Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful to finally have a choice made and feel settled into how life will be the rest of this school year. I never thought I would be taking an unpaid leave of absence (LOA) for the remainder of the school year, but I had little choice but to do to what I could to be home with Sky, and try to preserve my job at the same time. I have no way of knowing if/when school will resume full time, and until that happens Sky’s home and needs support managing remote learning.

I love my job, so was thankful there was an option to take a LOA, so I can return to it once Sky’s back in school. It is really fascinating and fulfilling being home and supporting Sky through the school day. I get to overhear some of her class participation and it’s kind of cool getting a glimpse of her being her in a space that is hers to own. She is doing great with remote learning (not that she doesn’t have her “moments” because she for sure does!) but for the most part she likes schooling from home.

There was a lot of uncertainty leading up to the LOA, as parents it was really hard knowing what was best for Sky, our family, and me as an individual. And, none of us know how COVID will play out, when/if things will open back up and be “normal” again. There are so many questions and really no right or wrong answer no matter what answer we land on. I was changing my mind in regards to our options almost daily. Needless to say I was feeling a fair amount of stress over the whole situation.

So thankful to have a path, follow it, and know what the rest of the school year looks like for me, and somewhat for Sky. The whole going back, not going back situation is no big deal. I figure she’s home and that’s how it is until it’s not, and I get to be home with her.

The best part of the situation is being able to walk out the door as soon as the school day is over and enjoy PNW Sunny Fall days! I feel like I’m getting so much extra “bonus” time with Sky this year and it’s pretty great!

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