COVID Changed Some Things

Change is one of the few constant things in life. We just never thought change would be because of COVID.

But, with so much time being spent at home it prompted some changes for us for sure, some little, some fun, and some were a lot of work.

-I became a bed maker, or at least a pull up the blankets person. I admit I’ve been a “why bother to make the bed” person for years. However, being home and seeing a messy bed all the time made me feel like the bedroom was a mess, even if everything else was neat and tidy. So, now I spread up the blankets and make it looks nice.

-We completely renovated the master bedroom and walk in closet. The only thing that didn’t change was the carpet and window dressings. Upgrading our bedroom furniture led to the next renovation…

-We renovated Sky’s room twice! Initially she got our old bed, which was a Queen, and ended up being way to big for her room. She needs floor space for toys, and playing in her room and she didn’t have it with such a large bed. So, we sold the Queen size bed and got her a low loft bed, and created a pretty great hang out space under the low loft.

-I stopped making a weekly menu for dinner the first few months at home. Groceries were so hit and miss and we focused on shelf stable foods, so I got creative using what we had in our freezer and combining it with what we were able to find in stores. As a meal planner it was not easy the first few weeks, but then I sort of loved it. I’m back to planning meals now, but feel like I improved my food improve skills.

-We decided to pull up all the grass/moss in the yard and re-seed it. We had to block off the yard for most the summer, which was a little bummer since we have been home so much, but the old dog kennel space became the new pool hang out area.

-Thankfully there is a swing set in a big open field across the driveway for us. We used it on and off before COVID, but since it didn’t feel safe to be in parks/playground, and they were not open for month anyway, an evening visit to the swing after dinner has become a regular things for us. It also gives Ruthie a chance to run around a big field and burn some energy.

-We eat dinner at the coffee table. The dinning room turned into an at home classroom, and it hasn’t really changed back. We have been doing school work all summer long, and it also serves as the craft room. We don’t have an extra room in our house, so for now the dinning room is where all the learning and crafting happens.

-We have not made a trip to E WA to visit family at all this year. Usually by this point in the year we would be on trip 3 or 4 to help in the vineyard or just to hang out and have fun. I really hope we get to visit the Thanksgiving!

-I did not jump on the bread baking train, but I did learn how to tie-dye and I love it! Now I just need more plain white shirts! šŸ™‚

-Family Charades night and movie series marathons are an official thing!

Over all I feel like I am better at appreciating life more, like there was all of a sudden time to just stop and think and be even more thankful. Yes I miss seeing all the people, and doing all the things, but I really enjoy being less busy, having less plans, and making the most of being home with the people I love. Having said that, I can’t wait to be able to plan vacations again, and meet friends at the bar for a drink, have meetings in person (I despise virtual meetings so much, especially without video!), and let Sky play on a playground again and have play dates with school friends!

What has changed for you being home so much?

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