Something To Do

Here in WA we are counting down to June 1st, when we may get the green light to venture back out into the world.

Until then here is a list of things you can do at home because if they go wrong no will know! 😉

-Self Tanner – this is the perfect time to try out self tanners until you find the one that give you the tan look you are going for, and doesn’t make you look like an Oompa Loompa. If you do end up looking orange though…does it really matter? The only people who will know are those that live with you. LOL. Most self tanners wash off with days and if you put some extra soap and scrubbing into it you can pretty much get it all off. Not that I know from first hand experience or anything.

Oompa Loompa

-Natural Deodorant – if you have ever wondered about natural deodorant and if you will like it, now is the time to try it! No worries about BO in the office. There is a lot of info online about detoxing your armpits before starting a natural deodorant option, and how smelly that can be. I have no advice one way or another about the process of switching to a natural option, but I can tell you some work better than others for sure, for me anyway. So if you want to switch and the people you live with can stand some smelly days here and there, now is the time to go for it!

-Fashion Hair Color – Think neon, pink, blue, green, purple! I am a big fan of getting “real” hair color at the salon, but since salons are shut down now is a great time to try out a fun color that may not be appropriate at the office. Most of them wash out in a matter of days, and they are easy to find online, and if you have an Ulta or Sephora doing curb-side pick up they have some great options! Just make sure you have some bleach on hand for any stains in the bathtub if you use color depositing shampoo!

color shampoo
This brand is what we have used to keep Sky’s hair pink. Next up she’s switching to purple!

-Workout – Specifically the workout you have always wanted to try at the gym, but have been worried about looking like an uncoordinated giraffe. There are so many workout options on YouTube, and lot’s of gyms/programs are offering free online classes right now that you can try it out at home before giving it a go in public. Just do a YouTube or Google search and you will find something! Dance cardio and Zumba are very popular in our house right now!

-Make Up – Always wanted to know how to do a perfect smokey eye or master liquid eyeliner, or figure out how to contour? Now is the time, if you end up looking like a clown, go scare your kids, or you know just wash it off and try again.

What are you doing to stay busy during this time at home? Have you tried anything new?

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