Overnight Escape

For the most part Team Yeatman enjoys being home and being safe together. But, all 3 of us hit a wall a few weeks ago and decided we had to get away. Sky had a long weekend from school, so Mark took an day off from work and we made a quick, overnight trip to Leavenworth to play in the snow. The best part was the Bavarian Ritz Hotel (https://www.hotelleavenworth.com/) allows dogs, so we were able to take Ruthie with us! We don’t get to hotel travel with her very often, so it was extra fun, and a nice change for all 4 of us!

I can’t tell you how much we needed this little trip, and how good it felt to do “normal” things. like eat at a restaurant, they have only ever done outdoor dinning so they had a great system in place and we felt safe, wander through shops, and we even found a winery to do a tasting at. It helps that we were there Sunday afternoon-Monday, so there were way less people which was helpful. While we were eating lunch I realized that’s the first dinning out experience we have had in over a year. Yes, we have done takeout, but this time we actually sat and ate at an outdoor restaurant and it felt so good! Everyone has to make their own choice about what they feel is safe, and I can’t say we will dine out again any time soon, but we sure did enjoy it!

We also found a great hill just outside of town for some sledding, snowball fighting, and snowman toppling as Sky and Ruthie proved to be better at knocking them down than building them. The highlight of the trip was walking through town after sunset….all the Christmas lights were still up and it was so beautiful! We had never made the trip to Leavenworth during the Holidays so it was an unexpected bonus to see the town dressed up for Christmas still.

Now we are just hanging on until camping season! Camping season brings with it a lot more opportunities to get out of the house and have a change of scenery and pace, and we all need that right about now!

P.S. We picked Leavenworth because we wanted to play in the snow and it wasn’t looking like we would get any at home any time soon…little did we know we’d have over a foot of snow at home just a few weekends later!

Food coloring and sprinkles make for a festive snowman!

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