Mask Life

If anyone is going to make wearing a mask fun it’s Sky! For the record we all despise wearing them, but if the CDC is recommending it when we leave our house then we will follow the advice.

Thankfully we have a friend who can sew and she made Sky some masks. Her ears fold over so easy though it’s hard to keep them on her. We found we can anchor them with her glasses pretty well.

I know there are a ton of opinions out there about what is going one and how it’s being handled. Bottom line for me, if it will keep us alive, and keep others from getting any germs we have then we will do it.

This one fits the best…
…but she likes this one the most.

There is a big difference between being inconvenienced and harmed and so far, for us, it’s a big old inconvenience. But, we are not being harmed, in fact we may be being kept alive, so for now this is the way life is.

P.S. We already had some N95 masks on hand from house projects and from Community Emergency Response Training through the fire department…we did not purchase ours out from under first responders.

On a mission to visit one of the school district bus stop locations to get the work packet for the week. Safety first! 

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