Thankful Thursday

After 5 days of learning from home I am so thankful that we seem to have the kinks worked out.

The first few days it was something every day! From the system crashing, Sky logging into the wrong class at the wrong time, me loosing track of time and Sky being late to class, to the power going out…every single day something has gone wrong.

Yesterday things went smooth though! It helps that I have learned the power of setting daily alarms…three a day to be exact all to keep Sky fed (yes I have to remind myself about lunch) and to get to class on time with all the things she “needs” for class. Important things like the right bracelet, water bottle, the good paper (?!), the sweater/jacket/hat of the day, and styling her hair. Alarms are my friend, 9 year old whims are not.

I’m also thankful that today is the first day of NFL Football! I LOVE football season so much! And, even though I’m a bit conflicted if it’s the best idea to being playing football at all, and fear it will be short lived if players get sick… I am thankful that the season is starting. Doing my happy dance! GO STEELERS!

What are you thankful for today?

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