Thankful Thursday

Usually I like smoke…smoked cheese, smoked pork chops, a hint of smoke in an earthy wine. One place I don’t like smoke is in the air! We have been stuck inside for a week now because the air quality is so bad.

No matter how bad it feels here I know there are those that have it so much worse, and those that have lost their homes due to the fires.

Today I’m thankful that the only thing we are dealing with in regards to the fire situation is smoke. I’m also very thankful that we have a great H-Vac system keeping the air inside our home clean and safe to breath. Most of all I’m thankful that I have two very entertaining people to be stuck inside with and a dog that is, for the most part, ok laying around not going for walks or to the dog park for a week.

Really hoping we get the rain that is in the forecast for the weekend we all need it! How crazy is it that we are begging for rain in the PNW?!

I hope everyone is safe from the fires, and able to stay inside until the smoke passes.

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