It’s Been TOO Long

So many reasons I haven’t posted in forever. Mostly kiddo getting older, me working outside the home and trying to stay off my phone/computer when I am home with Sky. Taking way fewer pictures, and blog posts just are not as fun without a picture or two.

But, I feel like I have thoughts to share, which is a double edge sword because while I like sharing my thoughts I know that not everyone shares said thoughts. And, while I don’t feel like we all need to agree, like at all, to each there own, I do know that some take what they read on social media as personal. And, when someone shares an opinion that is different, or shares a path in life that is different than they would choose it gets taken personal. I don’t want to be the cause of hurting feelings or making someone take my posts in a judgmental way.

So, here is the bottom line. I live my life, and I love my life. You live your life, and love your life. We do not have to live the same life, nor do we have to love the same things. I have my opinions, you have yours. We do not have to agree at all, I kinda don’t care if you agree or not, not an I don’t care in a mean way, I don’t care in that I realize each person is different and it takes different thoughts, feelings, decisions, and opinions for each of us to live our unique and happy lives.

A snapshot of what learning during COVID-19 Social Distancing looks like. Makeshift classroom for the win!

Frankly I’m too busy enjoying my life and spending time with my family to worry about judging anyone else to the point I would write a blog post about it. And, just so the motivation behind my blog is understood, it’s really to share life, document our adventures, and leave something for Sky to look back on. Sometimes that may cross over into opinions/commentary on current events, but that is not the goal and I’m not trying to change how anyone thinks or feels about anything.

Now that that is out of the way look forward to more blog posts, and pictures. I have things to say, things to share, and no plans until at least May 4th….so you know I have some time now. 🙂

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