mr. Schnackenberg, and her missing tooth means she is able to say his name perfectly with the right accent and everything. She was pretty proud of that, and super excited to have a male teacher. She says she’s the most excited about getting back to PE, and popcorn Friday’s.

I LOVE that she picked out those shoes for herself. They are a boy shoe, but she loved them and couldn’t have cared less that they were a boy shoe. 

We spent our last full summer day together in the kitchen, pretty much baking all day long it seemed. We went big with Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies, and small with Banana Protein Muffins. Sky is the best little baking assistant ever, and was excited to pack her baked goods in her lunch today.

So darn good! 




It’s back to school for me as well with my first sub job this Friday, which I’m really looking forward to! I’m ready to get back to work and make some extra $$ for us!

She was so excited to lose her tooth “just in time for 1st grade!”

For those heading back to school Happy New School Year! Have fun, and learn lots!

P.S. – Getting ready for school PSA – if you can get away with shopping kiddo free do it! I started stocking up on leggings and t-shirts back in July when Fall stuff was hitting the shelf. Sky doesn’t need to try things on just yet for sizing, so I shopped a little bit here and there for months, and have plenty of shirts and leggings! She was so excited to go through her clothes and pick out her outfit, it was like shopping for her going through the pile. For school supplies I ordered from Amazon. The supply list only had 4 things on it, so it was totally worth it to me to order it and not go out shopping for it. 

Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful that we (finally) received the post card with Sky’s 1st grade teacher, and her orientation time! Orientation is Monday and school starts Wednesday and I was getting a little stressed about not knowing.

We are so excited she has a male teacher this year. We loved her K teacher, but sky is girly girl, and was very caught up in what her teacher wore (which was pretty much always dressy and stylish, which fed into Sky’s focusing on fashion and how she looked for school) so we are hoping with a male teacher that will be less of a “thing” this year.


I’m also super thankful that the supply list called for three things…pencils, crayons, and a pencil case. The composition book is a bonus item that Sky really wanted and everything else on the list, like a backpack etc, we already had from last year (I’m not that parent that gets her new stuff every year, if it’s still good she’ll still be using it!). Last years supply list was very long, very brand specific, and expensive. So I was relieved to see such a short list. But, isn’t there always a but, I ran into one of the other moms from school today and she said she found a different supply list (one that is very similar to last years) but that list was dated 2015/2016. The list I found was on the district website. So, I may show up at orientation and find I don’t have everything she needs, but I’m keeping the good feelings going for now and pretending that we have everything, and are ready to go.

Mostly I’m thankful that Sky is so excited to get back to school, and to be a first grader. She’s even excited about having a male teacher. If we can keep up this love of learning through all her schooling I will be over the moon!

Now it’s time for me to start adjusting to her being gone during the day and not having my favorite little person to hang out with.

What are you thankful for today?

Soaking Up The Last of Summer

Sky and I took advantage of being off school and took off for a few days on the sunny side of the state. We timed it perfectly, because it was a cooler week at home, so heading to the low to mid 80’s side of the state was really nice.


Seriously spent so much time in the pool(s). So much time in the sun, soaking it all up!


There was a new horse and hay pile at Grandpa’s. Brought back so many childhood memories of getting hay for our horses. There is something so fun about a hay pile to climb.


Grandma painted a bunch, like a bunch, of really amazing rocks for Sky to hide. We found a lovely trail along the river and had so much fun finding the perfect spot to hide each rock. A few days later Grandma went back and walked the trail again and the rocks were gone. Sky was so excited wondering what kiddo’s found the rocks.



After that it was a trip back in time to one of my favorite cookbooks ever! As a kid it was tradition to make monster oatmeal cookies from this book for our camping trips. I was so excited to be gifted a copy of the book…I remember those cookies and think about them every time we go camping. Sky and I made a batch to share with Grandma and oh my goodness. They were so good! Better than I remember. I can’t wait to make the chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Last week was our last full week to ourselves before things have to start happening for us to be ready for school. There are supplies to pick up, teachers to meet, and I have new badges, and base passes to get so I can work again. It’s back to real life, but it was sure nice to sneak away for a few days and just enjoy summer.

I LOVE waking up with her in the mornings. She is all about cuddling and waking up slow, and I love that! 

Golden Hour

Most photographers live for “golden hour”….that time of day when the sun is going down, but not set yet, the light is softer and more golden. It’s a lot more pretty for photos than glaring, bright sun light.

Unedited…this was the height of the eclipse for us. still pretty light, but it was such a pretty light. This photo does not do it justice. 

I’m pretty sure we all know there was an eclipse yesterday. Sky was super excited about it, and wanted to go somewhere to view it, and make is special. So we headed to Chambers Bay Park and found our spot in the meadow to watch the show.


I’m not sure what I expected to happen, but that first glance up at the sky with the glasses on and I was floored. Sky was too. She couldn’t get over being able to see the moon in front of the sun.


What I didn’t expect was the amazing light that happened at the peak of the eclipse. We were not in the path of totality so there was still a decent amount of light. It did get noticeable darker, and cooler, but not totally dark. Instead we had this totally amazing golden light that was gorgeous. Made me wish I had a real camera and was ready to take “real” photos. It was so pretty.


Sky thought it was pretty epic to say the least. All I could hear from Sky was “I can see the moon! Mommy this is so amazing. I will remember this forever!”

I love being able to do stuff like this with her!