Life These Days

It is really hard to post when the days feel the same, and we aren’t out doing much. I’m also having a hard time journaling because is feels like I could write the same thing every day and it would be accurate.

But, we are managing to get out and about and have some socially distanced, masked fun here and there. Family walks have been a life saver! And, I have learned the value of letting Sky lead the walk at her speed and whatever direction she wants to go. We end up walking further than expected, and we are having some great conversations about school, life and the world. It’s very eye opening getting a 9 year old view on things! I find that if I take the time to listen she is telling me exactly what she needs to thrive during life with COVID.

Thankfully we live in the beautiful PNW and have some lovely outdoor spaces to enjoy close to our house!

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